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I haven’t ever been the one night stand guy, nor have I experienced a short term fling. I know with utter certainty that I shouldn’t even think about going down that road with my stunning neighbor who is supposed to be my friend and nothing more. She has enough on her plate without me adding in more, I am not supposed to be getting myself in another complicated situation with anyone. I just need to ignore this magnetic pull between us, whatever it takes…

Chapter 7 – Esme

Oh my God. My heart is pounding, my whole body trembling, I can barely contain myself because this is so wild. Not only does the very gorgeous Theo not have a girlfriend, which is a great reason to celebrate, I am also inside his house because he invited me in for dinner and drinks. This is practically a date and I am feeling all romantic because of that. What started out as one of the shittiest days of my whole life, has become one of the best.

He’s near me as well, touching me every so often. When he found a chocolate that he thought I would like in the box that I purchased for him earlier today, he feeds it to me. We must look like one of those couples in movies who are just so much in love that it doesn’t matter who is watching them… not that anyone is watching us. I barely taste the chocolate as it slides down my throat, I am too busy looking at him, watching him, studying him…

He is everything. I buzz and vibrate with excitement and desire. Everything that I could want and more.

He seems to like me too, that’s what is really getting to me. The way that he is looking at me makes me feel like he likes me just as much as I do him. I’m not alone in all of this. It’s him as well. He wants me just as much as I want him. Even if that feels like it should be something which is impossible… it’s happening.

Well, either that or I have had far too much wine to drink. Who knows?

“I like your hair,” Theo says as he softly brushes it off my cheeks. “But I always expect red heads to be fiery. You are too sweet, it’s lovely. It’s great when someone isn’t what they seem to be on the outside.”

I feel a fiery heat travel through my system. Even if I’m not a person consumed with flames, my body is. “I like to defy expectations,” I joke as a way to cover up the embarrassment that comes from not being as I should be.

“I don’t think that I am either,” he admits thoughtfully. “A lot of women look at me and see me as only a playboy, but that hasn’t ever been me. I’m always the relationship guy, even if it doesn’t always end well…”

Oh my God, is he saying that he wants me? That he wants to be with me? I would be stupid to think that he isn’t flirting with me when he is being so blatant about it, unlike anyone else who’s ever been in my life before, but I don’t know what this exact comment means. I want to ask him but I’m far too busy being drawn in by his delicious looking lips. They want me, I can see them coming for me, Theo wants to kiss me and I want that too…

Oh wow! I’m pretty sure that I must be dreaming because the moment that his lips crash in to mine, fireworks explode deep within me. This isn’t real, it’s off the scale, there is a fizzing in my body which is making me animalistic and crazy. I honestly can’t contain myself any longer. I don’t want to let him go.

I grip my hands around his neck and dive my tongue in to his mouth, massaging behind his lips as he does the same to me. Thankfully, he can’t get enough of me as well which fires me up even more. A moan rumbles in my throat, Theo now knows exactly how turned on I am, and I don’t even care. I want him to know.

“Oh, Esme,” he moans between my lips, his words shooting to my spine. “I want you so bad.”

It’s the wine, it has to be, that’s why the pair of us are acting so crazy like we can’t get enough of one another. As he lies me back down on the couch and he rests his body on top of mine, we might as well be horny teenagers who have finally been given a moment alone. With our parents out of the house, we need to have fun.

“Can I touch you?” he whispers as his fingers graze the underneath of my top. “Do you mind?”

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