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She is so damn hot. Devastating.

Every male in the place looks at her.

Some of the girls, too, with sweeping gazes of envy.

I groan. She’s wearing a pair of tiny black dressy shorts that hug her ass and a filmy red shirt with spaghetti straps. It has a split around the midriff, and her belly button piercing flashes. Red heels are on her feet, showcasing her tanned legs.

She tosses her head and her hair is sleek and straight tonight, the color of honey and mahogany as it tumbles around her shoulders. Her eyes are thickly lashed, her full lips a deep red, currently curved up in one of her cute smirks as she takes the place in.

My breathing increases as she glides through the crowd then stops at the bar to order a drink. The bartender stares at her with hungry eyes and rushes over.

“Whoa,” Sawyer murmurs from his seat next to me. “Damn, she cleans up good. I can see her with a rock star…” He laughs. “She is so out of your league, man. Hot, feisty, doesn’t care who you are—”

“I get it,” I grunt as we sit at a table near the back next to a row of several pool tables. Yeah, how do I compete with a rock star? One she married.

Sawyer takes a swig of his beer. “Does she have any clue?”

I pause mid-sip of my water. “About?”

“How long you looked for her? Or the fact that you didn’t screw anyone for months?”

“No.” My eyes watch her at the bar. “Why isn’t she coming over here?”

“She hates the contest, man. Maybe she’s going to ignore us.”

“This Theta thing is driving me crazy,” I grind out. Ashley showed up this afternoon to “check on me” and bring us donuts. First, I don’t eat a lot of sugar during the season, but I accepted them politely. Then, she plopped down at the kitchen table and rambled for an hour about her audition for a local musical. I was in the middle of studying and wanted her gone. Finally, Bambi texted her and they left for a sorority meeting.

He grimaces. “I’ve noticed, but we need to stick to our guns. We did the contest last year and won a national championship. The guys will freak out if we change anything—”

“I get it,” I say sharply. “It’s a big deal, but it shouldn’t have been me. I’ve got enough on me with football. Sinclair can take my starting spot at any moment.”

He grows quiet, studying me. “Dude. I know you’re wound up this season, and I wish I hadn’t suggested you. You’re right. It should have been me or Troy or someone else. We’ve won our first two games. Just hang in there.”

I sigh. “It’s fine. I can manage it.” I have to. “Once it’s over, though, I don’t want Ashley around. Feel me?”

He nods.

Chantal walks in and makes a beeline for Serena. I watch as they hug then do their secret handshake. Serena picks up one of the shots she ordered and puts it in Chantal’s hands, and they throw them back. Serena leans over the bar, waving at the bartender, and two more appear—just as four Kappa guys circle around them. Serena smiles at them, and jealousy spears me in the gut.

Fuck that.

I stand and head her way, barreling through the crowd. I’ve decided. No more messing around. She might send me in a tailspin, but I’m willing to take a chance. I pat the gift in my pocket, checking to make sure it’s there.14Dillon’s leg is pressed against mine as we sit at the table, his hand around the back of my chair as he leans back. His fingers idly play with my hair, unseen by the others, but oh, I know it’s there, the little circles he periodically brushes against the bare skin of my back. I’m strong though. My breathing is regulated, careful and slow, even though every nerve ending he touches is connected directly to my core. Have I thought about us in the kitchen about a billion times? Yeah. We’ve been waiting for a pool table to open, and the minutes next to him are driving me crazy.

“You want another drink?” he whispers in my ear.

Two tequilas in and I’ve got a warm buzz, so no. Must maintain control. I slant my eyes toward him. “I can get my own.”

His gaze lowers, skating over the cleavage of my silk top. “I want to do things for you.”

“Trying to get me drunk?”

A slow smile eases over his face. “I want you fully aware when we go at each other again.”

“There won’t be another again.” I smile.

“So you say. Win this game tonight and you can have whatever you want.”

“I’d rather knock myself in the face with a cue stick.”

“Damn, I like your smart mouth.”

I set down my iced water just as Ashley comes back from the bathroom.

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