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“Oh God, no,” she wails. “Fucking hell. I need to…” She stares at me for a second, but her eyes are blurry and she might as well be looking right through me. There is nothing there behind her eyes, she blocked everything out. I don’t know if it makes me want to move away from her or if I should hold her in my arms and hug her until it’s better. Whatever it might be, I honestly can’t tell. She’s definitely panicking about something though, which is hard for this early hour of the morning. “I have to go and deal with this. I don’t have time for this shit…”

She shoves passed me, practically knocking me out of the way, and slides in to her car. I’m stunned to the core as I watch her fly away, I can’t believe how rude she was to me right then. That was just strange. Maybe she isn’t a nice wounded person after all but someone who treats others like shit. I might have misread her after all, which I suppose is possible. I mean, you can’t make a decent judgment on someone after two minutes of greeting, can you?

“Well, you know to walk away from her then,” I remind myself as I walk inside. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not seething, but I can’t hide how angry she has really made me. “She is trouble. Not worth the effort. If she can’t even be nice to me when I’m being nothing but pleasant to her… well, she isn’t worth it.”

Anyways, I can’t fight the sleep any longer, so I take the stairs two at a time and collapse on to the bed sheets, needing to rest more than anything else in the world. Screw Esme and her nastiness, she means nothing to me. I don’t even know her. I hope that by the time I wake up, she will be out of my mind for good.

“Oh, Theo,” she murmurs, the plumpness of her lips pouting out to me. Esme grabs her hair and flicks it flirtingly over her shoulder, acting completely different to the last time I saw her. Now, instead of being snappy and kinda bitchy with me, she’s seducing me, trying to lure me in with her sparkly blue eyes, and I have to admit that I’m falling for it. “You really are a gorgeous man. You make me feel all kinds of things. I can’t even explain it.”

I have to admit that even if it isn’t wise, I am being lured in by her. I find myself moving towards her moving hips, wanting to reach out and touch her soft skin, needing to have her as near me as possible.

“Esme, I thought that you hated me,” I whisper as she pins me down and straddles me. “What happened?”

“There is a thin line between love and hate.” She wiggles her eyebrows knowingly. “Lust as well…”

She kisses me. Her lips meet mine with intense passion, with such power that she blows me away. I am hard as rock underneath her and she can feel it. She wants it. Esme grinds against my cock with her core and she lets out little gasps of need. Knowing that she needs me only fires me up even more. I fucking need her no matter what.

There isn’t even a rational thought in my brain that this shouldn’t be happening. I am too blown away.

In the next breath, Esme is on her knees in front of me and she has my cock in her mouth. She’s hungrily sucking on me, she can’t get enough of me, and it has me nearly losing my fucking mind already. She is incredible, the way that she’s tasting me is something else. I could explode between her lips already. Her mouth is hot and needy, it’s sending a shudder down my spine. I knot my fingers up in her flame red hair and tug whenever it’s too much.

“Shit, Esme.” She’s licking me, tasting me like a damn lollipop. “Fuck, it’s too much.”

I don’t even know this woman, not really, but fuck me I feel like I damn well know everything about her now. She’s a porn star, someone that I want to watch all the time, someone that I want to experience as well. I can’t get enough of her. I can’t think of another time that I have ever felt like this for anyone. I want to hold her, to be inside of her, to thrust within her until she’s losing her freaking mind. I want to drive her wild…

The next moment, her mouth is gone, but I am buried deep inside of her. She’s on my lap, bouncing, her breasts going wild, her hair all over the place, looking like a fucking goddess. My finger cling on to her hips, I dig in her skin, I hold on to her like I can’t bear to let her go which is the truth because what she’s doing to my cock right now is off the scale. Her walls are clamping tight to me, coaxing the orgasm from me, and I can’t contain myself. She’s pushing me to the edge of desire, sending me over the hill in to the abyss, but I don’t feel ready yet. I want to really experience every inch of her body in every way, I don’t know when I will get this opportunity again.

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