And God...she loved it was so, and Tahey could only shudder and cry out as she finally succeeded in freeing his cock from his pants.

She shakily rose up on her knees just as his hands gripped the cheeks of her butt. Their gazes collided, glittering golden eyes turning hotter and hotter as Tahey slowly impaled herself on his cock.


It was the most beautiful sight, seeing Tahey's beautiful face gradually change as the walls of her pussy closed around his cock, and a harsh growl pushed past his gritted teeth as she finally managed to take all of him in.

She started to move, started to ride him like he taught her, and Dmitry watched her all the while, intoxicated and obsessed by the play of emotions on Tahey's face. And when their eyes clashed anew—-

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It was still there. The one thing that terrified him even as he found himself desperately craving for it at the same time.

I love you.

She had only said it once with her lips, but he heard it every day, heard it every damn time her doe eyes drifted to his. And now, as Tahey bounced up and down on his cock, head thrown back, breasts jiggling, her big, dark eyes clung to him—-

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Her gaze told him that over and over, and it was just too fucking much. As he felt his balls start to tighten, Dmitry quickly reached down between their bodies until he found her sensitive little nub of flesh.

Tahey gasped when she felt the billionaire start stroking her clit, and when he started stroking harder, her movements became wilder and less controlled. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. She tried to make it last, but when he suddenly caught one of her breasts, and she felt him bite her nipple just as he pinched her clit—-


She cried his name out as she started to cum, and a while later she heard the billionaire hiss as he started cumming as well, his cock unloading his seed in such hot, powerful spurts that for one moment, she almost felt her belly was about to explode by the very fullness of it.

Dmitry felt Tahey's body collapse limply against his, but he continued to thrust in and out of her, taking hold of her hips so he could lift her up and down. He heard her mumble a protest, but with a few more thrusts, he felt Tahey start to respond again.

He switched their positions then, standing up and placing one knee on the couch while he had Tahey half lying over the armrest. Afterwards, he took a firm hold of her waist, pulled out, and then slammed back inside of her from behind.

Tahey couldn't help but whimper as the billionaire started fucking from her behind. Oh God. Tired and spent as she was, she still couldn't help but crave more of his possession, and soon she found herself clawing at the side of the couch as Dmitry's hips began pumping into her at breathtaking speed.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

And then it started again, her pleasure peaking then taking over—-

So good.

It was so, so good.

Too good.

But as she started to lose consciousness, her last thought was one of helpless fear and despair.

If she woke up tomorrow...would she be alone again?Chapter ElevenEven without opening my eyes, I already knew the answer to my question, and it hurt so much that I almost felt numb with pain. You should've expected it, T.G., I chided myself. If a leopard can't change its spots, well, then a jaguar can't change color? Eye color? Oh, what does it matter?

The point was, I had turned on my side, and I had gone from half-asleep to half-dying when all I had felt next to me was cold, empty space.

He had left me.


Even after saying sorry, he had still left me.

And yet...

Oh God.

Even with pain chipping away at my heart, I just couldn't make myself...

Oh God, why?

Why couldn't I make myself hate him?


My throat tightened, and I automatically curled myself into a ball.


I glared at the blackness behind my eyelids.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

I had already counted to a full minute, but the urge to cry was still there, and I still couldn't make myself hate him.

Sixty-one. Sixty-two. Sixty—-

And then I heard it, the door swinging open—-

I shot up, and past the unshed tears that blurred my gaze, I saw the billionaire striding in, shirtless, barefoot, and too dangerously beautiful for any girl to fall for.

Oh God.

My lips started to tremble, and Dmitry, seeing this, seemed to turn ashen.

"I thought you l-left." My voice wobbled shamefully in the end—-

Oh no.

I wrenched my gaze away from him.

Don't cry, T.G. You'll go back to being weak if you cry. So don't—-

I felt the bed dip, and then he was there, Dmitry hauling me into his lap, and I didn't even think. I struck his chest with a balled-up fist. "Damn you." He didn't retaliate, and I struck his chest again. "I thought you left." I knew I was being unfair, but I had no choice. I had to be angry. I needed to be angry. Because right now, it was rage alone holding the tears back—-

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