He let out a long breath, the sigh of a man who had just gotten everything he ever wanted. Instantly he signalled the waitress. "I can't wait until after dinner. I need to be inside you now."

I trembled, feeling myself grow wet at the mere suggestion. I nodded. Food was suddenly the last thing on my mind.

The cheque arrived and he paid for the full meal without blinking. It was an astronomical sum for what amounted to a few sips and bites, but he didn't seem to care.

We made our way outside, but as I turned to head back to the car, he grabbed me by the arm.

"What—" I started to say, but in an instant I was spinning back towards him and his lips were on mine. In that kiss, I saw a prelude of what was to come. It was as strong and intoxicating as the man himself. He crushed his face against mine, sandwiching my body between his chest and the glass behind. His tongue explored my mouth greedily, darting and teasing, while his fingers prowled along my shoulders, my back, and the nape of my neck. I kissed back as best I could, but I felt a little like a shell on the beach, struggling not to get swept out by the tide. He was so powerful, so determined, and my body seemed to turn boneless in his hands. All I could really do was stand there and be kissed. It wasn't just an expression of passion, but one of possession. And it felt sinfully good.

I could feel a throbbing hardness building against my stomach as he ground himself against me. An intense pang of desire rushed through me, pooling between my legs.

What felt like a lifetime later, he broke away. "Jesus," he said, his voice ragged. "I'm not sure I should have done that."

"Why not?"

"Now I don't know if I can last the car ride home."

"Well," I said, running my hand gently down his stomach and coming to rest on the tip of his impressive bulge. "You said we could take it slow. 'As slow as you like,' I believe were your words. And I'd like to wait." In truth, I was almost at breaking point myself. If he'd carried me into the bathroom and bent me over then and there I'm not sure I'd have been able to object, but I was enjoying that rare moment of power over him.

He drew a sharp, shuddering breath and closed his eyes briefly, before seizing my wrist and pulling my arm away. "Then that's what we'll do," he said, a strained smile on his face. "But you should know, I have ways of dealing with girls who like to tease."

"I'm sure you do," I replied, thinking back to Hannah's raw ass. Strangely, in my aroused state, I didn't find the image as intimidating as I once had.


We walked briskly over to where the limo was parked. "Home," Sebastian said to Joe, before ushering me into the back. He wore the determined look of the man on a very important mission. I wondered if Joe understood what was about to take place. After ten years, he likely had a good grasp of his boss's habits, so the answer was probably yes. Normally, that might have bothered me, but at that moment I was too turned on to care.

The car ride to Sebastian's house only took ten minutes, but it felt much longer. He didn't speak. His silence seemed almost meditative, so I didn't interrupt. I just stared out the window and considered what I was getting myself into.

Eventually, we pulled up outside a sleek white apartment building that looked out over Woolloomooloo Bay. The harbour was quiet at night, but I could still hear the gentle crash of waves breaking against the hulls of the moored yachts that lined the docks.

We said farewell to Joe and then Sebastian took my hand and led me inside. I thought the car ride might have cooled his excitement a little, but as soon as the lift doors closed behind us, he was on me once more. He kissed me with a hunger that was almost strong enough to be frightening, pinning me against the metal wall and driving his mouth onto mine. Free from any wandering eyes, his hands lost whatever sense of propriety they'd once had, running up my sides before sliding down to caress the curves of my ass. I moaned, half in pleasure half in protest, but there was no one to see, and no way to stop the relentless onslaught that was Sebastian Lock.

Seizing me more firmly, he lifted me up until our mouths were at the same height. I took the opportunity to loop my arms and legs around him and run my fingers through the black tangle of his hair, pulling him closer still. My dress was beginning to ride up, and the change in height pushed the pulsing mass of his cock directly against my dripping panties. He let out a growl and began to rock back and forward, using the lift wall as leverage.

"God, you're so wet. I can feel it even through our clothes."

"This is what you do to me," I said, my voice trembling.

He brought one huge hand up and wrapped it around my chin, raising my eyes to his. "No, this is just a taste of what I can do to you. There is so much more. All I've been able to think about since we met was making you come. I'm going to do it in a thousand ways, ways you didn't even know existed."

"God yes," I breathed, already able to feel an orgasm beckoning in the distance. The pressure of his crotch against mine was amazing, and his mouth was now doing divine things to my neck, kissing and nibbling in slow circles. The coarse brush of his stubble against my skin sent waves of sensation rolling through me, like the gentle scrape of sand on the wind.

I assumed we'd have to walk down some kind of corridor, but the lift opened straight into Sebastian's apartment. Without even breaking our embrace, he spun and carried me through the doorway. Pressed against him like that I could feel the taut strength of his muscles flex and shift as we moved. He held me as easily as a child. I couldn't wait to see the body that lay beneath those clothes. I could already picture it, all hard slabs and trembling sinew.

Entwined as we were, I barely noticed my surroundings. Sebastian navigated us expertly to the bedroom, never breaking our kiss for more than a moment. There was something so primal about being carried off to be ravished. I felt claimed, taken, possessed. It was an intensely erotic experience.

Throwing me down onto the bed, he climbed on top of me. My hands now free, I reached up eagerly for his shirt buttons, but he caught both my wrists in one hand. "You said you wanted to wait," he said, his voice teasing.

I started to protest, but his expression silenced me. "Before we go any further," he continued, "I want to establish some ground rules. I told you that we could go slowly, and I meant it. But nonetheless, it's important to me that everything we do is consensual. So with that in mind, you need to pick a safe word. Something distinctive that will never come up under normal circumstances. If what we're doing ever gets too much, you just utter that word and I promise everything stops. No questions asked. Understand?"

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