“Morning, Evie.” Grant kissed my shoulder as he woke up and I turned to face him. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was the morning after a one night stand.

“Morning.” I smiled at him and gazed into his brilliant emerald green eyes. He looked even more handsome in the light of the morning.

“I take it you slept well?” His fingers played in my belly button and I squirmed on the bed next to him.

“I did.” I nodded.

“I guess you’re wondering when you’re going to get your money?” His fingers slipped lower and gently slipped between my legs.

“No.” I closed my legs and frowned. The talk about money first thing definitely made me feel like a prostitute. “I wasn’t thinking about that at all.”

“Open your legs.” He nibbled on my earlobe.

“No.” I shook my head and pouted, feeling upset that he thought he could just talk to me as he wanted to and still have me.

“You know you want to.” He whispered in my ear, his tongue licking me.

“Does Tyler live with you?” I changed the subject and turned over to face him more directly. His hand left the spot between my legs and he stilled.

“Yes, of course.”

“So he’s a live in chauffeur?”

“Something like that.” His eyes narrowed. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” I shook my head and moaned as he pinched my ni**les. “I should get going soon.” I gasped as he bent down to suck on my left nipple.

“Were you attracted to Tyler?” He asked me softly as his teeth nibbled and tugged on my nipple. I shook my head slightly as Tyler’s face entered my mind. For one brief second I imagined it was him in the bed with me.

“No, of course not.” I pulled away from Grant, my face reddening in shame. What was wrong with me?

“He’s a handsome guy.” He shrugged. “Very, very built. Like a wrestler almost.”

“You’re as built as any wrestler I’ve seen on TV.” I lightly touched his arm and he smiled.

“Not as much as him.” He smiled and stretched, his chest muscles rippling before me. “Anyway we have muscles for different reasons.”

“Oh?” I asked him lightly, wondering what those reasons were.

“Yes.” He jumped out of the bed and lifted up the chains from the floor and wrapped them around his arms again. “We have different ideas of fun.”

“Oh?” My heart stopped for a second as I stared at his na**d body in front of me. All he had covering his body was the thick steel chain. His c**k was hard and standing at attention. I could feel my body trembling as I gazed at it. It looked thick and hard and all I could think about was how it had filled me up the night before.

“I like to go out and meet girls, show them a good time.” He shrugged as he looked at me. “He doesn’t always approve.”

“I guess that’s not his business, is it?” I murmured, thinking of the warnings Tyler had given me. “You’re an adult and can do what you want.”

“Exactly.” He smiled and dropped the chain on the bed, near my feet. “I’m glad you agree. Some people look at me and think...” He paused as he got onto the bed next to me. “It doesn’t matter what they think.” He smiled and kissed me lightly.

“Who’s Eugenie?” I asked him softly, not able to stop myself from asking the question I’d been thinking about all night.

“What?” He froze, his eyes growing cold as he looked at me.

“I saw the photo yesterday in the living room. Tyler said her name was Eugenie. She’s very beautiful.”

“He shouldn’t have said anything to you.” Grant’s fists clenched as he gazed down at me with unseeing eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Thinking about her makes me feel like I’m dead.”

“I’m sorry.” I bit my lower lip as my brain screamed at me for bringing her up.

“You will never know what I have lost. I cannot breathe without her. I cannot think without her. I cannot be without her.”

“But you’re still here.” I murmured lightly. “You’re still alive.”

“I go through the motions.” He shrugged. “I do not know if that is life.”

“You’re still alive though.”

“I am.” He nodded, his eyes sad. “Yes, I am.”

“Did you love her very much?” I asked softly, really wanting to know what had happened.

“Yes.” He said simply.

“What happened?”

“She left me.” His expression changed. “Enough of this. I don’t want to ruin our time talking about my past.”

“I understand.” I smiled weakly. “Though, I think I want to leave now. Will you call Tyler and ask him to give me a ride?” I tried to keep my voice calm. “I have some errands to run.”

“I can’t do that.” He shook his head.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you leave.” He stepped back from me and shook his head again.

“What?” My jaw dropped as I looked at him uncertainly. “What do you mean?”

“I mean you will not be walking out of the front door today.”

“You can’t just stop me.” I sat up and tried to see if he was joking.

He gave me a short smile. “I can and I will. You need my help.”

“What?” I frowned. “I don’t need your help. What the f**k are you talking about?” I could feel the blood draining from my face. “I want to leave now.”

“Denial is not a good thing, Evie, if your real name is Evie.”

“What?” My jaw dropped as I stared at him, my heart beating fast. “What are you talking about?”

“Your body was so open to me last night. Did you enjoy making love?” Grant’s smile was as handsome as ever, but now I saw behind the facade. The look in his eyes was hollow as he gazed at my body and I wondered what was going on.

“We had a fun night, yes.” I nodded and pulled the sheets up around me. Asking him about Eugenie had been a mistake. Coming here had been a mistake. Now I was beginning to understand why I’d never had a one-night stand before. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to try and gather my thoughts. Then it hit me. I’d call a cab. I didn’t care how much it cost. I just needed to get out of here. I grabbed the sheet and pulled it around my body as I jumped out of the bed.

“What are you doing?” He frowned as I walked over to my bag and took my phone out.

“I’m going to call a cab. If Tyler is busy today, I don’t want to disturb him.” I offered him a weak smile and opened my phone quickly.

“No, Evie. You’re not calling a cab.” He shook his head. “I just told you, you’re not leaving.”

“You want me to stay another night? I didn’t realize I was that good.” I joked, hoping that this wasn’t turning into a nightmare situation.

“We’ll talk later.” He shook his head. “Go and shower and get dressed.” He walked to his closet. “Here’s a pair of shorts and a top you can wear. They should fit you. No need to put on any underwear. I don’t think the clothes will be on very long.”

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