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I’m one lucky guy.

“I want to taste you,” I tell her. She blinks in surprise and her cheeks go red at my words and I like this sudden display of shyness. I can tell this isn’t something she makes a habit of doing, bringing guys back to her apartment, and I’m glad. If I get my way – and I always do – then there will never be another man anywhere near her ever again.

I push the other end of her dress up over her hips, revealing a nude colored thong. Simple, no frills. She doesn’t need it. I tug at her panties and she lifts her hips so that I can slide them down and off her legs as she kicks off her shoes in order to help. Then I put my hands on her inner thighs and part her legs so I can drink in the sight of her pussy.

“Your beautiful,” I tell her sincerely. Those lush thighs and curvy hips frame her pink, wet pussy just inches from my mouth and I’ve never seen anything so inviting in my life. I can feel my cock leaking in my pants, desperate for release, but my release can wait. When I slide myself inside her I want her wet and dripping, aching from a climax that I’ve delivered.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?” she asks, surprising me. I smile up at her. “Do you want me too?”

“Yes,” she says and then bites her lip as if she’s embarrassed at her own request. Her tentativeness is adorable.

I climb to my feet and, keeping my eyes firmly on hers, start to slowly strip. My blazer goes first, then my shirt. I can see the heat in her eyes as she drinks in my physique, and I like it. I have a great body, hours in the gym and a background as a basketball player have ensured that. I’m big, and strong. The sheer size of me gives me an edge in business negotiations, I know that. Other men are intimidated by me, even if on an unconscious level, and women are distracted by me. But the only woman whose opinion I care about is Roses.

I kick off my shoes, then slowly unzip my pants and let them fall, then slide down my underwear. My cock springing to attention, all nine inches of it, and I see her eyes go wide.

“You’re…huge,” she says.

“And it’s all yours,” I tell her as I kneel between her legs, naked before her. Worshipping her like the goddess she is.

I slide my hand into the hair at the nape of her neck and pull her towards me, kissing her roughly, my tongue probing her mouth the way I want my cock to fill her pussy. I want every single inch of her body.

Rose responds by running her own hands through my hair, moaning softly and pushing her body towards mine with abandon, showing me how much she wants this.

I break away from her mouth and move down to her neck, biting the sensitive skin between it and her collarbone.

“That feels so good,” she groans.

“It will feel even better in a minute,” I whisper.

I start to knead her breasts, rolling and tugging at her nipples until her moans come louder and faster and I can hear her need. I push her breasts together and nibble at the tips of them and she wriggles where she sits. She must be soaking wet by now. I reach between her legs to test my theory and growl low in my throat to find her folds slick with her juices. I find her clit and start to play with it oh-so-gently while still stimulating her nipples with my mouth, and she can barely sit still.

I can’t wait anymore either.

I bury my face between her legs, inhaling the sweet, musky scent of her. It makes my mouth water. I have to taste her now. I pull her thighs wider apart and bend my head to her, taking a moment to admire the sight of her, spread and waiting for me.

“Do it,” she gasps, and I oblige, taking her folds into my mouth and sucking lightly. She whimpers in response and tugs at my hair. Her juices are glistening on her thighs, and it’s taking every ounce of self control I possess not to plunge myself inside her. Take her. Own her.


But I want to taste her pleasure first, I start to flick my tongue over her swollen bud, building up my rhythm slowly and steadily, finding the pace that elicits the strongest and most wanton response from her. I want her panting.

I lose myself in the taste and smell of her as I settle into a rhythm, and part of me could stay here forever, making her gush into my mouth. She rubs herself into me, moving her hips, she’s lying back on the bed now and clenching the streets letting me know she isn’t far away from a climax.

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