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It’s an onslaught. That’s the only way to describe the intense pleasure that grips me. It’s a freaking roller coaster and I am along for the ride if I like it or not. While he grips on to my thighs to keep me in place so he can do whatever the hell he wants to my body, my fingers curl around the couch cushions just as hard so I can keep myself connected to the planet. Because fucking hell, his mouth is something else. His teeth, tongue, and lips are like a sex toy designed specifically for me. I didn’t know that it could feel so good to be with a man. He’s touching me even better than I could ever touch myself. It’s as if Theo knows my body better than I do myself.

Words… I think that he might be using his tongue to write words on my clit and damn it I so want to know what secret message he’s giving to me. I would love nothing more than to be able to read him, but I can’t. I’m too embroiled in the pleasure, lost in the heady lust, consumed by every single part of him. He is everything.

Honestly, I wish that I could find the words to express what he means to me right now, but my sensibilities have evaded me. I am a slave only to the sensations that he’s darting inside of me via my core. Hopefully, he just knows.

“S… stop,” I beg. I try to push him away, but I soon grab him and pull him back. I don’t know what I want really. “Theo, I don’t, I don’t know, I can’t handle… oh holy fuck.” I try to twist over, to stop the power rocketing through me like lightning. “Oh my God, Theo don’t ever stop. Don’t ever stop what you are doing to me…”

And then I tip over the edge. I can’t stop myself. I tumble and fall in to the abyss. I buck and squirm, the orgasm taking every inch of my body, squealing through every part of me, caressing all of my organs as it goes. It’s a tsunami of hot blissful waves and it doesn’t seem like they ever want to stop coming. They crash over me endlessly, stripping all the air from my lungs, all the words from my voice box, every sensation inside of my body. All but pleasure. Right now my entire world has been shrunk down to Theo and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The next thing I am aware of is the weight of his body on top of me, his lips on mine, his words of love vibrating in my chest. His cock teases my entrance, he wants to be let inside and I am so desperate for him to slip in. I suppose it’s just lucky really that he has enough sense left within him to think of protection because in the heat of the moment I wouldn’t have given a shit. I really need to work on that, unless I want to start a family with this man…

Actually, that’s a lovely idea. I couldn’t think of anything better than having a child with the man I love.

“Holy shit!” Not that there is any time to think of that now. His cock has plunged deep within me and I can feel every gorgeous delicious inch of him. As his hips rock back and forth and he thrusts inside of me, the pleasure that I thought was lost to me, that I had seen through to the end creeps back up again. It claims me, it takes my body on yet another journey, steaming down the river of pleasure and I freaking love it. Every second is incredible. “Shit, Theo.”

We tumble to the ground as I roll on top of him. If this hurts his back he doesn’t show it, instead he cries out in ecstasy. He tosses his head back in pleasure, smacking it to the ground, and I watch as his face screws up in bliss. I love it. I adore seeing him become unhinged in bliss and knowing that’s because of me. It’s so sexy and makes me buzz with delight at my core. I use that, I ride him hard and fast, making sure that every single thrust hits me in all the right places. I can’t stop the heat from flooding my veins, from taking me, from flexing my core to coax the orgasm from him as well. The next time I erupt, he is doing the same. We are coming together.

“Oh, Esme.” I can hear the desire in Theo’s voice. It sparkles with pleasure in my stomach. “Esme, you are mine. I’m yours and you’re mine.” I think that he might be growling now. I love it. “We belong together.”

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