“Sounds like you still need some lessons,” he growls, rubbing the back of my thighs. I reach back and pull up my skirt.

“Then teach me.” I’m unable to contain my desire, lifting my hips to afford him entry. If he thinks he’s taking me, he’s got another thing coming, I’m giving myself.

Yanking my panties down, I feel the head of his c**k run up and down my nether lips a few times parting them just enough to reveal the wetness churning inside my core. He slowly inserts his tip into me, watching as my hips rock back and forth trying to pull him further and further inside me.

“Want it, huh?” He chuckles still keeping himself on the very inside of my opening, imprinting me with feelings of his presence and absence at the same time. It’s maddening.

“You know I do,” I manage to answer, trying once again to buck or come up with some movement that will bring him fully into me.

“Then have it.” He laughs as he plunges his c**k deep inside me, parting my body like a hot knife through butter. I am instantly filled and skewered by his manhood and my mouth drops open in response to the overwhelming sensations. Not one to let me settle in, he starts thrusting, his rough, unhinged pounding taking over the rhythm of my pulse and pushing me up against the desk. The sound of his balls slapping against my skin echoes throughout the office and becomes the symphony of this hard ride.

I grip the side of my desk as I feel my body already clinching, wanting, and pulsing. I want to outlast him, I want control, I want to win this, I want…I want….I want…Oh god I want...

Shimmering spasms course throughout my entire body, as if the orgasm was actually coming through my spine and every nerve ending in my body was screaming in ecstasy. I shut my throat intending to keep this at least a silent ‘O’, but the sound tears through my resistance and a pleasing, soul charming gasp seems to leak out of my very throat.

My body goes limp underneath him and for a moment I think it’s because the orgasm has shattered every bone in my body and turned me to dust. Only then do I realize there is so much slack because he has experienced an explosion of his own, deep within me, and can barely hold himself up any longer, let alone me.

Mark leans over and kisses the back of my neck lovingly before staggering to the chair he pushed up against the wall. He manages to zip his pants on the way, and by the time I manage to pull my own undies up and slowly move to my side of the desk, he has almost caught his breath, although his sweat stained hair betrays his effort.

“My god, you’re one hot woman,” he says breathlessly with a smile.

“I can’t see,” I say, shaking my head to clear the double vision left over from the sudden rush of adrenaline and endorphins in my system.

“Trust me, babe,” he says with a huff. “You look good.”

We sit quietly facing each other while our bodies, souls and minds put themselves together. He starts smiling, as if he just ate the sweetest piece of pie on earth and knows where he can find more. As usual it’s me who breaks the silence.

“So, what do we do now?”

“Well for starters,” he says rubbing his shoulder. “Next time I think I’ll catch the paper, and dodge the flowers.”

I laugh, even though I don’t want to appear weak or happy, both of which I am at this moment.

“I’m serious, Mark. We can’t go on like this. Fighting over decisions, f**king out of frenetic energy. Something is going to have to change.”

“Let’s ditch the fighting, and keep the frenetic f**king.”

“I’m serious!” I fight the urge to smile.

“So am I,” he says gently. “I’ve taken care of the fighting, but I wanted one more frenetic fun session over the desk before we journey into the next room of our love.”

“What room? What care? What are you talking about? What have you done?”

“Okay.” He sits up and puts his hands together in a gesture of supplication. “Confession time. Today was a set up. I want us to remember the passion and rough love we shared in my office, and now your office. I want us to have that possibility always before us.”

“You were just trying to make me mad? Wait. It was a ruse? You aren’t going to stop me from running the story?”

“I can’t,” he replies with a smile.

“Technically, you can,” I remind him. “You might have written that letter to set up your scheme, but it’s all true. As long as Lynx is a part of Sandstone you can overrule me, and as long as the Wall Street ass**les are your clients and friends you will.”

“As long as Lynx is part of Sandstone,” he says wagging his finger. “And that’s only going to be until tomorrow morning.”

My heart, just a few minutes ago pounding like it was planning to burst through my ribs is now sinking to the pit of my stomach. These Sandstone boys are some sick bastards.

“Now you’re closing me?” I say, an absolutely look of disgust crosses my face. “This was just one last screw before you screw me?”

Mark laughs so loud I think pictures are going to fall off the wall.

“Julia, dear, you are so dramatic. No, I’m not closing you. I’m freeing you.” He can tell by the look on my face that I’ve reached the pinnacle of confusion and have no choice but to listen to him. That’s why he does things this way.

“I don’t understand.”

“I can’t let that story run. But, if you’re not a part of Sandstone, there’s nothing I can do about it. So today I arranged for the sale of our shares we gained when we fronted you the capital. The new owners take over at midnight.”

“You sold me? Without asking me?”

“I was pretty sure you’d approve. I sold forty percent of the shares, for a hearty sum, to Robert Clank. He really likes you and thinks you’re a great risk. The rest of the shares I can sell back to you. Of course, the money will have to change hands at some point to make it legit, but I’m sure we can work that out over time.”

“Me? You want to sell the rest of the shares back to me?”

“Yep. So, you’ll own 60 percent of Lynx now. You have the majority control. Robert is going to be a silent partner owning 40 percent. His backing will make sure you make it through any lean times, and the Wall Street story is going to carry you to the top.”

“Mark!” I jump up from my chair and walk as quickly as my blissfully sore insides will allow. “You gave me back my company. You kept your promise.”

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