“Baby.” The agonised sound was an apology.

“It’s okay. You’re not hurting me. Now move.”

Gripping my hips tightly, he took me at my word and began powering into me. It was deep, it was raw, it was primal, and it was exactly what I wanted just then. His face was a mask of intensity and determination, and he held my eyes with a gaze so piercing and hot it was scorching. “Nothing in the goddamn world beats being in you, feeling you around me, Sam. Not a f**king thing.”

I could feel my climax fast approaching. “Jared, I’m not going to last long.”

“But you will, baby, because I’m not leaving this body yet.” He slowed his movements until every thrust was deliciously yet excruciatingly slow. Curling my hips, he went even deeper with each long, drawn-out thrust. My eyelids drifted shut with the bliss of it all. “Uh-uh, Sam. Eyes open.”

Oh he always bloody did this, the sod.

“Come on, open those eyes for me. I want to see them.”

But I ignored him. Seriously, what was the point in forcing them open when they’d drift shut again anyway? There was a whoosh of movement and suddenly I was bent over the arm of the sofa and a hand came down hard on my arse. I looked back at him, gaping. “Oh, you little shit.”

“Well, if I can’t look in your eyes, I might as well look at your ass.”

“I am so going to?” But then he slammed into me and I no longer gave a crap.

“It really is the most perfect ass, baby.” He smoothed his hands over it before cupping it possessively. “Even better, it’s mine.” Then he was driving into me hard, deep, and fast. My climax soon began creeping up on me again, making my inner muscles flutter around him. This time, he didn’t slow down. Instead, his thrusts turned fevered.

Curling his body over mine, he slipped his hands under me to palm and mould my br**sts. With his thumbs, he sent shards of electricity into each nipple while at the same time licking my neck. Then one hand again knotted in my hair and yanked, angling my head how he wanted it – a move that might have got him in trouble if I wasn’t so close to coming. Without hesitation, he sank his teeth into my neck. The moans he made as he drank from me vibrated against my skin and, oh God, I was going to come. The climax hit me hard, wrenching a scream from me. Jared slammed into me once, twice, and then drove deep as he exploded inside me, half-growling-half-groaning my name.

I wasn’t sure how long we stayed there, panting and quivering with the aftershocks, but eventually Jared withdrew from me and then teleported us to the shower. Standing under the spray, he simply held me to him for a little while. It wasn’t until we’d finished soaping each other down that he spoke. “How is it that coming inside you makes me calm down and think better?”

I smiled, batting my eyelids. “I’m just special like that.”

He chuckled, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. “You are to me.”

When his smile faltered, I knew he was thinking about Evan again. “So what are your thoughts on what to do next?” I sensed that Jared needed to run this show, needed to feel as in control of it as possible. I’d offer my suggestions when necessary, but I’d let him take the lead.

“I’m thinking we need to speak to someone who knows about viruses. Yeah, I know this isn’t a virus, but it’s something similar. Maybe if we know more about how they work, how antiviruses are developed, we might get an idea of how best to approach this situation.”

That wasn’t bad as ideas went.

“So we should kidnap a human scientist.”

Not such a good idea.

“Obviously we won’t let them meet the guys or reveal that we’re not human,” he continued as we rinsed off the last of the soap from both our bodies. “But we can pick at the scientist’s brain for as long as it takes to come up with something.”

“Or we could just find and talk to one. The whole ‘kidnapping’ part could be optional.”

As if he realised that his plan was slightly on the dark side, he groaned at himself. “I’m just worried about Evan, Max, and Stuart.”

“You won’t particularly care if it turns out that Cristiano is tainted as well, will you?”

He shrugged, turning off the spray and stepping out of the shower. “If he is, I’ll simply think of it as karma for ogling my mate and constantly giving me smug smirks because he knows how you taste.”

Yeah, that had been pretty mean. As we patted each other dry, I said, “Still, it wouldn’t be fair to Ava to let her brother die simply because we think he’s a dickhead.”

After a pause, he inclined his head, conceding that. “I noticed you were right about her – she sure can fight. Who the f**k trained her? Jackie Chan?”

“Her gift is muscle memory. It’s a little like having a photographic memory. Whereas someone with a photographic memory can remember in detail anything they’ve seen, Ava can perfectly replicate any move she’s ever seen.”

“So all she has to do to learn combat is watch how other people fight and play some Kung Fu movies? Cool gift. Did you notice that Salem??” He cut himself off on hearing a heavy knock on the front door. “It could be someone with news about Evan.”

Thanks to vampire speed, we were dressed and at the front door in less than ten seconds. The squad – minus Max and Stuart, of course – Ava, Cristiano, and Fletcher all piled in. Each of them looked a mixture of confused, devastated, and pissed off. So Cristiano wasn’t tainted then. I would bet that had greatly disappointed Jared, but I wouldn’t wish the possible fate of Evan, Max, and Stuart on anyone.

Fletcher pulled me into a hug. “Luv, I’m so glad you’re all right. I was with Antonio when he briefed the squad on The Reaper’s Call. I swear my heart skipped at least four beats.” Like me, Fletcher was British, and I loved him to bits. But he was also a bloody drama queen – even Norm agreed on that. He addressed both Jared and me as he added, “You must be a bag of nerves right now. I know I am. Poor Evan. And the others of course, but Evan…I’ve always had a soft spot for him. No doubt you have a plan of action. I’m eager to hear it.”

He squeezed himself between David and Damien on the sofa. Reuben had perched himself on one arm of the sofa while Chico perched himself on the arm that Jared had bent me over not so long ago. I had to fight a smile, and I saw that Jared was doing the same.

“Antonio put Evan, Max, and Stuart into a containment cell.” Chico traced his goatee. “They’re not pleased about it, but they understand.”

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