“Can you feel how much I love being deep inside you?” His voice was thick with lust and a need to move that, for whatever dumb reason, he was resisting. I nodded. “I can sense how much you love it too.”

It was at times like this that that stupid link really cheesed me off; him knowing things like this gave him power over me. To add to that, it made me feel exposed and vulnerable like I was an open book to be read at his leisure. What was frustrating me even more now, however, was that he wasn’t moving. I tightened my legs around his hips and squeezed my inner muscles around his dick, hoping to incite him.

“You want me to f**k you, baby?”

“You dare ask me to beg again and I’ll rip your bollocks off.”

“I don’t want you to beg. I want you to admit that it’s only me you want, no one else. What, you thought saying you wished you’d f**ked Max wasn’t going to make me pissed?”

Oh and he was pissed. In fact, I’d never seen Jared this agitated before. In all fairness, though, if he’d have said something like that to me about another woman I’d have set him on fire and then done a celebratory dance around his ashes.

“Admit it, it’s not him you want buried inside you like this, is it?”


Rewardingly he withdrew and then drove himself deep. I groaned and locked my arms around his neck. “And it’s not any other guy you want like this either, is it?”


Again he withdrew and then surged into me, wringing another groan from me. “Who is it you do want? Tell me.”


“That’s a very good thing, baby, because if another guy even tries to touch you I’ll f**king kill him.” Palming my arse to hold me still he began pounding into me like he was possessed. And that was exactly how I wanted him. God, it was absolutely amazing. Each thrust was harsh and ruthless. It was as if each time he drove into me he was driving home his words. “I’ve needed to f**k you since the second I laid eyes on you, Sam. Even then, even that very first day, I couldn’t shake that goddamn feeling that you were mine.”

I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was a moan. I realised then that I had no idea what to say. Part of me wanted to deny that I was his or anyone else’s, yet another part of me wanted to growl at him that he was mine too and that he’d better remember that.

I don’t know what he saw in my expression but suddenly he raised a brow and growled, “Are you going to tell me you’re not mine?” He knotted a hand in my hair. “Are you?”

Begrudgingly I said, “No, but you’re still a bloody bastard.”

He gave me a lopsided smile and then there was an odd sensation in my stomach and suddenly I was lying on my back on golden silk sheets. Jared was stood at the edge of his bed ragging off what was left of my pants and thong. He then rid himself of his own clothes but I didn’t get much time to ogle because abruptly he closed his mouth over my clit and suckled. Jesus! At the same time he ripped my top and bra wide open and started zapping my ni**les again, subjecting me to a sensory overload. He really was a bastard.

I hated the way I was writhing and twisting and whimpering but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to tell him to stop but if anyone knew how to tease it was Jared, and he was such a master at it that he robbed you of the ability to speak. He continued until I was not only speechless but mindless, then my entire body clenched and jerked and it felt like I’d imploded as my release hit.

When I opened my eyes again it was to find him gazing at me wearing the cockiest, self-satisfied expression. I just wanted to wipe it right off his face. Oh and I was going to. I crooked my finger at him and instantly he crawled over me and meshed his lips with mine. His kiss was hungry and, again, possessive. If he hadn’t been off-guard, I doubt I’d have been able to do it but I actually managed to flip him onto his back. He looked up at me as I straddled him, surprised but pleasantly surprised. But I didn’t impale myself on him as he was obviously expecting. No, because I had a point to prove: that I could make him as mindless as he could make me.

I shrugged off my ruined top and bra and then crawled backwards until my head was level with his c**k which was, I have to say, a very impressive one. I licked the entire length of it from base to tip and then swirled my tongue around the head. Jared shuddered and groaned. Knowing this was going to shock the hell out of him, I couldn’t help smiling. I inhaled the energy around me just as I had that time in our office while we duelled and wrecked it. But instead of releasing a concentrated air blast, I threw my head back and exhaled a timid flame of fire, heating up my mouth. Jared’s brows shot up and I smiled, but before he could speak I’d closed my mouth over his dick.


As Sam took my c**k into her scorching hot mouth I almost came right then, I’d never felt anything like it before. “Christ, baby, that feels so f**king good.” It would’ve felt amazing having her deep-throat me purely because it was Sam, but this…Jesus she was going to kill me. She sucked me deeper each time, gliding her hot tongue along the underside and occasionally grazing with her teeth. I was completely hypnotised by the sight of my c**k disappearing into her luscious, talented mouth. She was sucking so hard that her cheeks hollowed. “Christ, Sam.” And now she was playing with my balls at the same time. God I loved this woman: this very crazy, borderline-homicidal – on second thought, scrap the borderline – woman.

I drove my hand into her hair and began lifting my hips, surging up to meet her burning hot mouth. I was practically f**king it but she just smiled around my cock. Knowing I wasn’t going to last much longer, I pulled her head away. “I need to be inside you now.”

“Wait,” she said as I tried to tug her toward me. “One more thing first.” I watched as she curled her soft hand around the base of my c**k and lowered her mouth onto the head. She sucked hard and then there was a sharp sting. Shit, the crazy bitch had bit my cock. I was a vamp so sure I liked to be bit, but my dick: Hell no. But then her Sventé saliva got to work in my system as she continued to suck and, Holy Mary Mother of God, I thought my entire c**k would explode. “Oh f**k yeah.” I didn’t think it was possible for her to suck harder, but then she did. Only seconds later a loud, guttural groan left my throat as I erupted into her mouth.

Wearing that wicked smile on her beautiful face she was like a sinful angel. “Come here.” Slowly she slinked her way over me. “You’re amazing, do you know that?” I grabbed her by her nape and pulled her face to mine, taking her lips in a searing, greedy kiss. I clutched and moulded those br**sts that were, hands down, the most incredible pair I’d ever seen. You couldn’t look at them without wanting to bury your face between them, so that was exactly what I did. Then, unable to resist the taut buds, I closed my mouth over one, suckling and nibbling. God I loved those husky moans she made. Already my c**k was hard again just listening to them. I flicked her other nipple repeatedly with my tongue then plucked at it with my teeth. “You like that, don’t you?” She moaned in response. Unable to wait any longer to be inside her again, I grabbed her by the hips and poised her above my dick. “Ride me, Sam.” Even if my life had depended on it I couldn’t have moved my eyes from the vision of her lowering herself onto my cock. One inch. Two inches. Then she stopped.

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