She sucked on my tongue, knowing I liked it, knowing it made me think about how much I loved her sucking something else. Tricky bitch. My hands drifted down to mould and squeeze what were, without a doubt, the most perfect set of br**sts. I nibbled and drew on a nipple through the cotton of her tank top, teasing the other nipple by sending sparks of electricity to it through my thumb. Her husky moans made my c**k so hard it hurt. But this wasn’t about me, it wasn’t for me.

I dropped to my knees and, in Pagori speed, got her naked from the waist down. Hooking one shapely leg over my shoulder, I shot her a promising smile and started suckling on her clit. I slid my tongue between her folds, groaning at how wet she was, and licked my way back to her clit to suck on it again. Then I was flicking it with the tip of my tongue, loving that I could feel a hint of the pleasure that was coursing through her. She repeatedly moaned, clenching her fingers in my hair to the point of pain, but I didn’t care.

I let my hands snake up the back of her thighs to cup that luscious ass that seemed to fit perfectly in my hands. All I wanted right then was to pull her to her knees and impale her hard on my cock. But I didn’t. Even though her scent was driving me insane and I was hard as a f**king rock, I didn’t. Even though her addictive taste was feeding that need to be inside her, I didn’t. This was all about her.

I flicked and fluttered my tongue along the tips of her opening, knowing she loved it. She shifted her hips, trying to take my tongue inside her. Any other time, I’d have teased her for a while, but not today. I gave her what she wanted, spearing my tongue inside her, alternating between swirling it around, and thrusting it in and out of her.

I could sense the friction building in her, knew she was about to come. I started at the feel of something else – a wicked sense of self-satisfaction. Confused, I asked, What’s with the smugness?

Even her mental voice sounded breathy. Magda just walked in, stared open-mouthed, scowled at me, and then stormed back out.

That made me smile. No doubt Fletcher knew what he was doing when he sent her in. As an Empath, he probably had a real good idea of what was going on.

Of course he did. Now get back to work.

Chuckling, I moved my mouth back to her clit and sank two fingers deep inside her. She jerked and groaned as her muscles gripped them tight.

“Jared, no teasing this time,” she insisted, her voice huskier than usual.

I plunged my fingers in and out of her as I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Tell me what you want, Sam. Tell me how much you want it.”

“You. In me. Now. I need it.”

I withdrew my fingers and lazily sucked the moisture from them, smiling at the way her glazed eyes flared. Standing, I lifted her and perched her on the edge of her desk. She practically attacked my jeans, tearing at the buttons. My chuckle turned into a groan at the feel of her soft fingers curling around my cock.

But when she started running her hand up and down my length, I stilled her hand with mine. “You do that and I’ll come before I’m inside you.” I would have undressed, but I was aware of how much she liked it when I f**ked her with my clothes on. Gripping her thighs, I angled her hips just right and slammed home, forcing myself deep. Her muscles clamped tight around me. “Oh f**k.” Nothing in the world beat being inside her. Nothing.

She locked her legs around my waist and bucked hard, telling me what she wanted. I gave it to her, clenching my jaw as I took her hard and fast; never easing, never slowing, yet always remembering how much stronger I was than her, always careful not to hurt her. Not once did I move my gaze from hers. I loved to watch the way her aquamarine eyes went out of focus, like she was drunk. Drunk on pleasure.

“God, baby, you feel so f**king good around me.” I fused my lips with hers, tangling my tongue with hers. When her eyes drifted shut, I tore my mouth away. “Uh-uh, Sam. I want those eyes open. Look at me.”

Her lids flickered open. “I need to come.”

“I know you do. And I’m going to make you come.” The awkward bitch closed her eyes again. “I said I want those eyes open.”

She actually slapped my arm. “I can’t help it.”

Punishingly, I bit her lip, lapping up the drop of blood that surfaced. I watched her gaze dance to my throat, felt what she wanted. “Do it, baby.” She shook her head, and I knew why. She was still pissed at herself for what she’d done earlier, so she was denying herself that pleasure now. “Do it. Bite me.”

“No,” she snarled. “Just make me come.”

“Not until you drink from me.”

“Oh, you bloody bastard!”

“If you want to come, do what I said.”

She didn’t. Of course she didn’t, she was too damn stubborn. So I stopped.

Her mouth dropped open. “What are you doing?”

“I won’t let you punish yourself, Sam. You want to drink from me, and I want you to drink from me, so do it.”

“Piss off, you twat!”

“You know I don’t care how much you insult me.” If anything, it was amusing. “You know I won’t let this drop. Come on, baby.” I punched my c**k into her once. “Give us what we both want.”

“I hurt you!”

“You took what was yours. Do it again now. I’m sure as hell going to.” I bit into her neck at about the same time that I began pumping my c**k in and out of her. But I didn’t take more than four gulps. “Your turn.” Seeing that she was close to caving, I – sneaky though it was – parted her wet folds and tipped her so that my pelvis was hitting her clit with each thrust. “Bite me. Take what’s yours.”

With a moan of begrudging surrender, she sank her teeth into my throat, and it felt too damn good.

“Shit, Sam.” Rewardingly, I hardened my thrusts and upped my pace. The effects of her saliva started to speed along my orgasm, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I knotted a hand in her hair and tugged her mouth away from my throat. Seizing her gaze, I demanded, “Come for me now, baby, come around me.”

Her eyes fell closed as her climax slammed into her, triggering my own. I closed my mouth over hers, swallowing her scream and groaning/growling into her mouth as I exploded inside her. The woman was f**king amazing. And she was all mine.

Waiting for the aftershocks to subside, I rested my forehead against hers. “You okay?”

She smiled dreamily. “If I didn’t already love you, I would after that. God, you’re good.”

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