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He narrowed his eyebrows. “Michelangelo? I was going for the scene from E.T. with the glowy-healing finger.”

I giggled again. “Ah, I see. How about we try something less dramatic? Something more natural. I want to see the Hunter in his natural element.”

“Hmm . . .” His body remained in the same pose but he rested his right elbow on his one raised knee and put his forefinger to his lip in thought. “Lemme think about it.”

“There that’s it! Hold that if you can.”

He turned toward me. “Huh? You like this?” He tilted his head to examine himself.

“Yeah! Don’t move!”

He knitted his brows. “What’s so special about this position?”

“I think it suits you well. It’s kind of like you’re exposed and vulnerable . . . but not fully since you still have that one knee up. You also look relaxed but also concerned—like the weight of the world is on your mind. It seems like a natural pose. Hmm it’s still missing something though . . .” I picked up one of his gray hoodies from the floor and threw it to him. “Here put this on. Leave it unzipped so I can see your six pack but put the hood up.”

With his brow raised skeptically, he caught the hoodie with one hand and carefully put it on while maintaining his position; the hoodie was the only thing he was wearing. He left the sweater unzipped like I’d asked, leaving his chest and abs deliciously exposed. His c**k was still draped over his thigh carelessly.

“How does this look?” he asked.

“That’s perfect,” I hummed, feeling a thrill from the added sexiness the sweater brought to the pose. “Now just hold that while I work.”

I began drawing him starting with the basic contours of his body then refined the lines with small details here and there—the round curve of his shoulders, the slight jutting of his developed obliques.

“You keep doing that and we’re not gonna finish this drawing,” he said.

Breaking out of my intense concentration, I lifted my head from the paper. “Doing what?”

“Biting your bottom lip like that. If you keep doing that, we’re gonna have to work off some tension.”

I glanced at his leg and saw his c**k becoming unabashedly erect.

I smiled pleasantly, returning my focus to the drawing to avoid seeing the lust in his eyes that I knew was there. The throbbing between my legs made me unsure whether I’d be able to resist him if I saw his hunger for me. “I’m trying, Hunter.” I grumbled. “It’s difficult though. I’m just getting really into this drawing.”

“I can see that. Your tits are so hard right now. It’s all I can think about. How can I lay still when I know they’re so suckable.”

My smile widened. “Patience, my dear Hunter. I’ll be finished soon.”

Once I completed the shading on his body, I began working on the details of his face. It was difficult to capture his eyes just right. I kept looking at his eyes, comparing him to what I had drawn, but something was always off. It took every ounce of concentration, but I finally finished the drawing. Releasing a satisfied exhalation, I put down my pencil and fingered him over. He eagerly hopped off the bed and returned to my side.

I handed him the completed drawing and waited for his reaction. “This is amazing.” he said, his voice intimately low and filled with admiration.

“Well, the figure is you after all, Mr. Humble,” I teased.

“No, aside from that . . . I’ve never seen anything like this before. Somehow you’ve captured every little detail about me. How did you do it?”

I pointed at the picture in between his hands. “Well, first your body was a challenge. There were a lot of subtle contours and a wide range of hard and soft shadows. Most people aren’t even close to being as muscular as you so they generally have a lot of light shadows and simple lines. Your lines and shadows were much more complex.”

He nodded, listening to my words and scanning the picture carefully.

I directed his attention to particular spots on his torso. “You’ve also got all these scars, bumps, and bruises on your skin that I take you got from fighting. Some of them are more faded and some are fresher. I spent a lot of effort trying to capture each of them.” I recalled Aunt Caroline telling me before that the scars we have—both on the inside as well as on the outside—are part of what makes us who we are. I wondered at how Hunter had changed after receiving each of his scars.

“ . . . The detail is incredible. It’s even better than a mirror.”

“Sometimes it takes another person to see us for who we really are.”

“You’re right, I’d even forgotten I had some these scars, I’d seen ‘em so often in the mirror. They’re supposed to be reminders of the mistakes I made in my fights. But it’s easy to overlook things you see often until you see them from a different perspective.”

“Mmhmm.” I nodded. “. . . So after I finished your body, I had to fill in the details of your face. This was the hardest part. I was able to get the shape of your nose and the curve of your lips pretty easily but when it came to your eyes, I had to redraw them at least a dozen times.”

“What was wrong with the eyes?”

“I don’t know. You’ve got these stunning gray eyes . . . every time I drew them they came out too flat or one-dimensional. So I had to keep redoing them—you can still see some of the eraser marks here.” I pointed to the rough texture of the paper where I’d erased multiple times. “Even now, I don’t think I’ve quite captured them.”

“No, this looks amazing,” he said, mesmerized.

I grinned. “Thank you, it’s my best work to-date. Couldn’t have done it without such a capable model.”

“It’s even better now that you’ve explained it to me. I didn’t realize you put so much thought and effort into every line. I thought art just came naturally for you."

“Well, it’s probably similar to fighting for you. Some of it comes naturally but a lot of it is practice and thinking.”

“You’re so smart and talented.” He kissed me on the top of my head. “We make a good team, don’t we?”

“The best team. Now that we’re finished, let’s get back to business.” I took the drawing from his hands and placed it on the desk then I ripped off his hoodie and we tumbled onto the bed, lips locked in passionate embrace. We curled up beneath the sheets and remained there the rest of the night.

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