I released another charge. And another. And another. Always watching her, revelling in every moan and groan she made. Then I slipped two fingers inside her. Her gasp was gratitude and pleasure mixed together. “You’re so wet, baby,” I murmured as I thrust my fingers in out of her. I released one final electrical charge and then, sensing that she was at the crest of an orgasm, replaced my fingers with my tongue. That pushed her over the edge and four lashes of my tongue later she shattered, her entire body convulsing as the orgasm overtook her. I wasn’t done. The taste of her was addictive. I continued tormenting her with my tongue; alternating between stabbing deeply inside her and suckling on her clit over and over until she exploded once more.

Snatching her gaze I crawled back up to her. “Get ready to call out my name for me, Sam.”

“Not gonna happen,” she panted.

In one quick movement I hooked her legs over my shoulders and slammed inside her. Her back bowed from the bed as a husky cry tore out of her throat. “Take more, baby.” I reared back and then rammed in deep, groaning as her muscles tightened around my cock. “All of me.” Again I roughly plunged inside her, forcing her to take every inch. Finally I was buried balls deep in her body, finally I was where I needed to be. That was it: the little control I’d had left just snapped. Every thrust was deep, fast, hard, urgent, almost violent. There was a sense of relief mixed in with it all; the urge to do this had been repressed for way too long.

“Oh my God,” she rasped.

“Look at me.” Aquamarine eyes met mine and a shudder ran through me. “Do you like me f**king you hard? Do you? Tell me.” When she didn’t answer I abruptly slowed my movements until they were practically sluggish.

“What’re you doing? Don’t tease!”

All innocence, I said, “I asked if you liked it hard. When you didn’t answer I figured you wanted it slow.”


“That wasn’t nice. Maybe I should just stop.” I withdrew from her body completely and smiled at her low growl. “What’s the matter, baby? Do you want my c**k back inside you?”

“Yes,” she bit out.

“You sure?”


I slammed into her, driving deep, but then kept my movements slow as I thrust in and out of her. When she began writhing restlessly I asked, “You want more?” She nodded, moaning. “You want me to f**k you hard again?”


“Then I’m afraid you’re going to have to beg for it.” I almost laughed as her mouth fell open. Seeing that she was about to curse me I pounded hard into her once and then went back to soft and slow. Again she growled. “Beg me, baby. Beg me to f**k you hard, and I will.” Again I abruptly punched my c**k hard inside her before going back to gentle thrusts, every now and then giving her another hard singular thrust. Soon she was so totally mindless that she was whimpering. “You need to come?” She nodded. “You need it harder?” Another nod. “Then give me what I want.” It seemed like forever before she croaked out the one word ‘Please’. “Good girl.”

I reached up and destroyed the knot binding her wrists and then I was ruthlessly powering into her and she was clinging to me like I was the only solid thing in her world. She nipped my lips and tongue, lapping up each trickle of blood that came for those short seconds to the surface before the skin healed itself. I did the same, and with the combined bliss of the moment, of the taste of her blood and of her Sventé saliva running through me I was about ready to break. I upped the speed to vampire momentum, groaning at the sensations that were so agonisingly good that they were at the same time bad and just about bearable. Seeing every feeling she was experiencing shining from her eyes spurred me on – hunger, passion, desire, pleasure, pain – and intensified my own pleasure ten-fold.

God, Jared!

“Out loud.” I knew I was wearing a boyish, smug grin. “Out loud for me, baby.” It went beyond wanting to hear her say it. I needed to hear it, though I didn’t bother to try to understand why it was important. I tugged hard on her hair as I demanded, “Sam, now!” At last she screamed my name, her muscles clamped around my dick like a vice and I came harder than I ever had before in my life. “Sod of a bitch!”

At that very moment she, without warning, sunk her teeth into my neck and drank like an alcoholic would from a whiskey bottle. My hand twisted in her hair and pressed her head closer, and by the time she was done I actually exploded inside her a second time. She matched my smug grin, and she had every damn right to.

Still all tangled together, we then tipped onto our sides. The silk sheets didn’t seem so soft now that I had the feel of Sam’s skin beneath my hands. We just glared at each other as the tingly shudders from our orgasms slipped away. In spite of how weird she may have felt at having done what she feared and lost control, the silence wasn’t awkward. No feeling that a big, fat pink elephant was dancing and prancing around us. She didn’t even squirm under my glare the way she usually did.

Minutes later she puffed and glanced at the bedside clock. “Well, I should go. We should forget this happened, needless to say it was a big mistake.”

“What?” Even as I rolled us over and trapped her beneath me she was laughing. “You better be kidding.”

“You should see your face.” She was still giggling.

“It wasn’t funny. No way will I let you go off into another state of denial.” But I was giggling even as I said it. Mostly with shock; I hadn’t thought it would bother me that much if she were to do that. I shook off the issue. “And never has anyone left me straight after sex.”

“Oh but it’s okay when blokes do it.”

“I’m not doing it. I believe you were warned about the ‘over and over and over again’ part. Oh and never has anyone run from me before.”

She shrugged, smiling sweetly. “Just making you work for it a little.”

“A little?”

“I took it easy on you.”

“You were like Houdini.”

“But I stuck to human velocity. And I never used my gift either.”

I brushed a kiss across her lips. “Feel free to conjure your whip some time.”

She grinned. “I’m not sure you could handle it. Not if you can’t even manage one female Sventé.”

“In my defence, this one female Sventé is a hard-ass.”

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