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“That was…incredible.”

“Good. Tomorrow will be even better.”


He nods. “Tomorrow is Friday…we’re going away remember? I’ll pick you up after work.”

My tummy flutters with excitement.

“I can’t wait,” I whisper, kissing him again.

“Good,” he says in a bossy tone, swatting my ass. “You had better get back to work.”

The rest of my shift goes by in a blur. Thankfully Mike isn’t on my rotation this morning. Tomorrow will be my last day cleaning, and then…my weekend with Sebastian. I’m so excited that I’ve all but forgotten about the fact that I need to give Adrian some lie to tide him over until next week. Once I’ve been paid and I know I’ve at least got another month’s rent, then I can tell him to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine.

Right on cue, Adrian calls me as I’m walking out of the building.

“I’m on my way in,” I say.

“Good. Come straight to my office so you can fill me in,” he snaps. When I don’t respond he says in an ominous tone, “You do have something, surely?”

“I have a few leads,” I say quickly, “but I would rather not say anything until I’m certain. I’ll be able to start filing a copy next week.”

He sighs loudly and I bite back my retort. “Make sure you do. And hurry up, there’s other things you need to be doing.”

He hangs up and I take a deep breath to soothe my anger towards him. Now that I’ve made the decision to leave, I’m becoming more and more aware of just how stressful it is working with him. I’d rather clean Sebastian’s office any day.

The afternoon drags on and I’m counting down the hours until I can get home. I’ve got a suitcase to pack, ready for the beginning of my trip with Sebastian tomorrow. I’m determined that for this weekend at least I will put everything else but me and him out of my mind. The rest can wait.

Chapter Twelve


I can’t wait for work to be over. Two whole days with Sebastian, just me and him…my breath catches in my throat just thinking about it. I’m so excited that I’m not even pissed off that Mike’s office is on my rotation. It’s not as if I will be here for much longer. I’m trying not to think about the potential consequences of losing my job, and how I will see Sebastian – assuming he wants to see me – if I have to move back home. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it. At least I won’t be stuck in a role that asks me to compromise my integrity.

Unlike yesterday, I’ve buttoned my dress right up to my neck today and deliberately worn no makeup, in the hope that Mike might be less lechy today. I’m here as soon as the building opens, anticipating that I can get in and out of his office before he arrives. Of course, that depends on what kind of state it’s in.

Gross, I think as I step inside. There must be at least a dozen coffee cups in here – some with dregs of coffee still in some– and there’s even a plate of Chinese takeout he must have ordered in. Luckily, I brought the trolley from the kitchen, expecting something like this after the other day.

I clean up as fast as possible. Honestly, I’m starting to get used to this, and there’s something almost soothing about the rhythm of the work. I’m nearly done when I hear the door open behind me and my heart sinks.

“Well, good morning,” Mike drawls. He sounds amused, which surprises me. I would have hoped that after the chewing out Sebastian gave him he would be a bit less full of himself. I nod at him, smiling tightly and doing my best to look engrossed in cleaning up.

“Good morning.”

Mike sits down and swivels his chair round so that he is facing me. He sits and watches me work, staring at me in a way that is making me feel deeply uncomfortable, and there is an arrogance about him that makes me nervous as I wonder what the hell is going on here. I don’t want to threaten him with Sebastian in case it makes it obvious there’s something going on between us…unless he already knows? The thought of Sebastian discussing me with his colleagues makes me feel sick.

No, he wouldn’t do that, I tell myself firmly. After everything I’ve learned about him, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t do something like that. I do my best to ignore Mike, although it’s hard not to be aware of him.

Finally, I’m done. I’m about to wheel out my trolley when Mike tsks loudly.

“Are you not going to offer me a drink?”

I force a polite smile onto my face. “Would you like one?”

“Yep. Get me a coffee,” he says with a wonderful display of manners. I nod curtly and leave with my trolley. Down in the kitchen, I’m quite tempted to spit in his drink, but I manage to refrain. I take it back up to him, hoping this will be the end of it.

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