Mark walks back over to the stairs and picks up the rope. I feel him behind me once more kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. His breath in my ear and his body so close nearly lead me to pass out. He pulls on my arms then I feel the rope going around them, about an inch above my elbows. He begins looping and spinning the rope around my two arms, binding them together, and securing the rope.

“Did your mom teaching you knitting too?” I ask, trying to diffuse my fear with humor.

“I doubt my mother ever knew anything about this,” he responds but gives me a few more kisses to let me know it is okay to joke. He pulls and tightens the rope until my arms are locked together in an inescapable bond. Guiding me by the shoulders, he spins me around. My fingertips are tingling and I can’t tell if this is nerves or lack of blood. He rubs himself against my naked body, leaning over to kiss each of my br**sts passionately, stoking the fire below.

“This is called an elbow hold.” I can tell by his tone of voice that I need to listen very carefully. “It’s a popular form of arm bondage. The rope is tied above your elbows which pins your arms behind you. Unfortunately there’s a drawback to the beautiful submissive position. If I don’t release your arms within twenty minutes, the lack of circulation will become dangerous, cutting off necessary blood flow from your hands and arms first and then damaging other parts.”

“Oh…” I say, letting it all sink in.

“Don’t worry. I have an excellent sense of time.” He leans down and begins nuzzling and sucking my br**sts some more. My arousal is working wonders to quell the fear I feel at this moment. His hands touch and probe my pu**y and I stand there overwhelmed by the sensations.

“Is this really trust, Mark?”

“No. This is submission, Julia,” he replies politely openly admiring my shape. He takes a deep breath. “This is trust.”

He pushes me into the pool.

I feel weightless for a second and then the water goes over my head. My legs are flailing, trying to get me back up above water. My shoulders are jerking but my arms can’t move. Oh my god. He’s drowning me! I splash and kick hard, my head finally going above the surface. I try to scream for help but gurgling water comes out of my mouth and I feel my body going back down to the deep well in the center of this pool.

Then strong hands are around my waist and I am floating toward Mark who must have jumped in the water after me. He pulls me above the surface and holds me as I get some air in my lungs.

“What the f**k?”I scream. I lean over and struggle, wanting to slap him, but with my arms tied behind me, all I can do is shoulder butt him a bit. He holds onto me tightly as I flail and jabber. “Fucking bastard, I could have drowned!”

“Shhh,” he consoles me again. “You’re not going to drown. Not as long as I am holding you up.”

I stop long enough to clear my eyes and take in the situation. He’s standing on the underwater ledge holding me with powerful arms as I float in the deep center. He’s right. As long as he holds me, I’m fine. But if he lets me go, I’ll sink.

Mark kisses me again, our wet lips meeting together and forming a seal that momentarily takes my breath.

“Now, we really must do something about your language, young lady.” I feel him adjust his grip so he is holding me from the bottom. “I won’t have you speaking so coarsely. It’s rude and shows that you’re out of control.”

How long can his arms last? How long until the rope has to come off? He’s giving me a lesson in ladylike behavior while my life hangs in the balance. Maybe he really is crazy. I lean with my feet trying to put them on the ledge he’s braced to–but there’s no room.

“No cheating,” he chides me a second time. “Blake’s the cheater, not you.”

I feel his strong legs pushing mine apart until his hips are right up against me. We are facing each other less than an inch apart. I look into his eyes for signs of madness and see only desire–his and mine. One arm lets go for just a second, causing me to gasp, and then returns as I feel him enter my body.

I want to wrap my arms around him, to cling to him but I can’t, my arms are of no use. So I move my hips for him trying to show that I want him deeper. I need him to hold me up and I need for him to consume me. He grips me tightly in his wet grasp and bends his head to bite and suck at my br**sts, the feeling of lust overwhelming all other thoughts in my head.

I feel his shaft entering me and sliding back and forth. The water splashes around us and my pu**y grips and clings to him. My legs finally wrap themselves around him and I hang there as he holds me, f**king me slowly, kissing and sucking me, devouring every part of me.

The splashing water causes small pulses against my clit, creating a stronger sensation than even his powerful thrusts digging his shaft deep into my body. We go at it like animals clinging to each other for life as we f**k and pleasure one another. My pu**y starts pulsing, my mound quaking as I feel myself building to a plateau that I have never been taken to.

My body begins to jerk under the water, the pleasure rising to my brain much faster than normal. My fingers are growing numb but the whole of my body is consumed in this building, burgeoning, wracking passion and I curl into him, biting his shoulder as the scream tears from my throat. He joins me, this time expressing loudly his release, as he slams and presses into me pounding me in sharp, hard thrusts–his mouth frozen open as his body seizes up to release his passion.

I go limp in his arms. For a moment, I worry the twenty minutes has passed and I’m actually dying. Then, I don’t care. I just want the feeling of his arms holding me and his shaft inside me to go on forever.

He kicks off the ledge and floats on his back over to the stairs of the jacuzzi, carrying me along for the ride. When we are both out of harm’s way, he unties my arms and unstraps my wrists. I look at him straight in the eye for a moment. Silence passes between us for a moment then I wrap my arms around him and hug him as close as I can. He begins kissing and whispering in my ear.

“I will never let you fall, Julia. I will always hold you.”

“I know,” I reply and collapse in his embrace.

Somehow he manages to stand and carry me to the deck chair. He covers me with a blanket and slides in beside me.

I don’t know how long we stayed that way–his strength upholding my weakness and my body available to his need. At some point, he suggested we move back inside and we ended up on the couch again. I’m not sure if I walked there or he carried me. I just know he never left my side.

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