“Same here.”

“Then don’t even consider leaving me again. Not for any damn reason.”

Wanting to calm his mood, I lightly raked my nails down his back, shooting him a teasing smile. “But if I’m a good girl all the time, you’ll stop tying me up and torturing me with orgasms.”

Grinning crookedly, he rolled us so that he was draped over me. “Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now because I have nothing to tie you up with. But we can definitely do everything else.”

I chuckled. “No, we can’t. There’s no way that we’ll manage to keep quiet. The mansion is packed full of people and I’m not sure if the walls are vampire-soundproof.”

He began slithering down my body. “Then don’t forget to comment on how big my dick is.”

Laughing quietly, I reached down and cuffed him over the head. Then his mouth was on me, toying with my clit, and my laugh turned into a moan.

“I love how you taste. I want more.” He spread my legs wider, opening me fully to him. Then his talented tongue was doing all sorts of things – each move was sensual and teasing. Swirl. Lick. Stab. Flick. The rotation changed each time, building the friction, winding me tighter and tighter. Finally, I imploded. Of course he didn’t stop. Not until he’d pulled another two orgasms from me with just his tongue and fingers.

While I was quaking with aftershocks, he crawled up my body, and rested himself on his elbows. Then he did the strangest thing. He slung the pillows and duvet on the floor and tucked the fitted bed sheet around me. “What are you doing?”

His devilish smile made my stomach quiver. “Just hold on tight.”

No sooner had my arms circled his neck than there were familiar flutters in my stomach as he teleported us to…oh.

“I told you I was going to f**k you on the beach.”


Almost like I was unwrapping a present, I unfolded the crème bed sheet that I’d tucked around Sam. Looking down the length of her body, I groaned. Every inch of her was beautiful, sinuous, and mine. Collaring her throat, I took her mouth – the kiss was slow but deep, and demanded everything from her. She gave as good as she got…but the sneaky little minx also tried to make the kiss her own, tried to intensify it and make me lose control. Tried to take control.

I tsked. “Uh-uh, baby. We’re going to go at my pace.” I skimmed my hand down her throat, between her br**sts, over her flat stomach, and down to cup her possessively. She arched into my hand, moaning. I plunged a finger inside her. So damn hot and slick. “Do you know what’s going to happen?” I asked, slowly pumping my finger in and out of her. “I’m going to f**k you nice and slow; I’m going to keep it like that until you can’t take it anymore. Then when you beg, I’ll give you more.”

She narrowed her eyes, clearly not liking that plan. It wasn’t often that I asked her to beg. I wasn’t one of those guys who needed to constantly hear it, which was a good thing really since Sam wasn’t much for begging. But hearing her tell Imani to cut our bond had hurt. Sure I knew why she’d done it, knew how her mind worked. And I knew that just because it wasn’t something that I ever would have done didn’t mean that she might care less for me than she had before. But still, hearing her say it…it had f**king hurt; hurt in a way that had left me feeling a little insecure in how she felt about me, about us. I needed to hear her beg now, needed to hear that she still wanted this as much as she had before, needed to see the same desperation in her eyes that I’d seen a million times before.

“You know I don’t like to beg.”

Withdrawing my finger, I curled my arm around her ass, tilting her hips. “But you will. Because you know how good it will be when I give you what you want.” Slowly, I fed her an inch of my cock. Her muscles tightened around me, trying to pull me deeper, and it took everything I had not to slam home. Instead, I gave her another inch, watching as pleasure, need, and a hint of impatience flickered on her face. Still moving slowly, I slid deeper and deeper, groaning as her nails dug into my back. Finally, I was buried balls-deep inside her…exactly where I needed to be. Her muscles clasped me even tighter. “Fuck, baby.”

“Yes, f**k,” she gasped, locking her legs around my waist and bucking slightly.

I smiled. “Oh I’ll f**k you all right.” In a smooth, sluggish movement, I pulled almost all the way out before sliding back inside. Again and again, I did it, loving how hot and tight and slick she was around me. Knowing how sensitive her neck was, I kissed, licked, and nipped every inch of it – making her body go more and more pliant beneath mine. When I grazed my teeth over her pulse and sucked hard, she gasped my name.

Her nails cut into the skin of my back. “Do it. Bite me.”

Instead, I swirled my tongue around the shell of her ear and briefly nibbled on the lobe. My thrusts were still teasingly slow, and her body was quivering with need and frustration. I spoke into her ear. “Are you ready to beg yet?” I gave her another agonisingly slow thrust and she mewled in frustration. “What is it, baby? Tell me what you want.”

“You know,” she bit out.

“I do, but I want to hear you say it.” I licked over her pulse and nipped it gently before sucking at it once more.

She actually f**king growled at me. “I want it harder. Faster.”

“Then beg. Beg me to give it to you, and I will.”

She slapped my shoulder instead. “You can be such a f**king twat! You know I don’t like begging!”

“And I don’t like hearing my mate tell someone to cut our bond,” I said softly. There was no judgment in my voice, but there was a pain I couldn’t hide.

Sorrow flashed in her eyes. “You know why I did it.”

“But it’s not something you’ll ever do again, is it?” The question was rhetorical, but she still shook her head in answer. “Good girl. Now…give me what I want, and I’ll give you what you want.”

There was a lengthy pause before she muttered, “Please.”

I reared back and slammed into her, wrenching a loud groan from her. “Like that?”


“I’ll give you more. And you’ll take it.” Without leaving her body, I sat upright, keeping her tight against me. I kissed her hard – it was too hard, too rough, but I couldn’t soften it. Gripping her hips, I lifted her until only the head of my c**k was lodged inside her, and then I impaled her hard. She tried to take over, but I shook my head. “All I want from you is those eyes.” The second her lids flipped open and those aquamarine eyes tinted with mercury met mine, I began ruthlessly slamming her up and down on my cock.

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