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“Take your hair out,” he orders. Holding his gaze, I reach up and pull the pins out of my bun until my hair falls around my shoulders.

“Good girl,” he says, but his voice is ragged and husky, and I know he’s not nearly as in control as he might like to think. “Now undo the rest of those buttons.”

The buttons on my dress go down to my waist. Carefully, I undo them one by one until my breasts are showing. I chose a lacy cream push-up rather than the standard sports bra I usually wear to work, and it has definitely paid off as I watch his pupils dilate as he stares at my breast.

“You have such a beautiful body,” he tells me in a husky voice. He reaches for me and pulls me into a passionate kiss that steals my breath away, his tongue darting into my mouth. He smells of coffee and expensive aftershave and something else that is natural and pure male, as though he’s oozing testosterone. I feel my panties go damp immediately and my pussy starts to throb, anticipating his touch.

His hands are on my breasts now, pushing the cups of my bra away to reveal my nipples, kneading and playing with them until I feel like I’m burning with desire. He pushes me back so my ass rests against the edge of his desk, then pulls away from my mouth and buries his head in my cleavage, kissing and sucking almost reverentially, so that I feel like a goddess. Then he puts his hands on my hips and lifts me so I’m perching right on his desk. He parts my thighs with his hands and sits back to look at me, almost lazily stroking my clit through the thin fabric of my panties. I tip my head back and steady myself on his desk by leaning on my hands.

“I thought you wanted to wait,” I gasp, pushing myself onto his hand.

“Oh, I am,” he says. “This is just foreplay. I want to slide my fingers inside you and make you come that way, make sure your pussy knows what to expect when I slip my cock inside you.”

I moan, turned on by his crude words, and he smiles and nudges my panties out of the way with his hand, circling my clit with the pad of his thumb. If he carries on like that I think might come before he slides his fingers inside me. My body feels as though it’s on fire for him. But he seems to sense my urgency and he slows down his movements, his touch barely there, and I let out a long groan. My pussy contracts, as impatient as I am.

“There’s no rush,” he murmurs.

“I’ve got a rotation,” I remind him, gasping.

“I’m the boss,” he reminds me, but he carefully slips one finger inside me and I whimper at the sudden sensation. He watches me carefully as he explores my body, finding the sensitive spot on my inner front wall and stroking it gently but insistently until I’m writhing on his hand. Slowly he pushes a second finger inside me.

“Does that feel good?” he asks.

“Yes,” I pant, unable to form a coherent sentence, although I want to tell him it feels a lot more than good. He uses both fingers now to move in a fluttering motion against that sweet spot, the thumb of his other hand still circling my clit. A strange pressure starts to grow low down in my body, a pleasure so intense but unfamiliar. I move on his hand, biting my lip and looking at him from under my eyelids.

“Come for me,” he murmurs, moving his fingers more quickly. The pressure builds until I know it has to break, and I bite the back of my hand to stop myself from screaming as I come and alert the whole company to what we’re doing.

Intense waves rack my body as the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had rips through my body, and my pussy swells and throbs as my juices gush all over his hand. He stays inside me until I’ve stopped shuddering with the aftershocks, and then slowly withdraws his fingers. His desk…and my panties…are soaking.

“Good girl,” he says again, and then raises his hand to his mouth and sucks my juices from his fingers. I gasp, turned on by the erotic sight.

“My underwear is soaked,” I pout. He grins at me, his eyes dancing.

“Take them off,” he says. “Let me keep them.”

“And do what with them?” I protest naively. He raises his eyebrow at me, and I blush deeply. Carefully I peel them from my legs and pass them to him. He holds them up to his face, inhales deeply and then slips them into his pocket, before leaning forward and kissing me tenderly on the lips. I get down from his desk and realize my thighs are trembling.

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