Dmitry glared at his secretary. How could this girl be so smart at her job and be dumb at everything else? Didn't she realize how everything she felt practically showed up on her face? Didn't she know that her wearing her heart on her sleeve was the biggest fucking turn-on for him?

He turned to his brother, thinking to ask Sasha to help Tahey into the chopper, but he was too late. Sasha had already gone in ahead of them, and Dmitry reluctantly turned back to Tahey.

"Come on." The gruffly spoken words were Tahey's only warning. The next thing she knew, her boss had once again wrapped his fingers around her wrist, and he was dragging her with him to the chopper. She had barely gotten over her shock at his touch when he was placing a hand on the small of her back as he helped her in.

Oh my God, oh my God.

First, her wrist.

Second, her back.

Where would he touch her next?

Dmitry was about to take the seat next to his brother when Sasha suddenly took his blazer off and dumped it on the space next to him.

Dmitry glared at the younger man. Seriously?

But Sasha only smirked back. Seriously.

Tahey, having seen the whole thing, quickly bowed her head and kept her gaze on her lap as her boss folded his length into the space next to her. She was pretty sure he wouldn't like to see how happy she was, having him seated next to him. And since it was a really tight fit...

Dmitry nearly rolled his eyes. Did the girl really think he wasn't aware of how she was grinning like a fool right now?

Tahey was startled when Dmitry suddenly plopped something down on her head. Looking up, she saw that Dmitry had a headset on, and when he spoke—-

"Can you hear me?"

Oh my God.

The headset he had her wear made it seem as if his voice was whispering directly to her ear, and the sound electrified every nerve in her body.

"Ms. Baskerville?"

The biting sound of her boss's voice snapped Tahey back into her senses, and she nodded quickly in answer. "Yes, um, I can hear..."

But Dmitry had already tuned off, just like always.

Sasha's gentle voice intruded then, asking Tahey to buckle in, and as soon as she snapped the lock in place, the chopper rose up to take them to the airport.

Tahey had expected every moment of her first chopper ride to be magical and unforgettable, and it was. But if one were to ask why, well...

Dmitry, she thought dreamily. He made everything special that even if this were a simple walk to the convenience store, the experience would still make it to the list of her favorite memories.

Dmitry once again had to help her out of the chopper, and Tahey could barely breathe at once again having to feel the strength of his grip. Once down, Tahey suddenly noticed Dmitry looking down at her with a raised brow. "S-Sir?"

Seeing the look of confusion on his secretary's face, he said dryly, "May I have my hand back?"

Tahey's face flamed even as she quickly let go of her boss's hand. Oh God. With Dmitry having already walked away, she had no need to apologize, but when she turned around—-

Sasha smirked at his brother's secretary. "Got carried away a little, didn't you?"

Tahey lifted her chin. "I have no idea what you're talking about." And then she quickly hurried away, not wanting to give Sasha a chance to call her out.

Since the chopper had landed right inside the airport, it was only a short walk to the Adrianovs' private jet, and the sight of it was surreal and rather intimidating. While her father had been rich and she had grown up in relative comfort, he definitely wasn't in her boss's league.

And it was the same for them, Tahey realized.

At work, the huge disparity between her and Dmitry was easy to ignore. He could be rude and mean, but he had never been snooty, hadn't ever rubbed in the fact that he was a billionaire and he could buy her a hundred times over.

But now they were outside work...

Dmitry noticed the change in his secretary's demeanor as soon as they had boarded the jet. She seemed rather subdued, and he frowned, asking bluntly, "What's wrong?"

Tahey quickly pinned a smile to her lips. "Nothing, Mr. Adrianov."

"Don't lie," he said curtly, "and don't waste my time making me ask you the same thing twice."

"I'm just feeling rather...overwhelmed."

"About what?"

"Just things." She was hoping that would be enough, but when she saw the way Dmitry had started glaring at her again, she added hurriedly, "Things like..." Tahey lowered her gaze and felt her insides churning a little as she heard herself admit, "How way out of my league you are."

She waited for Dmitry to answer her, but when she finally looked up, it was to find her boss already walking away.

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