He laughed. "And would you have agreed to see me if I'd just rung?"

"I guess not," I said slowly. "But I don't appreciate being taken by surprise, either. How did you even manage to find me? And how did you get in here? This is my office!"

"It wasn't as difficult as you may think. There are only so many striking young lawyers named Sophia in Sydney." He glanced around. "As for how I got in, well Laurence Bell is actually an old acquaintance of my company. Once I knew where you worked, it was easy enough to organise an invitation."

He knew Mr Bell? That was odd. Our boss was a notorious recluse. Yeah, his name was on the sign outside, but he rarely even came into the office anymore. He was like the good china that only got brought out for special occasions.

Sebastian continued to stare, those magnificent eyes once again boring deep inside me. It made me uncomfortable. Sure, he was hot, and we'd gotten along well, but the whole situation had my hairs standing on end. Judging by last night, there was no shortage of women in his life. He had no reason to track me down. No reason, unless he was angry about having his privacy invaded.

"Well, I don't think this is appropriate," I said, shaking my gaze free.

"You mean after the way we left things last night?"

My cheeks heated. "Look, about that, I can explain..."

"About what? Breaking into my office? Or sneaking into our gathering?" He smiled at my expression. "That's right, I know. In fact I knew the whole time. You're not the only one who can act, Sophia."

I closed my eyes briefly and drew a slow breath. "So why talk to me? Why not just have me thrown out?"

"Does a man need an excuse to chat to a beautiful girl now?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, because pretty girls were in short supply last night."

He grinned, and I felt myself melt just a little more. "Well to be honest, security was ready to escort you out the moment you walked in. We always have more than one set of eyes on that door. But I stopped them."


He shrugged. "I was curious. I wanted to know what kind of girl you were. Plenty of people have tried talking their way through that doorway over the years, but very few actually succeed." His expression remained mild as he spoke. He certainly didn't seem angry, but it was hard to tell what lay behind that charming exterior.

"Well, thank you for not making a scene. I'm sorry I intruded. I was just messing around and it got out of hand. I never meant to go into your office at all."

"You could make it up to me by coming home with me tonight."

I did a double take, certain I must have misheard him. In light of everything that had happened, the request seemed completely absurd.

"Are you joking?"

"Why would I be joking?"

"Oh, I don't know, because the last time you saw me I was huddled in your office cupboard, watching you smack your secretary like a child?"

"You didn't enjoy the show?" he asked, not the least bit ashamed.

I snorted. "It was a little Dita Von Tease for my tastes."

That only widened his smile. "Is that so? People are always afraid of what they don't understand. Don't write it off so easily. You might be surprised by what you'd enjoy." The certainty in his voice was unsettling. It sounded less like a suggestion and more like a promise. I shuffled awkwardly on my feet, memories of last night's strange excitement echoing through my mind. I still didn't know why I'd reacted like that. This is what happens when you let your dry spells last too long. Even a spanking starts to seem appealing. You need to get laid, girl.

"Well sorry to disappoint you, but that's not my style," I said, doing my best to keep my voice level, "so I'm sure my vanilla sensibilities will be incredibly boring for you."

He reached out and brushed my neck lightly, raking his eyes over my body. "I doubt I could ever find this boring, regardless of what we're doing."

I swallowed loudly. My mouth suddenly felt like it had been baking in the sun for hours. As much as I hated to admit it, his overt sexuality was a huge turn on. There was nothing sleazy about it. He was just a man who was utterly comfortable with himself and his desires. Once again, I found myself imaging what it might be like to give myself to him. There was no other way to describe it. With other men, I might have said 'sleep with' or 'fuck' or one of the hundred other euphemisms that springs to mind at such times, but with Sebastian, I got the sense none of those were quite right. Even with nothing kinky involved, sex with him would not merely be physical, it would be an act of sheer possession and power.

Focus, Sophia. Think unsexy thoughts. Paperwork. Schindler's List. Ernest in a skirt.

Urgh, too far.

"What makes you even sure I want to sleep with you?" I said, purposefully pulling away from him. I swear it was like he had his own personal gravity.

Annoyingly, this just made him laugh. "Is that really how you want to play this?"

"I'm not playing."

"Well neither am I. You can pretend if you want, but it doesn't change a thing." He leaned in close, as though whispering a secret. That intoxicating scent hit my nose once more, sending my hormones into overdrive. "Your body says more than any words ever could."

A shiver rolled through me, coming to rest firmly in the centre of my chest. I hated how easily he could read me. It made me feel strangely helpless. How do you fend off a man who already seems to know your secrets?

"You're right, my body is saying a lot of things," I said. "Like leave me the hell alone! I've been with men like you before, Sebastian. Hell, I work with them every day. Even if I was attracted to you, I wouldn't be interested in being another notch on the bed post."

"What makes you think that's all you'd be?"

I scoffed. "Because we just met yesterday — in rather extenuating circumstances, I might add — and now you're asking me to go to bed with you?"

He shrugged like it was par for the course. "I prefer to be up front in my relationships. That way there's no mixed messages. No one gets hurt."

"Well, that's very noble of you, but I get the impression we don't want the same things."

"And what is it you want, Sophia?"

"Well, call me old fashioned, but something more than, 'hey, want to fuck?' would be a good start."

"I didn't pick you for a flowers and chocolates kind of girl."

"I'm not. I'm too busy for that crap. Casual suits me just fine. But there's a difference between casual and meaningless."

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