He fixed me with a stare, then he released one of my breasts and gripped my arm, stopping me from touching myself further. He pulled my hand away and put it beside me on the desk. He pushed my nightgown up so my pussy was bare to his eyes. “Don’t come,” he warned.

“What?” I gasped, but the sound turned into a moan when he slid his two middle fingers into me. My muscles clenched around him, gripping his fingers in an iron grip. He started fucking me slowly, his warning gaze on me. “Don’t, Valentina.”

I dug my nails into my palms, trying to fight off the climax. Dante pushed his fingers deep into me and kept them in place while his thumb brushed my clit. I gritted my teeth, my body starting to spasm.

“Do not come,” Dante said huskily.

“Dante…” I shook my head back and forth, sure I was going to burst any moment. Dante curled his fingers in me and pressed down hard on my clit. “Now,” he ordered harshly, and my release crashed down on me with blinding force. My butt arched off the desk as I cried out my release. My hands slid over the smooth surface of the desk, searching for something to hold onto.

“That’s right,” Dante said, his eyes on me. I stilled, feeling drained and sated. Dante slowly pulled his fingers out of me, sending another spike of pleasure through me. He unbuckled his belt, the only thing keeping his open pants in place, and let them drop to the floor. His cock was hard and red and glistening. “Turn around.” I slid off the desk, and stood on unsteady legs for a moment before facing the other way and bending forward. I braced myself on my elbows and jutted my butt out. Risking a peek over my shoulder, I found Dante taking in the sight of me. He kneaded my butt cheeks before gripping his cock and guiding it to my entrance. In one swift movement, he buried himself deep in me. I exhaled and curled my fingers around the edge of the desk, trying to steady myself as Dante started pounding into me. I gasped as he drove himself deeper and deeper into me, making my nipples rub against the cold, smooth desk.

“Am I forgiven?” I gasped out.

Dante growled. He leaned over me, his fingers finding my nub. “I shouldn’t forgive you,” he said between grunts, accentuating every word with a hard thrust. “But for some reason, I can’t stay mad at you.”

A grin tugged at my lips but dropped off my face when Dante hit my g-spot and made me shatter under the force of my climax. Dante tensed behind me as his own release overcame him. My legs were seconds away from collapsing and my chest was probably sore from rubbing over the desk. Dante wrapped his arm around my chest, pulling our bodies flush together and still pumping into me as he left a trail of kisses up my shoulder. He shuddered again and licked my ear. We stayed like that for a couple of moments before Dante stepped back. I pushed myself to my feet. “Will you come upstairs with me?” I asked as I gathered my clothes.

Dante hesitated but then he nodded. I walked ahead to hide my elated expression from him. This felt like a major victory.

After we’d showered, we slipped into bed. I snuggled up to Dante’s back and slung my arm over his stomach. When I’d almost fallen asleep, his hand covered mine.


We fell into the same routine we’d established before the Frank-fiasco. Dante fucked me at night, engaged me in talk about the casino during meals and otherwise ignored me mostly. Every morning I woke alone, no matter how long Dante had kept me up the night before.

This was also the case the morning I was woken from cramps. When I sat up, a violent wave of morning sickness hit me. I stormed into the bathroom and threw up what little I had in my stomach, gasping for breath and feeling dizzy. Gradually a suspicion wormed its way into my mind. My period was overdue at least a week. But then, my menstrual cycles had always been rather volatile so I hadn’t paid it much heed.

Was I pregnant? Slowly I straightened and walked toward the washbasin to rinse my face and mouth. It would be the logical explanation. Dante and I had been sleeping with each other for months without protection. When I was certain that my dizziness had passed, I took a shower before I dressed in casual chinos and a pullover, pulled my hair into a ponytail and made my way downstairs. I had to find out if I was pregnant.

I called for Taft and told him I needed to go to a pharmacy. Enzo still had his arm in a cast, so he couldn’t work as my driver at the moment. Taft didn’t ask why, for which I was glad. I didn’t want anyone to suspect anything yet. I needed to know for sure before I told anyone. Taft waited in the car as I headed into the pharmacy and bought two pregnancy tests. Once back in the car, my purchase safely hidden in my bag, I turned to Taft. “Please drive me to Bibiana.” Since I’d started working in the casino, I’d had less time for her, but this was something I wanted to share with her.

I texted her so she’d know I was coming and didn’t surprise her and her husband at a bad time again. Luckily, Tommaso wasn’t home when I arrived at Bibiana’s. There were no visible bruises on her body, and I hoped it was because Tommaso was treating her better and not because he made sure to hide them better since Bibi had spent the night at my house. “Are you okay?” I asked as a way of greeting.

Bibi nodded. “Tommaso has been in a good mood recently.” She led me into the living room. “I’m so glad to see you again. Don’t you have to work?”

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