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She looked at me as though she were expecting me to go on. “Umm . . . am I missing a part of the story? Kittens are kind of made to be played with.”

“They were saying how cute the kittens were and how it made Hunter so much hotter. Then Hunter got them to give him a blowjob . . .”

“Oh Lorrie, I’m so sorry . . . Wait, did he use the kittens as bait to get him a blowjob?”

The reasoning sounded ridiculous when I heard it out loud, but it was a difficult conclusion to ignore. “I . . . I don’t know!”

“Oh my god!”

I opened my mouth to respond but was interrupted by a knock at the suite door. Daniela got up from the futon and cracked open the door.

“Is Lorrie here?” I heard the voice behind the door say. It was Hunter. He must’ve come to my dorm since I refused to answer my phone.

Daniela looked at me, eyebrows raised. I could tell her to shut the door in Hunter’s face, but I decided that I should at least hear him out. Maybe he had a good explanation for what those girls said and I was just overreacting. I begrudgingly nodded.

“Yes, she’s here,” Daniela said.

“Can I come in?”

Daniela checked with me. I raised my brows.

She looked back at Hunter.

“Please?” he said.

I nodded and Daniela opened the door for him. “I’m going to leave you two alone,” she said. She turned to me. “I’ll be in my room.”

She walked out of the common area and closed her door.

Hunter entered the suite, lacking the usual swagger in his step. He was shuffling his feet like a zombie. I couldn’t be sure but I interpreted it as the distinct walk of a guilty man. He eyed me carefully, confusion on his face, his mouth a thin line. He was wearing a brown leather jacket over his usual gray hoodie, dark jeans that hinted at the powerful legs beneath, and tan winter boots with traces of snow clinging to the laces. The backpack slung over one shoulder seemed full of books.

“You sure came over here quickly,” I grumbled. Seeing his gorgeous self in person made me think about how those girls must’ve felt when they were giving him head. I grabbed a futon pillow and squeezed it angrily over my chest.

He squinted to get a better look at me almost as if he’d just woken up from a nap. “I came as quick as I could.”

Hunter shifted on his feet, adjusting his balance. Although his speech seemed fine, I was beginning to suspect he was inebriated. “Have you been drinking Hunter?” I snapped. “It would certainly explain a lot.”

“No, no . . . I’m just tired that’s all.” He sighed. “I was studying in Wheatley when I texted you,” he said, sounding frustrated. “Lorrie, what’s the matter?”

God, I could barely even look at him. Hunter wasn’t just a weirdo; he was a sick person. “It’s hard for me to even look at you after what you did.”

“Huh? What the hell? What did I do?” His shuffling feet came to a stop near the TV. He kept his distance.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know. I fell for your bullshit before, I tried not to listen to the rumors about you. Maybe I was just stupidly naive to think you were a decent guy despite all the red flags, but now it’s all clear to me. Congratulations, Hunter. You’re a f**king ass**le.”

“What the hell, Lorrie. If you’re going to accuse me of something, say it for god’s sake!”

I threw my pillow at him but he casually swatted it away. “You used kittens to get a blowjob!” I screamed.

His sleepy eyes widened. “W-What?!”

“I heard two girls saying you invited them over to pet the kittens and they gave you a blowjob.”

“Dammit, I thought you said you didn’t listen to rumors,” he snapped. “Who did you hear that from anyway?”

“It wasn’t a rumor Hunter!” I shouted. “It was a first-hand account! I was in the bathroom and I heard them talking about how they went over to your place to see the kittens and how hot you looked with Rampage. They said they both went down on you at the same time—I don’t even know how that’s possible!” Just saying it almost made me gag. “Go ahead, tell me it’s not true. Tell me I’m being delirious and creating imaginary cats and imaginary blowjobs in my head. Tell me I’m wrong.”

His mouth was a thin line. “I told you I don’t like talking about that kind of personal stuff. I keep my sex life private.”

His obvious deflection made me seethe. “Jesus Hunter! If that’s not an admission then I don’t know what is. You make me sick! To think you were using them . . . using poor Taylor, Georgia, and Frida to get your c**k sucked. Somebody should send you to prison where you can fight all day and have your balls rot off.”

“Lorrie!” he yelled. He leaned an elbow on top of the TV to brace himself and rubbed his forehead with his other hand. “Let’s get one thing straight: I did not use the kittens to get me a blowjob! And I never would. It’s so ridiculous, are you even listening to yourself? It pisses me off to even think about it, let alone have you accuse me of it. I don’t need kittens to get me a blowjob. Girls would give me head even if I had a f**king pet rock!”

“Oh wow. The true Hunter shows his colors. So that’s what you’ve been hiding in your closet huh? You’re an egomaniac and a sexaholic. The compassionate-loner-weirdo thing you have going on was all a facade.”

“Dude, Lorrie. I’d never tell anyone details about my sex life. I just told you that because we’re friends and you’re accusing the hell outta me! What’s your deal anyway? Why are you so worked up over me getting a blowjob? You were the one who wanted to just be friends. Are you telling me you’re jealous?”

“You wish!” I yelled, my face heating from embarrassment. “I admit I might’ve been attracted to you before Hunter but after this . . . after this I don’t even know if I want to be your friend.”

“You don’t mean that,” he said somberly.

I threw my hands up in frustration, beginning to realize that I was more mad about the fact that Hunter got a BJ than the silly idea that he exploited the kittens. “Goddammit Hunter! Why did you get a blowjob from those two girls? Jesus, it wasn’t even just one girl, it was two at the same time!”

“Lorrie . . . what they did wasn’t really . . . it didn’t mean anything to me. They don’t really mean anything to me. Not like you mean to me.”

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