I try to draw back when I feel my balls tighten, and I know I’m seconds from blowing. “Baby, I’m coming,” I warn, trying to give her a chance to release me. Instead, she sucks harder, her mouth forming a vacuum that I’m helpless to resist. I feel my spine tingle as the first spurt shoots from my cock and into her hot mouth. It seems to go on forever, and I wonder how she’s keeping up without choking. She swallows everything I give her and licks my cock as if asking for more.

I slump back against the wall behind me, feeling faint as she finally releases me. When she raises her hand to wipe a trickle of cum from the corner of her mouth and then licks her finger, I almost declare my love on the spot. However, having me profess my undying devotion seconds after she sucked my cock might not exactly be the romantic gesture she’s been dreaming of, so I wisely keep my mouth shut. “Was it…good?” she asks shyly. I wonder how she could possibly doubt that it was mind-blowing; everyone on this floor probably heard me yelling out my pleasure.

“It was phenomenal,” I assure her as I finally find the strength to move. I pick her up before lowering her to the treadmill. I flip her onto her stomach then fall to my knees behind her. She moves her legs apart instinctively and I groan when I see the moisture glistening between her thighs. Even in this position, it’s impossible to miss how wet and swollen she is. She is past ready to be fucked.

“I…I brought some condoms,” she manages to say, as I trail a finger over her slit. I see her pointing to a box on the floor beside her purse. It’s not the brand I’ve always purchased so I know she bought these herself. As I study the box, she stutters, “I…um…had Sam stop on the way. I…didn’t know if you had any.” I smile in reply, not wanting to burst her bubble by telling her that every man over the age of fifteen has a condom on hand. I didn’t want her to think for even a moment that I kept them for anyone else.

“And did you tell Sam what you were buying?” I pick up the box and feel like a stud when I see she’s bought the large size. It just so happens that she knows that part of my body well, and the rubber is a perfect fit. After I sheath myself, I return my attention to her sopping pussy.

“I…er…no,” she moans as I push one finger inside her snug passage.

“What reason did you give him then?” I bite off a chuckle as she gives me a snort of impatience. Her hips push back against my hand, trying to force me deeper. She is clearly tired of my idle conversation and my teasing finger, which hasn’t fully penetrated her yet. “Answer the question,” I say, smacking her ass to get her attention.

“Ouch!” she yells, but I hear her breathing catch as fresh moisture flows onto my hand. “I didn’t tell him what I needed!” she snaps. “I know he could tell I was embarrassed, so he probably assumed it was for…personal products.”

“Good girl.” I praise her patience as I remove my finger. She is in the middle of protesting when I line my cock up with her opening and bury myself to the hilt inside her, my balls slapping against her ass. I work my body over hers, holding my full weight from her on my arms. My chest rests against her back and my groin is on top of her ass. The position is gritty, erotic, and dominant—all of the things I love.

“Luc!” she shudders, as her body struggles to accommodate me. I still for a moment, buried deep inside her as she adjusts. When her hips start to circle, I pull out almost completely before surging back in. She’s so tight and wet her body makes a sucking noise as if trying to hold me inside as I thrust repeatedly. “Luc…Oh, God, yes!” she moans. It sends me over the edge when she says my name in that high, breathy way. I’ve joked before that she only calls me Luc when she’s coming, and that’s exactly what she’s doing now. Her body is beginning to spasm, and I’m lost. She wrings my cock dry as I explode inside her. In that moment, I hate the fucking condom that keeps me from bathing her pussy in my cum. It’s the basest of needs to stake my claim, even though no one but me would know.

I wrap one arm around her waist and roll us both off the treadmill and to the side. I sit her aside for a moment to dispose of the condom in my bathroom trashcan before returning to the floor. I put my back against the wall and she sits in my lap, my cock now at half-mast against her hip. She feels boneless against me as our hearts race in tandem before slowing. “You okay?” I ask as I slowly stroke my hand up and down her arm. I smile against the top of her head as goose bumps cover the skin I touch. No matter how many times we’re together, our reaction to each other never lessens. After coming twice, I could be ready to go again with just a look or touch from her.

“I’m great,” she answers, snuggling further into my chest. I’ve never been much of a cuddler, but I love holding her. In moments such as this, I can almost believe that nothing will ever come between us. While she’s relaxed and content, I decide to dig deeper. I’m worried about how she’s dealing with everything that’s happened to her. She seems to have turned a corner almost overnight, and truthfully, even though I’m happy, it also unsettles me to think that maybe she’s trying to bury what happened to her instead of confronting it. I know that it’s completely fucked-up on my part to try to push her to deal with her trauma when I’ve done nothing for eight years but run from mine. I just can’t stand for her to let it all fester, though, and end up eating away at her day-by-day as mine has. “Are you really okay?” She freezes against me and know she understands my question has nothing to do with where she is in this moment.

“I…I’m fine, Lucian,” she laughs, but it’s devoid of humor. “How could I not be after that?” she asks, trying to deflect the question.

“I’m just worried about you. You were so depressed after we came home from the hospital, but the last few days you’ve been almost your usual self again. I don’t want you to feel as if you have to pretend with me. I’m here for you. Anything you need, baby, I’ve got you.”

She pulls away both physically and emotionally, and I let her. What right do I have to force her to open herself up to me when I haven’t done the same with her? She is almost out of my lap when suddenly she stops. I sit quietly, waiting to see what she’s going to do. I continue to stay quiet when she drops back into my lap. My arms automatically come back around her. “You know when I told you how I hated hearing people at the hospital tell me I was so lucky I survived and wasn’t raped?”

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