He shook his head. Holding my upper arms, he took a step forward, making me take one backwards, toward the bed. His voice more forceful, he commanded, "Lay down on the bed. You got to eat what you wanted. Now it’s my turn."

The urgency in his voice made the wetness between my thighs even more intense, but I still felt the faint tug of embarrassment holding me back. "I’ve never had a guy start out with this before," I whispered nervously to him as he walked me back toward the immense round bed.

"Even better. Don’t deny that you want it. I can feel it." He stopped stepping forward for a moment and brought a hand down to the cleft between my thighs, then drew his finger through, making me gasp.

When he pulled it away, it was slick and glistening. "You can’t deny it. Not when you’re dripping wet for me."

The bed was only a few feet behind us, now, and I looked up into Jax’s eyes, crazy with need. "I do want it," I breathed. "I want your mouth."

"Good," he said, beads of sweat forming on his sun-kissed forehead. "Now, lay down."

I lowered myself onto the bed and closed my eyes. Jax’s hands pushed my thighs apart with a surprising gentleness, and I felt his tongue press against my slit slowly, almost tenderly.

"Jax," I moaned, "that's incredible." His mouth trailed in a line that sent shocks of pure pleasure all the way to my fingers and toes.

"You’re perfect, Riley," he murmured. "So beautiful and pink . . . and so wet for my touch."

I whimpered, and his mouth probed more hungrily, his tongue smooth, circling ever-tighter, focused at the center of my desire.

My hands clutched at the plush red bedspread beneath us, and Jax slid his tongue to the side, licking and nuzzling until I felt like I would melt. Tiny, teasing motions drew out my sensation, sending urgent flutters rippling to my fingers and toes.

"Your mouth . . . God, Jax, what are you doing?" I moaned, my entire body trembling at the tortuous brush of his lips.

"My voice is my instrument." He spoke against my skin, each murmured syllable a deep vibration that made my back arch with pleasure. "Knowing how to use my mouth is my job."

My clit throbbed as his tongue swirled against it, each movement more intricate than the last. Shaking, I felt my body clench, craving release.

"Please, Jax," I gasped, straining toward his mouth, "I need more, please, give me more . . ."

The velvety heat of his tongue pierced into me, and my hands clutched his dark hair as I cried out. Crazed with desire, my hands fisted in his hair, pulling it as he went deeper, harder.

As I cried out, he drew his tongue back to my clit, pushing against it with a raw, primitive rhythm. Each new sensation brought me closer to the carnal chaos I craved.

His lips held my clit, moving quickly. The trembling, head to toe, was unbearable now, Jax’s tongue pushing me over the edge, my face contorting with wild, animal need . . .

Yes. Now. Jax, please, now, yes, yes yes YES . . .

Climax—intense, explosive, primal—seized my quaking body and didn’t let go.

Thrashing against the bed, unable to control the spasms coursing through every nerve, I clung to his hair and screamed Jax’s name.

Chapter Seventeen


His tongue lapped slowly against me as the shaking subsided. When I finally let go of his hair, he crawled into the bed next to me and laid down. I turned to face him and saw that he looked utterly contented.

"Jesus, Jax." I turned to him, still feeling aftershocks pulsating through my body. "That was the best head I’ve ever gotten."

His mouth spread into a blissful smile. "Let me try again. I’ll see if I can do better."

I laughed. "Is this part of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, too?"

"For you? You’d better believe it," he said, his eyes teasing wickedly.

I’d never seen him look so at ease. My gaze slid over his long, lean torso, and a wave of sudden warmth bolted through my body, centered where Jax’s tongue had been. Even clothed, he was like a statue—lean, muscled, all sinew and strength. Then, as my eyes crept lower, I noticed his erection, long, thick and so hard it threatened to burst from his pants. "And what’s that a part of?" I asked as I looked, my eyebrow playfully raised.

Jax smirked. "That’s part of having an irresistible redhead in my bed."

The heat between my legs intensified, but I realized I hadn’t prepared for a night like this—in any way at all. "You’re making me wish I had my purse," I said ruefully.

"But you do have your purse." He propped himself up on an elbow. "I had it brought up from the bus during the concert. Check your bedside table."

He brought my purse? "You thought of everything," I said, surprised.

His burning eyes searched over me. "All I think about is you." His tone was so low and intimate that I blushed and turned away to look in the table drawers.

My bag was in the top one, and I rooted through it with nimble fingers, searching for something I’d never expected to use during the tour.

"There we go," I said triumphantly, pinching the foil square between my fingers.

Did he see what I grabbed? I looked back toward Jax, but he was facing away, taking off his shirt. His muscles looked incredible under the golden glow of the fantasy suite bedroom. It was like I’d found a Greek god, lounging in the improbably oversized round bed. Then again, maybe he looked even better. The Greek gods never knew what perfectly tight denim could do for a guy’s perfectly tight ass.

I couldn’t help it—I licked my lips.

He looked over toward me, and his eyebrow lifted with recognition as he saw the condom wrapper. "Give that to me." He reached out for the packet, but I held it out of reach.

"Not a chance," I said, opening the wrapper as I nodded toward his dark-washed jeans. "Just take those off."

"I thought you didn’t want to f**k," he teased, his eyes gleaming as he peeled the tight denim off his body.

"You changed my mind," I said, trailing a finger along his taut abs. Tracing slowly with my fingertip, I drew a line downward, past the perfect triangle of his pelvis, and ending only when I reached the tip of his cock.

He sucked in his breath, and his thick c**k throbbed in front of me. I smiled—I’d learned a few tricks about how to make a guy remember his first time with me, and if Jax and I were going to do this, I wanted it to be totally unforgettable. Putting the condom between my thumb and forefinger, I rolled it slowly over him, feeling myself get wetter by the moment. Jax moved as if he thought he’d climb on top of me, but I stopped him.

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