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With him asking for my permission, it is hot as hell. I nod eagerly and arch my back so that the moment his fingers slip underneath the material, he heads for my breasts. Luckily, I have one of those easy bras that clip at the front. I always wear them when I am dressing in a major hurry, so my bra pops open quickly and he grasps my nipples.

“Oh, shit, Esme.” My nipples stand to attention for him and he can’t get enough of them. He tugs and teases, sending a flurry of unexpected sensations bolting like lightning down to my core. “You are stunning.”

No one has ever made me feel like so much of a goddess before. I want him to see me, really see me, all of me, so I lean forward just enough to tug my top over my head so my slick skin is revealed to him. Then I assist him with getting his baggy faded tee shirt off as well because I am absolutely dying to see what’s underneath… and I am not disappointed. I actually gasp in shock because his body is so hot. He has muscles where I didn’t even know a man could be so thick and strong looking. His arms look like he could toss me over his shoulder and carry me without even feeling me, which I suppose he could since he is a fire fighter. He might actually have to do that sometimes. And he even has the perfect V that I trace with my fingers until it reaches the waist band of his sweat pants…

What is underneath there, I can’t even begin to imagine. I would love to find out though.

“This skirt is in my way,” he growls as he nips the skin on my shoulders between his teeth. I need it gone.”

I am more than willing for Theo to make that happen. Any material in between us is in the way as far as I am concerned, so I rise my hips off the couch and let him make light work of stripping me down. When I thought about taking my clothes off at the end of the day, I never assumed that it would happen in such a hurried manner and with someone helping me. But Theo’s fingers feel phenomenal as they trace over my skin, he leaves me a freaking puddle.

With a surge of bravery that I don’t normally feel with men, and certainly not ones that I don’t know very well, not that I ever find myself in this position with guys that I don’t know very well normally, I tug Theo’s sweat pants down. I yank them so hard that without me even meaning to, I take his underwear off as well… although that is a happy mistake, I have to admit. His cock springs free, causing yet another surprised gasp to break free.

It doesn’t even matter that I shouldn’t be here, that I shouldn’t be doing this, that this is the wildest thing I have ever done, it feels too good for me to even think rationally. I just want him inside of me and that’s all I care about.

“Take me, Theo,” I whisper deep in to his ear. “I need you. Take me right now…”

My panties melt away. They vanish, I don’t even know what happens to them. All I’m aware of next is Theo’s fingers lightly tracing down my soaking wet slit, exploring me in ways that have me teetering on the knife edge of desire. He alternates between plunging his fingers between my soaking wet folds and massaging me, to tracing the most incredible feeling patterns over my clit. The desire is gripping on to me, just as hard as I am clinging on to him, and I just know that when I tip over that edge that I will never stop falling. No matter what…

“Oh fuck, Theo!” I scream as the pleasure rockets through me. Theo has me now, he has me flying through space, seeing stars, swimming in ecstasy. I writhe, I thrash, I buckle underneath him. The orgasm is all consuming, rolling over me in a tsunami of waves, but I already know that it isn’t enough, it will never be enough. I need more, so much more from him. Even this doesn’t sate me. I need his cock, I want to feel him thrusting deep within me. I don’t know what causes the desperation, perhaps because it has been a long time or maybe because I don’t know if this will ever happen again but I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs for him to fuck me.

He takes a second to grab himself a condom which is thankfully in reach and sheaths himself in preparation. I am shaking the entire time. Trembling through the intensity of the post orgasmic bliss which I know will turn in to another round of heaven in a moment. I love that I get this moment though to just watch him, to see him, his muscles flexing, his face dark with desire, because it makes me even more appreciative for how good looking he is.

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