"We're leaving." Dmitry's voice was low and rough, and his big hard body seemed to be bristling with barely leashed violence.

Uncertainty crawled down her spine, and a ball of trepidation pooled inside of her stomach even as she heard herself stammer, "O-Okay."

Her quick acquiescence seemed to mollify him somewhat. She could sense him calming down a little even as the tightness of his grip didn't ease. Turning around, Dmitry led her out of the balcony in a swift, powerful stride that had almost had her running just to keep up with him.

With her boss not even bothering to look at the other members of Strakh Inc., she could only give them a weak smile of apology just before Dmitry had successfully dragged her out of the hotel's penthouse suite.

"Where are we going?"

But instead of answering, Dmitry shot a question back at her in a snarl. "What the hell do you think you were doing?"

"I was just talking to Mr. Diamandis—-"

"It wasn't just that," he snapped.

Before she could reply, Dmitry had unlocked a door at the other end of the hallway. He then shot her a look that had her gulping in instinctive fear. "Get in."

Tahey hurried inside, knowing better than to argue. The room they were in was smaller than the one earlier, but it was just as lavish and had its own balcony as well. Turning around, she watched Dmitry put the lock in place, and her heart hammered away. She watched him slowly turn to face her, and her mouth slowly went dry as she saw the look on his chillingly beautiful face.

He was furious.

Very, very furious.

But more than that...

"You're jealous," she gasped.

The glitter in his gaze intensified, and the growl he emitted was enough to make her take a nervous step back.

Tahey had always been fascinated with big, dangerous cats. Even as a little girl, she had loved watching documentaries that showcased their strength and agility, the way they could make their kill with the deadliest of grace.

And thinking about it now...she finally realized that was what attracted her the most about Dmitry. He reminded her of those predators, and he was like her own beautiful and deadly jaguar, with his bluish-black hair and glittering golden eyes.

As the billionaire strode towards her, she couldn't help but tremble in a mixture of excitement and fear, and Tahey felt a serious lack of oxygen when Dmitry finally came close—-

Just inches away now, so, so close that there was no mistaking the violent edge of his strength, no way but to feel the raw feral streak in him that could break free from its leash at any moment.

And right now, he was already on the brink of turning savage, jealousy burning so brightly in his golden gaze that her head started to reel—-

Just as no one could ever feel completely safe sleeping next to a predator...

It was the same with her boss.

Dmitry Adrianov, she thought dazedly, would never be safe.Chapter EightShe was doing it again. Doe eyes staring up at him with unconcealed yearning. Big dark eyes pleading with him to pounce on her. Devour her. Violate her. Beautiful dreamy eyes that promised everything of her was his.

And he was so fucking tired of saying no to those eyes.

Goddamn tired.

And pissed.

So fucking pissed that he had reasons to say no in the first place.

"Why the hell did you have to come into my life?" Dmitry gritted out. "Why couldn't you have just stayed away, damn you?"

Tahey couldn't believe what she was hearing him say, and she found it even harder to believe the things that she was hearing him not say in between those words.

"D-Dmitry..." She hadn't planned saying his name like that. She had always been careful, had always addressed him as 'Mr. Adrianov' or 'sir'. But all of a sudden, she found herself saying his name, and oh God...

When she saw the way his eyes blazed with lust at hearing his name on her lips...

Oh God.


She just had to say it again. Just had to see if she hadn't imagining it, and this time she didn't just see it. It wasn't just the same blaze of lust from his golden eyes. This time, she heard it, too. This time, his name on her lips had him growling - a sound that was as savage as it was erotic, and it had every inch of her body blossoming into life.

Her breasts grew heavy and swollen, and her nipples started to pucker up. The triangle between her legs began to quiver, and moisture gradually lined her now-throbbing folds.

She had never felt like this before, and it felt strange even as it felt right.

So perfectly right.

Because it was him, Dmitry, that made her body feel this way.

She raised dazed eyes to his, wanting and needing him to tell her what was going to happen next. Surely it couldn't just be this? Just couldn't be, right? And so her lips parted, and she found herself once again saying his name. "Dmitry?"

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