Oh no. Two F-bombs were never ever good, and so Tahey hurriedly jumped into speech. "Please be assured that I will never let my feelings get in the way of work, Mr. Adrianov. And I would totally understand if you ever end up falling for another girl. I mean, yes, it's probably going to hurt like crazy, but it's not like I can force you to ever like me back. And you've never ever made me any promises - not that I'm expecting you to - but what I'm saying is that you liking another girl isn't like you're cheating on me or something, and..." Shit. She forced herself to stop, realizing too late that she had ended up rambling in her nervousness.

And Dmitry...

The billionaire still looked rather sick, but at least he didn't seem ready to throw her out of the window like he usually did. So that was a good thing...right?Chapter FiveTahey stared at her boss, not quite sure she had heard him right. "I'm sorry, sir," she said finally. "Did you just say—-"

"We're flying to Paris in three hours." The billionaire's tone was impatient. "Is that clear enough for you," her boss asked sarcastically, "or do I have to repeat myself again?"

Tahey quickly shook her head. "No, um, I heard that—-"

"Then get to your apartment and start packing." Dmitry's attention switched back to the papers in his hand, and Tahey knew that was as good as being dismissed.

Paris. She was still a little shocked, but her excitement was also growing with every second, and it had her legs wobble just the slightest bit as she walked out of her boss' office.

It had been a week since her "revelation", and everything between them had been rather...unpredictable. She had hoped that Dmitry would eventually feel attracted to her, but she had also feared that her revelation would make things permanently awkward between them.

But instead, it was just the usual, sort of. Dmitry was still cold and aloof, and most times he was also rather impatient and brusque. But one thing that did change was how he no longer acted as if she was invisible.

When she welcomed him to the office with her usual 'good morning', he'd usually nod back, and if she were lucky, he would actually say the words back. She would give him his coffee, and he would grunt his thanks. Small things obviously, and if Keagan knew about this, her friend would probably tell her she was being a little too optimistic, to think that was progress...

But still.

And besides...they were flying to Paris tonight!


Her phone vibrated just as the elevator reached her floor, and her heart did a little dance when she saw that it was Dmitry texting her. This was another thing that had changed between them. He texted her more often now, and sure, it was always about work...but still.

Maybe Keagan was right, Tahey thought ruefully. Maybe she was being a little too optimistic...but still.

Dmitry's text provided further information about their Paris trip.

Dmitry: Forgot to tell you that we'd be there for the weekend and be back in Miami by Monday. Bring something formal.

She sent a quick text back to acknowledge receipt and turned into a whirlwind right after as she took a shower, changed into something a little "nicer" for the trip, and finished packing in about an hour.

A second text from Dmitry instructed her to be at the building's helipad by three, and it nearly had her swooning.

A helicopter ride with Dmitry Adrianov?

Someone pinch her now!

But when she made it to the helipad...

Sasha couldn't help smirking when he saw the look on Tahey's face. "Gotta hand it to you, Ms. Baskerville. I've never had someone appear as disappointed as you did at seeing me."

Tahey was instantly horrified and dismayed. Sasha, after all, was considered one of the world's most eligible bachelors, while she was...no one.

The chopper's blades whirled to life as Sasha had one of the pilots take Tahey's luggage, and she found herself having to yell a little when he came back to her side.

"I wasn't disappointed. I was just—-"

"Hoping you could be riding the chopper with my big brother instead of me?"

Tahey could feel her cheeks further heating up. "It's not like that at all! I was just surprised—-"

Holy moly!

Tahey's speech came into an abrupt halt when Dmitry suddenly strolled up to join them, with the chopper's loud whirring having masked the sound of his approach.

Holy, holy moly.

Like her, the billionaire had also showered and changed, with his dark, swept-back locks still slightly wet and obviously hand-combed, while his suit had been replaced by something more casual: grey blazer, black shirt, and dark blue denims.

In a nutshell: sexy as heck, and Tahey could feel her throat going dry.


He was so...


Sasha's broad shoulders started to rock in silent mirth. He had no idea how things had been with Dmitry and the girl lately, but if she had hoped to keep her feelings secret, well...he was sorry to say that she was doing a rather bad job of it.

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