An Heir At Any Price Series by Holly Rayner

This is the complete collection of Holly Rayner's best-selling series, An Heir At Any Price!

An Heir At Any Price Series by Holly Rayner
An Heir At Any Price Series by Holly Rayner

The Billionaire's Obsession (An Heir At Any Price 1)

Aiden Scott is a man accustomed to getting exactly what he wants; a charismatic, handsome, charming CEO of multiple companies, he has the world at his fingertips, yet there's one obsession he cannot ignore. He desires an heir...

Holly Valentine is a woman in desperate circumstances; an alcoholic mother in need of rehab, and a dead-end job, her life is spiralling out of control. All until she meets a man - and an offer - she can't refuse...

The Billionaire's Obsession

The Billionaire's Wife (An Heir At Any Price 2)

Happily married to the man of her dreams, and blessed with a son and heir they both cherish, Holly is finally contented in life. As she soon finds out, however, Cecile back in touch with Aiden, and she claims to want her former billionaire lover back in his son's life!

As the newly christened matriarch of the Scott family, Holly knows Cecile's up to something, but can she find out what before the malevolent ex gets her own way?

The Billionaire's Wife

The Billionaire's Promise (An Heir At Any Price 3)

With Cecile an increasingly unwelcome intruder to their otherwise happy marriage, and Aiden's mind consistently elsewhere, Holly fears her entire world could come crashing down around her. With suspicions that Cecile isn't nearly as honest as she claims, however, Holly still has one more card to play.

Will Holly defend the love of her life - and the family she holds so dear - from the nefarious ghosts of his past? Or will Aiden fall victim to his ex's lies and deceit?

The Billionaire's Promise

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