“What does that mean?” I frowned and walked towards him, making sure to hold the front of the shirt down. What was up with the men in this house.

“You’re a smart girl.” He shrugged and took a step forward. “Or I’m guessing you think you’re smart.”

I didn’t answer him as he walked towards me, his blue eyes wary. He looked angry and I wasn’t sure what his problem was. He reminded me of a movie action star. He wasn’t quite handsome, but he was so built that his face added a dimension of sexiness to his overall look. I stared at his muscles and shivered. Tyler was a man that could stop you with one finger.

I turned away from him, feeling slightly confused. I didn’t understand why he was in the room with me and I didn’t understand the electricity buzzing between us. I felt on edge and all of a sudden, the only place I wanted to be was at home. I walked away from him quickly and headed towards the fireplace. There were a bunch of photographs on the mantlepiece and I surveyed them quickly, wanting to distract myself.

“Who’s that?” I pointed at a photo on the mantlepiece in the living room. Tyler frowned as he walked over to me and his eyes followed my finger.

“Don’t you worry about that.” He turned towards me. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Why not?” I asked him curiously. “How long have you worked for Grant?” I asked him, hoping to remind him that he better watch his step as I was here with his boss.

“Long enough to know that if you were smart you wouldn’t be here.” He shook his head. “You’re not special you know.” His fingers grabbed a hold of my shirt sleeve.

“I know.” I nodded, feeling hurt and pulling away from him. “I know I’m not the first girl he’s picked up.”

“You’re not.”

“So what happened with the last girl?” I asked curiously, ignoring his annoyed face.

“You don’t want to know.” He said dramatically.

“Oh?” I froze and stared at him. “Why not?”

He looked back at me for a few seconds and then we heard footsteps coming towards us. “I told you girl, you shouldn’t be here.” He shook his head and stepped away from me. “I tried to warn Eugenie, but she didn’t listen.”

“Who’s Eugenie?” I frowned, but then the door opened.

“Here are the drinks.” Grant beamed at me as he walked towards me with a glass. Then he noticed Tyler in the corner of the room. “You’re up?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “I was in the gym. I came in to say hi.”

“I trust you and Tyler have gotten on well.” Grant surveyed my face curiously and I could feel an odd tension in the room.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “He’s a nice guy.” I smiled weakly.

Tyler grunted at my response. I looked over at him and I could see disappointment in his eyes once again. “I’m heading in, Mr. Slate. Do you need anything else?”

“We’re good for the night.” Grant shook his head. “Thanks, Tyler.”

Tyler nodded and then looked at me for a second before exiting the room and pulling the door shut. All of a sudden the room felt smaller, warmer, darker, and more dangerous. For a second, I thought about trying to call Tyler back into the room, but I knew I couldn’t. His disappointed blue eyes flashed through my mind as I stared at the door and I wondered why he’d given me that look.

“You seem to trust Tyler a lot.” I asked Grant casually, staring at his perfect body and handsome face.

“I know Tyler has my back.” Grant nodded as he handed me the small glass. “I’ve got a grilled cheese coming as well. I hope you like them.”

“I love grilled cheese sandwiches.” I nodded, my stomach churning at the thought of eating food.

“I thought you would.” He nodded and watched me as I sipped the whiskey he’d given me. My throat and stomach burned as I consumed the alcohol and I felt a feeling of trepidation as he stepped towards me. “You’re a very beautiful girl, Evie.”

“Thank you.” I licked my lips slowly as he gazed at me appreciatively.

“I’m lucky that you chose to spend the night with me.” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. I felt his hardness against my stomach and swallowed hard. “It’s not often that I meet a girl like you.” He kissed the tip of my nose and I felt his hands cupping my br**sts.

“It’s not often I meet a guy like you.” I answered honestly, thinking about my very ordinary life. I leaned up and kissed him on the lips and his eyes widened in appreciation as he kissed me back softly. His tongue sought entrance into my mouth and I sucked on it eagerly, enjoying the taste of him more than the whiskey I’d recently consumed.

“So what were you and Tyler talking about?” He asked me softly as he pulled away from me.

“Not much.” I shook my head and gasped as he lifted the back of my shirt up and caressed my ass. I wasn’t sure why I’d lied. I wanted to ask him who Eugenie was and what had happened to her. I wanted to ask him why he was so trusting of Tyler, yet Tyler was warning me to stay away from him, but I didn’t. Something in me told me to keep my mouth shut.

“I want to make love to you again.” He whispered as he bit down on my neck, sucking hard. “I want to f**k you on the couch.”

“What about the grilled cheese sandwich?” I asked softly as he pulled my hand to his hard cock. I squeezed it gently and he grunted.

“Fuck the grilled cheese sandwich.” He pulled me towards the edge of the couch and then pushed me forward over the arm. My ass dangled up in the air and I could feel the cool air caressing me as he slid up behind me. I felt him pull his c**k out and I immediately grew wet as he placed the tip up next to me and rubbed me gently. “Or are you hungry?” He slipped the tip of his c**k inside of me and paused. “Would you rather eat first?”

I moved my h*ps in response and he growled as he entered me slowly.

Knock Knock. We froze at the knock on the door and Grant pulled out of me and pulled me up.

“Yes?” He called out annoyed as we turned around.

“There’s something burning in the kitchen, sir.” Tyler walked into the room and stared at us. I could feel my face burning as he looked at us with an emotionless face. My pu**y was still quivering from the feel of Grant inside of me. I bit down on my lower lip as I realized I’d forgotten to mention the condom again. I stared at Tyler’s face and I could see he was judging me. I wanted to walk over to him and punch the superior look off of him.

“Oh shit.” Grant sighed and then looked at me. “I guess we will eat first. I’ll be back.” He strode out of the room and then paused at the door. “Are you coming, Tyler?”

“In a minute, Sir.” Tyler continued staring at me and I looked at Grant’s face. He looked upset and annoyed, but he didn’t say anything else as he walked away from the room. What was going on here? “Didn’t you hear me?” He asked softly as he walked towards me.

“Hear you what?” I mumbled as I stared at his murderous blue eyes.

“I told you that this isn’t a position you want to be in.” He growled at me. “Are you stupid?”

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