I take my cock in my hands, pumping up and down as I watch her plunge the purple dick in and out of her pussy. She continues to moan my name as she grinds against the plastic base. I hear the hum as she flips it onto vibrate, and I see her body tense before jerking with her release. Fuck, I can’t take it anymore. I cross to her in two large strides and fall onto her like a hungry animal. She opens her eyes as I pluck the vibrator from within her body and throw it to the floor. I take a second to sheath myself in the condom she had thrown on the bed at some point. “Luc, please!” she cries as I take her ankles in my hands. I push her legs forward, completely exposing her ass and cunt, and I bury myself to the hilt. She takes me easily, still slick from her earlier orgasm. “Oh, God,” she shudders as I hold her legs close to her head and pump deep.

I bottom out on each thrust, feeling my balls tighten as my release comes roaring to a head. I pull back slightly to pinch her clit, hoping to hell she is close because I can’t hold off much longer. When she screams and her body clenches, I blow. I shoot load after load of cum into the condom as I come…hard. Her body milks everything I have. I drop her legs and then collapse over her thighs. I wince as my cock slides halfway out of her. I know I need to withdraw completely and dispose of the condom, but I can’t resist pushing back inside as I relax over her body. We stay connected as I lean down to slide my tongue in her mouth, kissing her languidly. “Holy hell,” I rasp against her now-smiling lips.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she says shyly. “I’ve never…I mean…”

“I know, baby.” I smile tenderly, dropping soft kisses on her neck. “Don’t ever feel embarrassed about anything we do in the bedroom or anywhere else. There isn’t a part of you I don’t adore.”

“Ditto,” she says as she reaches up to cup my cheek, rubbing her hand lightly over my stubble. Wiggling her brows, she asks, “Did you really masturbate in the bathroom earlier or were you teasing me?”

I start laughing and pull out of her snug body. I raise her leg up enough so I can pop her ass lightly before moving from the bed. “You just want the details, my little pervert. If you’re nice to me in the shower, I might do a little reenactment for you…” She jumps from the bed and runs after me. Yeah, I did hit the replay button for her.

Chapter Fourteen


It’s been a week since I found out my stepfather was dead. A blissfully, uneventful, stress-free week. I have a meeting this morning with my financial advisor at school to see where my finances are for my last semester. I still have the money Lucian put in my bank account shortly after we met, but I don’t want to use it. I’m hopeful my scholarships are enough to cover most of my expenses. Then I’m meeting Rose to see her new apartment.

After my attack in the basement of our old place, neither of us could bear to live there anymore. She would love for me to move back in with her, but she is okay financially without a roommate. She comes from money and only had roommates because she enjoyed the company. I plan to talk with Lucian about our living arrangements. Even though I’ve been staying at his apartment for months, I don’t want to just assume that he wants me there permanently. I think it’s important that we both know where things stand between us. He knows I love him, and even though I feel that he loves me as well, he hasn’t said the words yet.

I walk into the kitchen to one of my favorite parts of the day: Lucian in his suit, sans the jacket, sitting at the bar watching the morning stock report. He looks so delicious that I want to wrap myself around him and never let him go. He has a cup of coffee sitting next to a multi-grain bagel with blueberry cream cheese. I smile knowing he’s made a trip down the street to the bakery on the corner. He looks up as if sensing my presence and smiles. “Hey, baby. I was getting ready to come find you. Your coffee is getting cold.” He turns on the stool, opening his arms and legs for me to step between them. He kisses me thoroughly and I lick at his lips. He tastes of coffee and hazelnut creamer.

“Mmm,” I hum when he finally releases me. I flush when he catches me sniffing him before I pull away.

He winks as if to say, ‘caught ya.’ “So, what time do I need to have Sam return to pick you up this morning? If you’re going early, I can just drive myself to the office.”

I shake my head as I take a bite of my bagel. “Um, no. I don’t need Sam today. I’m driving myself.”

He reaches a fingertip out, wiping some of the cream cheese from my lip and sticking it in his mouth. Dear Lord, that was hot. “Your car is a death trap. I need to have a mechanic check it over. Or better yet, I’ll just get you a new car.”

“Lucian Quinn,” I snap around the bite of food in my mouth. I swallow and add, “You will do no such thing. My car is just fine. I don’t need to be dropped off like some snotty rich girl today.”

He chuckles, tweaking my nose. “God forbid you be mistaken for that. Nevertheless, if you would please take the Range Rover just to put my mind at ease. I’ll have Sam check your car out.” When I open my mouth to protest he says, “It’s been sitting for weeks without being driven. It’s the responsible thing to do, baby.”

I grudgingly agree that he has a valid point. I think things are going well, until he pulls his wallet out and hands me his black credit card. “What’s this for?” I ask, looking at him in confusion.

“For your tuition and any books or supplies you may need.”

I drop the card in front of his plate. “I have a scholarship for that.”

He sighs, not picking up the card. “Lia, you don’t need to depend on aid. I’ll pay for your schooling. Let someone else who needs the help have it. I want to take care of you.”

I can’t decide if I’m mad at him for trying to take over my life or touched he would care enough to want to. Maybe a little of both, which is why I’m not screaming right now. “Lucian, I need to do this on my own. I worked hard to get that scholarship, and dammit, I deserve it. I know you want to help me, and I love you for it, but don’t ask me to stop being who I am. I want to be the woman in your life who you respect, not another obligation.”

He closes his eyes for a moment, processing my words. “This is important to you,” he says.

I know it was more of a statement on his part than a question, but I answer anyway. “Yes, it is. I need to see this through myself.”

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