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“Oh, Theo,” I gasp as I roll over him until I’m straddling him. “I want you so badly, Theo.”

Without me needing to ask again, Theo lifts me up as if I weigh nothing, just like he did when he was pulling me from the burning building, and he carries me up the stairs to my bedroom while we continue kissing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s sexy as hell actually, it gets me fired up even more, so by the time he lies me down on the sheets I’m ready to jump his freaking bones. I can hardly control myself, I’m like an absolute animal.

“Oh, wow,” Theo gasps as I flip him around until he’s the one with his back on the bed. “Esme…”

I don’t give him a chance to finish whatever thought that was. I strip the air from his lungs by shocking him to the core. I push myself up in to a sitting position and I dip my hand in to his trousers with no warning. I trickle my fingers in to his underwear and take his thick throbbing erection in my hand. God, he’s massive. He feels even bigger than I remember, and seeing his face crumble in to a pile of pleasure, I don’t know how much longer I can wait…

Although stroking his, having his shaft in my hand makes me crave something else, something I didn’t think of before. Saliva floods my mouth as the need grips me, which brings a cheeky smile to my lips. While Theo’s face crumbles, I inch myself slowly down his body, excited by this new craving to taste him, to have him in my mouth.

“Oh, Esme…” Theo can tell where I’m going, what I’m doing, and he wants it. He wants it so bad it hurts. If that isn’t encouragement for me to run kisses down the bottom of his stomach until I can just about taste his salty tip, well I don’t know what is. I love the way that he calls out my name over and over again while his cock grazes my lips.

He tastes fucking incredible. His manly cock leaves me wanting more, so I can’t resist parting my lips and taking him inside. The way that he fills my mouth, that he trembles against my lips as my wet heat surrounds him, well it’s too much for me. There is a pulsing between my thighs that it craving action, that needs to feel him buried deep inside of me, but I don’t give in to that feeling. Not immediately. At first, I bob my head up and down his length, swirling my tongue all around him to make sure I lick every part of him as I go. I love it, I can’t get enough. There is even a moment when I let my tongue travel down a little bit further and I lick his balls. There isn’t another person I ever would have done that for, but Theo is different. I want all of him in my mouth. I crave every inch of him.

“Fuck, Esme. This is… is…” I haven’t ever heard Theo stammer before and it’s thrilling. “It’s too much…” Without any warning, he pulls my head away and he stares in to my eyes, panting with desperate need. “Sorry, but I just… I want you. I have missed you so much and I didn’t think that you would ever want to again… I like you…”

I kiss him hard before he trips over any more of his words, simply delighted that he feels the same way as me. We might not have had any sort of conversation about us, half because in reality just because it feels like it has been a life time, we’ve only been hanging out for a short while, and half because there has been so much else to discuss, but I do feel a lot going between us with this kiss. I can feel that he desires me just as much as I do him.

As he cups his hands around my butt and he pulls me up to him, I go willingly. Fuck, he wants to be inside of me just as much as I need him, so that isn’t something I will argue with. I strip him down fully at the same speed he does me, and it isn’t long before we are a pair of tumbling naked bodies intertwined with one another.

“Do you have protection?” I moan out as he sucks and licks my throat, sending me in to a frenzy. I don’t much like the idea of asking this in the heat of the moment, especially because there’s an awful chance that he won’t which will halt all that feels so good. But we’re already moving along at the speed of light. It’s best to be careful.

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