Tahey, obviously, wasn't one of those people. She was scared of him in some ways, but other times like now...

"Will you just shut up and let me fuck you?"

Tahey's eyes widened.

Wasn't that his way of saying she had guessed right?

Wasn't it?

Seeing that Tahey was about to speak some more, Dmitry decided enough was enough and reached for his cock. As expected, Tahey was distracted right away, and he didn't know whether to find it cute or worrying. She could be such a gullible fool, dammit.

Tahey was unable to take her gaze off the sight of Dmitry's fingers stroking his own erection. Gosh. God. Golly. She found herself unable to even think straight and couldn't help gulping as his cock continued to swell in size.

"Do you want to touch it?"

The rare purr in Dmitry's voice made her breasts ache even harder, and she could feel herself growing even wetter at the sound of it. Did she want to touch it? She stared at his cock and heard herself whisper, "I d-don't know."

"What if I say I want you to?"

"Then I will—-ah." She had barely finished speaking when Dmitry reached for her hand and folded her fingers around his cock.

Hot, she thought once again. It felt surprisingly, literally hot. And smooth, remarkably so. Like flawless steel. That throbbed. And twitched. So much so that she couldn't help starting when it suddenly pulsed with unexpected force within the circle of her hold.

Dmitry pulled her up while she was still holding his cock. The new position had him on his knees, her legs between his, and her back against the headboard. "Start moving your hand."

Her fingers trembled a little as she started stroking his length, and they trembled even more when she felt Dmitry reach down and fondle one of her breasts.


She started feeling hot and bothered. And more than anything else, she felt the moisture thickening between her legs. The whole moment felt unbelievably surreal, and her dazed gaze moved up and down - first at Dmitry's beautiful face, just to be sure that it was him, and that this was real - then back to his cock, which continued to amaze her with its throbbing hardness.

Curiosity got the better of her, and she timidly asked Dmitry if he knew the exact measurement of his cock.

"How long do you think it is?"

"Um..." She studied his cock. One...two...three...nine...oh shit.

Dmitry noticed the way Tahey suddenly jerked. "What?"

"I think...if it's past ten inches, I think...I think I'm better off not knowing."

It was not at all the answer he was expecting, and the seriousness in which Tahey said it...ah fuck.

Tahey was mesmerized. Dmitry was smirking. Granted, it basically meant he was laughing at her, but still. This was another first, and oh, there it was again!

"Your dimples—-"

Shit. He had forgotten about that, and glaring down at Tahey, he decided to punish her by giving her nipple a hard little tug.

Tahey's words immediately turned into a gasp.

It was an extremely sweet sound, and Dmitry realized to his satisfaction that Tahey was the kind of lover who didn't mind a little pain. Good. So he gave her nipple another tug, harder this time, and he was rewarded with another gasp. He pinched her nipple, and this time her gasp was accompanied by a dark flush stealing over her cheeks.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

The sight of it was too much, and in the next moment he had Tahey flat on her back once more, her fingers losing its grip on his cock as his weight pressed down on her and his lips closed over her one pink, distended nipple.

Tahey cried out, the sensation of his mouth on her breast making her body nearly fly off the bed.

But it barely made the billionaire budge, and her body slowly fell back against the mattress while Dmitry started suckling on her nipple.

Oh God.

She clutched at the sheets, unable to believe she could feel so much pleasure from having his mouth on her breast. He then moved on to her other breast, lavishing it with the same attention, and another cry spilled past her lips.

She began to writhe, the pleasure of his attention becoming a little too much, and she instinctively found herself rubbing her body against his.

Just rubbing and rubbing and rubbing until Dmitry let out a harsh growl of his own...


Her crotch kept rubbing against his erection, and it just kept feeling hotter and wetter that it eventually became impossible to ignore what her sweet little pussy was begging his cock for.

Releasing her breast, Dmitry rose up and braced his arms against the bed. His gaze sought hers, and as doe eyes continued to plead up at him, her lips parted, and he heard her say, "Please, Dmitry."

Dmitry's control broke, and he drove into her, his cock claiming the barrier of her innocence in one smooth stroke.

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