“Don’t tell me you have a problem with causing other people pain,” I teased in a breathy whisper as tingles of pleasure spread through my core.

“I don’t,” he said simply. I could feel the tension building as his fingers worked their magic between my legs. He increased the pressure on my opening, the tip of his cock sliding in, and at the same time I came hard, my muscles squeezing Dante’s cock tightly. Dante leaned forward a bit more, pressing me down and my arms shot out to support my body on the bed while I was still recovering from my climax.

Dante bit my neck. “But I don’t want to cause you pain.” He pinched my nipple, then pushed a couple more inches into me, making me quaver from the sensations of slight pain and pleasure. “At least not more than you enjoy.”

He sheathed himself completely in me, then paused a couple of heartbeats before he started to thrust into me slowly. His movements became gradually faster until I had no choice but to lower myself to my elbows or my arms would have given in. Dante straightened, robbing me of the warmth of his chest, and grabbed my hips. “Valentina, touch yourself,” he demanded.

It took me a moment to understand what he meant. I brought an arm under myself and found my clit. I rubbed frantically as Dante’s movements turned more forceful. He pulled out as far as he could go and slammed into me again, making me cry out his name and my fingers press down on my nub even harder. Sometimes my fingertips grazed his cock, slick with my juices, and he moaned every time they did. Encouraged by this, I angled my hand so I could stroke myself and brush his cock at the same time. As my muscles seized up under my release, Dante tumbled over the edge too with a loud groan.

He stilled behind me as his cock twitched in me a few more times, and I buried my face in the sheets. My forearms ached from propping myself up. The moment Dante pulled out of me, I rolled onto my back, my chest heaving. I could see Dante move away from the bed like he’d done last time, and then the light in the bathroom came on and he disappeared inside. He didn’t close the door though. I scooted off the bed and quickly followed after him. He stood in front of the shower and turned the water on. “Are you taking a shower?” I asked hesitantly.

Dante glanced over his shoulder at me. I didn’t bother covering my body. He’d seen it all. Dante didn’t seem to be ashamed of his nakedness. “Yes. You can join me if you want.”

Relieved, I hurried over to him. He held the glass door of the shower open for me and I slipped under the warm spray of the rain shower. Dante joined me after a moment. I took my time admiring his body. It was the first time I really got a good look at him without clothes on, and he was a sight to behold. His chest and stomach were lightly sculpted and a fine trail of dark blond hair led down to his pelvis. Dante dipped his head under the water, then turned his back to me to reach for the shower gel. There was a tattoo on his shoulder. I was surprised to find him inked at all. Somehow Dante didn’t seem the type. “There is no good on earth; and sin is but a name. Come, devil. For to thee is this world given,” I read the quote written in cursive on his skin aloud. Dante faced me, an unreadable expression on his face.

“Isn’t that a bit of a bleak outlook on life?” I asked.

He handed me the shower gel. A barrier had come up between us again now that we were no longer in bed and I wasn’t sure how to tear it down. I could see that Dante wouldn’t allow it. “I’m a man of sin, Valentina. My experience taught me that good seldom wins. If there is a devil, he’s certainly the patron of the Outfit.”

I leaned against the shower wall, frowning. “Nothing’s holding you back from being a better man.”

That cold smile was back. “Yes, my nature.”CHAPTER TWELVEMy mother called me early the next morning to invite me over for brunch. I knew she was eager to interrogate me about my marriage with Dante. I was actually surprised that it had taken her so long to contact me. Maybe she’d wanted to give Dante and me some alone time to get to know each other. I told her I couldn’t make it to brunch but would be there for teatime. I wasn’t sure how long my visit to the casino would take. I chose a chic beige costume and modest heels for the occasion. I didn’t want to look too sexy for my first impression. I had a feeling I would have trouble getting everyone’s respect even without flashing my legs.

When I came down the staircase, Dante was already waiting in the entrance hall. As usual he was dressed impeccably in a dark brown three-piece suite and matching oxfords. His gaze flickered to me and I hoped he’d approve of my clothes. “Is this okay?” I gestured at my body.

“You look like a business woman. That’s the right choice for today,” Dante said with a nod. I stepped up to him. I didn’t try to take his hand or kiss him, even though I wanted to.

“Only for today?”

“When you welcome our high rollers, you can dress more casually. Most of them are traditionalists, so a dress or skirt would be a wise choice.”

My eyebrows shot up. “I thought you didn’t choose me for the job because of my looks.”

Dante’s eyes traveled the length of my body. “Valentina, only a blind man wouldn’t notice you. It’s always good to charm up the high rollers as you would entertain guests who were invited to a party in our house. They know who you are. They know you are mine, and you taking your time to welcome them and tell them about our newest amenities will make them feel special. Nobody will mistake your hospitality for inappropriate flirting.”

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