"No," I said, looking down at him as my fingers stroked idly along his cock. "It’s your turn to lay back and let me work my instrument."

He looked for a moment like he would object, but then shook his head with a short, staccato laugh. "Fuck. How can I say no to that?"

I’d wanted to do this for so long—I ached to feel him inside me, and I couldn’t hold back any more. As he lay down on his back, I straddled him and lowered myself gently, feeling myself stretch to fit him inside me.

He was big—massively thick, enough that it almost hurt as he buried himself deeper into me. I cried out as I felt his length slide further, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to.

I just wanted more.

I rocked against him, feeling myself pulsing around his thick erection, every inch sending shocks of sensation all the way to my fingertips. My hips moved faster, more urgently, and I felt Jax’s palms clenching around them. "Slow," he gasped, his strong hands holding my body still even as I tried to keep up the same frantic pace. "God, Riley, please go slow."

"Too intense for you?" I said, my voice breathless as I pressed myself against him harder, taking him deeper into me than before.

"No, I just want to feel you—all of you." His body rose, impaling me on his c**k until I almost screamed.

"God, yes," I cried, quickening my rhythm. "Just like that, Jax."

"I want you to feel me, Riley," he said, forcing my hips down until shudders of ecstasy ran through me. "Every inch, to the hilt. I want you filled with me, more than you’ve ever been filled in your life."

Jax’s c**k had felt intense when I’d ridden him fast, but his new, slower rhythm sent fiery, raw need flaming into every part of me. His raw, languid strokes made me inhale sharply with every thrust, and I writhed over him, my hands gripping against his thighs as my spine arched backwards. "Oh my god, Jax, it’s almost too much."

"But only almost," he said with another thrust that caught me by surprise. I screamed, and immediately covered my mouth so no one else in the hotel would hear me.

Jax smiled and sat up in a fluid motion. Suddenly we were sitting, face to face, with his c**k so deep inside me that all I could do was writhe and moan. "Don’t cover that gorgeous mouth, Riley," he said, taking my hands away. "I want to hear you. Let it out."

Wrapping my legs around his torso, I looked into his eyes. The heat of his body was consuming me from inside, but his face was surprisingly tender. "Oh god," I said. "Jax, you’re so deep in me, it almost hurts."

He stroked my cheek in time with slow thrusts. "Relax. Keep your eyes open, Riley."

Struggling against myself, I felt another climax fighting to the surface. I gripped the skin of Jax’s back, my nails digging into flesh. His face was beaded with sweat, and I could feel his breath, hot and hoarse, with every thrust.

As he rammed harder and harder, I stopped caring if anyone heard me. Screaming out at the top of my lungs with each thrust, I felt my body clenching, reaching, blending with his body until I didn’t know whether the ragged breaths I heard were mine or his.

"God, Riley, yes, that’s it," Jax rasped. "Just like that, so tight around me . . . I think I’m going to . . ."

"Yes!" I grabbed his hair as I felt his body start to spasm, and my orgasm pushed upwards into me, dragging us into feral, primitive sensation, our cries mingling and echoing from the suite walls as he pumped, again and again, into my hungry wetness.

Closing my eyes, I crumpled onto Jax’s sweat dampened chest, my breath shaking.

Holy f**k. Flickers of pleasure lingered as I pressed my cheek against his skin, sending cresting waves through my body.

As I listened to his heartbeat, erratic and fast, a flash of post-orgasmic sobriety suddenly made me self-conscious. What did we just do?

I’d given Jax what he wanted but what if that was a mistake? If I was just a conquest, he’d won. I was conquered. Is this where he tells me it was all just a game?

He spoke softly, his baritone resonating through my body. "I’ve been wanting to feel that since the first night I saw you at my show."

I searched his dark eyes. When I saw in them the same look I’d seen in the hot tub last night, I realized that I’d been wrong all this time. It hadn’t been disgust or remorse that I’d seen; it had been a look of sober realization, that in the struggle to fight your feelings for someone, you ended up falling harder than you ever could’ve expected. I knew it had to have been that because the look in his eyes reflected exactly the way I felt about him at this moment.

I shivered, still trying to catch my breath, and felt Jax’s fingers running through my sweat-damp hair. If I’d known it would be like this, after, I couldn’t help thinking we’d have done this sooner. Or if I’d known it would be that good during. . .

We stared at each other for a long moment, my fingertip tracing the outlines of his muscles as he looked down at me. I hope this isn’t where it gets awkward. "So, what now?" I asked tentatively.

"Now this." Smiling softly at me, he ran a hand down my cheek and neck. I closed my eyes, and felt his lips over mine again, sweeter and gentler than I’d ever felt them before.

I didn’t know exactly what he meant by it, but I could tell something had changed between us. There was a spark I’d never felt before, a pull between us that went deeper than even a few hours ago.

Sex changes things, I’d told Jax. This time, at least so far, it looked like they’d changed for the better.

I bowed my head to kiss his chest, just above his heart. "Thank you for tonight," I said, a blissful smile spreading across my face as I realized just how perfect the surprise "party" had been after all.

"The night’s not over, yet," he said, wiping his forehead with a hand. "But I think we should both go cool down—how about it?" He nodded toward the cantilevered pool.

I frowned, wishing I’d been better prepared. "I’d go in, but I didn’t bring a swimsuit."

He moved to the side of the bed and stood up, then looked down at me with his scarred eyebrow arched. "Who said anything about swimsuits?" he asked, giving me a frank, appraising stare. "I want you just the way you are."

The way he said it made my heart skip a beat but the pool hung thirty stories above the Strip, well over the edge of the hotel. "Won’t people be able to see us?"

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