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Anyway, it really doesn’t matter what the reason is. It’s not for me to find out. I have too many of my own issues to be worrying about anyone else. What I really need to do is focus on this week with Mr. Jones and getting through it without losing my mind. I don’t know if that’s going to be possible, he definitely won’t make it easy for me, but I suppose I have survived worse, so I will get through this as well. I don’t have any choice.

Chapter 4 – Theo

My eyes hurt as I head back home, it’s been a long shift and after moving house it was more of a struggle than I thought it was going to be. I won’t tell Natasha though because she worries about me enough. I will be okay anyway. Straight to sleep now, then when I wake up everything will be so much better. All will be forgotten. I’ll wake up bright and breezy and ready for action all over again. Ready to be a hero once more. My favorite thing.

When I can be a hero, nothing stands in my way, not even moving home and tired eyes. I absolutely love it.

Even without my suit on and even after a shower at the station, I still smell of the smoke that came from the fire in the restaurant kitchen. It was a tough one to put out, a fryer fire that got out of hand quickly, but thankfully because some smart person called nine-one-one early on, we managed to sort it out before there was too much damage to the building and anyone hurt. That’s always the worst for me, people being injured. Buildings and stuff can always be replaced, but human lives can’t. I do take any loss of life personally. Thankfully, that isn’t something that I have come across a lot, otherwise I don’t know what I would be like today. More broken than I am, probably. I think that it would take me even longer to get over the bad things that happen in my life. I would probably still be struggling now with the heartbreak that Jane put me through. Thankfully, I am more than over it. Ready to start again.

I’m making a difference in the world, I remind myself as I park up my truck outside of my home. That’s all it matters. Not many people can say that they are improving the lives of others. I should be proud.

I smile to myself, I am feeling a little proud actually. It’s rewarding work, even if it’s hard. When I hear about other people complaining about their work, I can’t help but wonder if they would feel better if they were making a difference. Then, even if it’s challenging, there is something to keep you going. Like tonight, with the restaurant fire, it took a long time to go out, and even longer to clean up after, but it’s worth it. Always.

I soon spot my neighbor, about to head out to work just as I’m coming home. I slip out of the car much quicker, wanting to say hello to her. I keep thinking about the conclusion I came to earlier, about her having someone in her life who is trying to break her, and succeeding to some extent, and my immediate reaction is to try and build our bond even more. That way, when it comes down to it, she might actually listen to my advice and listen to me.

“Hi.” I step out the car and wave to Esme with a giant smile on my face. I step closer to her, ready for more of a chat this time. I want her to see me as a friendly person, someone who she can confide in. “How are you?”

“Er…” She’s barely looking at me, searching in her bag for something. All of a sudden, I feel like I am in her way, making her life harder, and all that I did was say hello. “Oh right, fucking, fucker, fuck.”

Wow… she looks too sweet for those terrible curse words to be flying out of her mouth. Immediately, I step backwards, knowing that the best thing for me to do is get away from whatever drama she is going through. This is what I want to avoid, drama. I don’t need to be a hero for Esme as well and try to lodge myself in to the middle of her issues. There isn’t any need for that. I can walk away from this and avoid getting sucked in.

I told Natasha that I don’t want any more drama, and I stand by that. Even if it isn’t a romantic thing, I don’t need to get myself in the middle of it. I don’t need any new friends that much, thank you very much.

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