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“I do.” Theo doesn’t stop kissing me all over as he sheaths himself up. His lips even find my nipples which he sucks and teases until I am a mess, utterly desperate to have him deep within me. “Thank God.”

And then he’s inside of me. At first, he’s on top, and then I am. We keep switching, fighting for power, reveling in lust, consumed by the intense bliss circling and swimming between us. I am stone cold sober this time, as is he, which intensifies everything. Each feeling is much more phenomenal than before which has me tumbling deeper. I’m falling in to the orgasm, tumbling in to the abyss of pleasure, but I know for sure that I’m losing control of my feelings as well. I’m head over heels, falling over and over again for Theo, and I can’t stop it.

It’s a dangerous place to be, it’s scary because I don’t have any guarantee that he feels the same as me, but I don’t have any power to stop it. I fall deeper and deeper as the overwhelming pleasure grips me and sends me flying in to space. With every second that I find myself seeing stars, I like him more and more. I cling to him, my nails probably piercing his skin, because I’m completely unable to let go of him. Every moment that I spend shuddering, screaming through the pleasure, collapsing in to a puddle in Theo’s arms, he holds me, adores me, kisses me, and makes me feel safe. I don’t ever want to run from this man again. I want to keep him in my arms forever, or at least until he doesn’t want me anymore. Then when he lets me go, at least I will know that I savored every moment with him…

Once we are both finished shattering though the orgasm, we collapse together on the bed, panting and gasping desperately. The air is still electrical as we swim through the wondrous post orgasmic bliss together. I find my lips curling up in to a smile and my body yearning to hold him some more. The last time that we slept together ended up in me panicking and running away. There is no chance of that this time. I am here to stay… and not just because this time we are in my house instead of his. Because I want to keep him, I want to experience as much as I can with him.

“Will you sleep over again?” I ask him quietly as I curl in to him. “Only not on the floor this time.”

“But it only takes me a second to make up my make shift bed,” he teases me. “I don’t mind at all…”

I grab him and pull him back to me for a kiss. “But I can’t randomly do this whenever I want to if you’re all the way down there. It’ll be such an effort for me to climb down and get you that I might not bother at all…”

His arms circle my waist and as he kisses me back I know that he isn’t going anywhere. “Now that is perfect reasoning.” His fingers stroke my hair. “No way I can argue with that one.”

So, we snuggle in the bed together, my bed which has never been shared with anyone else before. I suppose Theo slept in it for a while last night, but he was protecting me then, now we are equals. This is why nothing else has ever worked out for me before, this is why my life has happened exactly as it has, all to bring me to him.

Mr. Jones might have damaged me, it will take some time for me to rebuild the confidence that he knocked over the years and for me to recover from the trauma of that horrible night with him, but with Theo in bed with me I can focus on the good that has come out of it all. If that doesn’t drive me forwards in to a better future, nothing will.

I will get another job, one that suits me better and treats me like a human rather than a whipping post, and I will make new friends there. I will still keep in touch with Delia of course, she is a friend for life, but everyone else can go in the past. Along with Mr. Jones. Now, I will only look to the future and what that may hold. And hopefully I can do that with Theo by my side, but I know that if things don’t work out with him, as much as I want them to, I will be able to face life alone. He has taught me that much and that’s a much needed life lesson which will live with me forever.

Chapter 18 – Theo

Walking in to work feels different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, it could even be me. I might be different now because I have an awesome woman in my life. I declared that I wouldn’t ever fall for anyone again, that I was put off anything long term, but now I have been proven very wrong. Now, I have Esme in my life.

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