“Oh?” He grinned as I stopped in front of him.

“This isn’t exactly a romance movie.” I smiled awkwardly, staring down at his huge bulge.

“Depends on what you classify as romance.” He shrugged and tapped something on the table. All of a sudden the music changed and I heard Usher’s melodic voice telling me that I had it bad. I smiled at Grant again and started swaying my h*ps back and forth in front of him. His eyes darkened as he realized the dance had started once again. I turned around and positioned myself on his lap and started moving back and forth in beat to the music. A few seconds later, he grabbed me around the waist and adjusted my position on his lap, so that I was grinding directly on his hard cock. I felt my panties growing wet as his c**k pressed into my pu**y as if it were trying to break through the barriers. His hands circled my waist as I moved, guiding my h*ps back and forth as I danced on him. Then they moved up to my br**sts, his fingers squeezing my ni**les hard as he played with my br**sts. I increased the intensity of my dance, while I moved and I moaned as I felt his c**k against my panties. He had pulled it out, without my noticing and it was thick and hard between my legs. His breathing behind me was low and hard and I could feel that his chest was now hot against my back as he pulled me towards him and kissed the side of my neck.

His fingers slipped from my br**sts and back down my stomach until they were slipping into my panties and he was rubbing my cl*t urgently. I knew he could feel my wetness against his fingers because I came slightly as he slipped a finger inside of me. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure soaring through my body and moved my h*ps even faster. Grant lifted me up slightly and I felt his fingers slipping my panties to the side as he lowered me down onto his cock. He entered me hard and fast and I cried out as I found myself no longer dancing on his lap, but dancing with him inside of me. My body cried out in ecstasy at the feel of him, hard, masculine, taking and I rocked on him urgently, needing to feel a full release. Grant grunted behind me as he continued rubbing my clit. Everything seemed so surreal as I continued to dance and f**k him at the same time.

“Cum for me, Evie.” He whispered in my ear as his fingers moved across my bud faster and his c**k entered me even deeper. “I want to feel you explode all over me before I cum inside of you.”

“Ooh.” I screamed as I felt myself orgasming hard. He pushed me forward slightly and I felt him exploding inside of me, warm and fast and it was only after I collapsed back against him that I thought about protection. Stupid! I groaned to myself inwardly. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I didn’t know this guy from anywhere. I’d have to go to a clinic and get STD tests and pregnancy tests now. I could feel the excitement seeping out of me quickly as I realized how dumb I’d been.

Grant lifted me up and carried me to the bed and got in after laying me down.

“I’m clean by the way.” He played with my hair as he kissed my shoulder.

“How did you know?” I mumbled feeling stupid.

“Because I’m hoping for the same answer.” He bit down on my shoulder. “I should have used a condom, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” I shook my head. “I should have thought about it as well.” I moaned as his fingers found my br**sts again.

“Yes, it’s not smart to do what you do and not carry condoms around with you.”

“Sorry what?” I froze and looked at him in shock.

“I assume you’re on the pill or the patch for birth control?” He continued talking as he kissed my neck.

“What did you mean just now?” I whispered.

“What did I mean about what?”

“About me needing to carry condoms doing what I do,”

“Well, if you’re a stripper and in the habit of going home with men, you really should make sure you have protection on you.”

“I told you I’m not a stripper.” I turned towards him angrily. “I was just working there for my friend tonight.”

“Sure you were. And let me guess you’re doing it to get through school as well right? Or is it to take care of your sick parents?”

“What?” My jaw dropped. “You don’t believe me? You heard my friend call.”

“Evie, how many times has your friend called to find out where you are? Is that a part of the act?” He shrugged, his fingers reaching down between my legs as I pulled away abruptly. “We both know this is a game, so quit playing it.”

“I wasn’t playing a game.” I shook my head, utterly confused about what he was thinking.

“Okay then, I have one question for you. Are you still expecting to get money from me?” His voice was soft as he whispered in my ear and I froze.

“Well, the five grand was what you promised.” I whispered, not even thinking. “But that was for the dance, not for anything else.” Even as I spoke, I knew how pitiful I sounded. Even I wouldn’t believe myself.

“Yeah, like I said you should be more careful in your job, Evie.”

“I’ve never done this before.” I gathered the sheets around me. “I want to leave now.” I bit my lower lip and gazed into his eyes.

“But I’m not ready for you to leave.” His fingers caressed my shoulder. “Why do you want to leave?”

“Asides from the fact that you just called me a liar and a whore?”

“Forgive me, I can see I’ve upset you. Forget my words, I was obviously wrong.”

“Do you mean that?” I asked through narrowed eyes, softening up inside.

“Yes, I was wrong.” He nodded. “Please say the night isn’t over as yet.”

“What do you want to do?” I grinned, suddenly feeling better and horny again.

“First, let’s get something to eat and drink and then we can have some more fun.”

“Eat?” I looked at him in surprise.

“Yes, eat.” He grinned at me. “You’ll need your energy for what I have planned next for you.”

Chapter Five

“You can wait in the living room, while I go to the kitchen and make us something to eat.” Grant walked me down the corridor to a large room. “You can have a seat and watch some TV if you want.” He nodded at me and gave me a quick kiss. “My shirt suits you.” He winked as he undid the top button and stepped back. “Hmm, maybe one more.” His fingers grazed my breast as he undid another button and then grinned. “Yes, much better.” He licked his lips as he stared at me, practically na**d aside from his shirt. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” I nodded and walked into the living room. I could feel the shirt riding up as I walked and I felt slightly uncomfortable in the room, practically naked.

“Late night?” A smooth voice made me jump as I walked to the couch.

“Yes.” I turned around and saw Tyler standing there wearing nothing, but a pair of red gym shorts. His muscles bulged out at me as he stood there with a towel over his shoulder. His hair was cropped low, but appeared to be blond. His eyes blue and dark peered at me with a look of disappointment. “Can I help you?” I asked, feeling even more self-conscious, knowing that the top of my br**sts were visible to him.

“No.” He grunted, staring at my long expanse of legs. His eyes narrowed as he surveyed my whole body. “You can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.”

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