She sighs, letting her head fall back against the headrest. “Yeah, it’s been a hell of a day, hasn’t it?”

I chuckle, tweaking her nose before opening my door. “That it has,” I say as I hurry around to help her out. Putting my arm around her as we walk toward the building, I lower my voice, saying, “All I want to do is get you naked and fuck you till you beg me to stop.”

She stops in her tracks, blinking up at me like an owl. She licks her plump lips and surprises me by saying, “What if I never want you to stop?” Then she drops her hand, cupping the hardening bulge in my pants. “How long do you think you can keep going?” She blushes adorably at her own bold question, making me almost blow my load in my fucking pants.

Pushing her against the building, I lower my body, letting her feel how much I want her. I rim the shell of her ear with my tongue, smiling as she shivers against me. I keep my mouth there as I whisper, “Don’t confuse me for a boy, Lia. After I fuck you once, you’ll feel it for a week. You’ll think of nothing but my cock tomorrow when you’re walking around with that sweet burn between your thighs. That’s all me, baby.”

“Ohhhh, myyy,” she moans and nearly sags to the ground when I suddenly release her.

I swagger away, calling nonchalantly over my shoulder, “Are you coming, babe?” I can’t help but notice, as I look back, that she’s already walking funny. Apparently, I don’t even have to fuck her to cause the sweet burn I was just enticing her with. She catches up to me just before I reach the door, wrapping her arms around me from behind and snuggling into my back. We stand there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of peace, which has been so elusive lately.

“So, Max was looking good tonight, right?” she teases before releasing me and running. I’m left standing on the sidewalk with my mouth hanging open. The little minx got me back. I grin and take my time catching up with her. She probably hasn’t realized that I still have the upper hand. Unless I’m mistaken, she doesn’t have her purse, which means she probably doesn’t have a keycard to the elevator so she’s not going anywhere.

As I stroll leisurely into the lobby, she’s standing at the locked doors with a look of chagrin on her beautiful face. “I saw that going so much better in my head,” she whines as she kicks the steel doors.

I pinch her ass, causing her to shriek…quite loudly. The concierge glances up from her desk in the corner frowning. I suspect that she never has sex and thinks we’re pigs because we obviously do. Hell, I’d almost do it right now against the marble walls of the lobby just to see how long it would take her to call the cops. Owning a penthouse here probably wouldn’t save me. Of course, what she doesn’t know is that I’m pinching the ass of her boss’s, Lee Jacks, daughter. That might actually buy me some serious ass-kissing…or not. She appears to hate men in general. Sam is terrified of her.

We make it in the door of our home with only some light groping in the elevator. “Clothes off,” I instruct Lia as I throw my keys on the entryway table. She walks toward the bedroom grumbling under her breath. Even though we’ve had sex against the glass windows in the living room, she still shies away from walking through this part of the apartment nude. My little Lia might talk a good game at times, but she is still modest at heart.

I’m moving to follow her when it finally hits me that everything has been cleaned up. I had completely forgotten about the service that was to arrive this evening to handle the removal of most all of my glassware. Looking around, I am impressed. I had to give them credit; they might cost a small fortune, but everything looks just as it did. Well…other than the missing pieces which would need replacing. No wonder I was getting the evil eyes from the concierge. She had to let them in and no doubt thought Lia and I had had some out-of-control party.

I walk into the bedroom just as Lia upends a duffle bag onto the bed. I’m getting ready to comment on the fact that she’s still wearing clothes when I do a double-take as one item from the bag rolls out front and center. I move closer, thinking I must be imagining what I think I’m seeing until Lia hisses, “Oh, shit!” She reaches for the big, purple vibrator just as I grab it from the bed and eye it before looking at her in question. She is blushing furiously. “Oh, my God, Luc, give that to me!”

I hold it out of her reach, shaking my head as I cluck my tongue. “My, my, Miss Adams, what do we have here?”

“It’s nothing, just give it back!” she cries as she tries to reach high enough to wrestle it from my hands. “Luc!”

“Tut, tut,” I say, waving it around. “It looks like a big, purple cock to me. Now, whatever have you been doing with this?” Taking in the length and girth in my hand, I’m secretly relieved to know I still have the biggest dick in this house, but it’s damn close.

“I can’t believe Rose did this to me! She was only supposed to bring my underwear.” She’s now given up trying to get her plastic friend back, and she’s standing there with a hand over her eyes, looking mortified. I want to tell her that this is tame compared to some of the things I’ve seen women use in the name of pleasure, but I don’t think she’d appreciate that right now…or ever.

Shaking the vibrator, I say, “Well, obviously Rose thought you might need your purple friend here. Come on…tell me, have you missed using it?” She shakes her head, still refusing to look at me. “Ah, come on,” I continue to tease, “you’re not going to hurt my feelings by admitting it.” Okay, maybe that’s bullshit, because it probably would wound me a bit to know she was pining for a battery-operated boyfriend while sleeping beside the real thing.

She falls face-down on the bed, lying across the pile she had just tossed out of the bag. I barely make out her muffled voice saying, “This is so humiliating.”

I hate to admit to myself that I’m suddenly even more turned on imagining what I could do to her with the toy I’m holding. Yeah, I’ve used all manner of things with women before, but not with Lia. I want…no, I have to see her take this purple dick deep into her pussy. I only hope she’ll agree. For a moment, I wonder if tonight is the best time to be thinking of kinky sex with all that has happened today, but maybe we both need the stress reliever. It’s sad, really, to think of the reasons why, but Lia bounces back amazingly swift from the blows life throws at her. I know it’s because she conditioned herself to do just that years ago.

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