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My fingers slide the straps of her dress down. There’s no bra as I reveal her nipples, dark pink, taut, and delicious. Clenching the fabric of her bodice, I drag the silky material up and down against her breasts, teasing her until they’re pebbled and erect. My lips close over one, flicking then sucking it into my mouth.

She cries out, gasping as she arches. Her fingers dig into my scalp. She groans as I move to the other breast, testing the weight, my thumb circling her nipple and tugging.

“You can’t deny this.” I kiss her lips, deep and hard, my tongue searching her mouth, committing the feel, the taste of her to memory. Her hands find my hair as her hips rock against mine. Dark need rushes at me and I sway on my feet.

Is her passion as big as mine? As frightening?

I roll my erection against her and she whimpers.

Serena. You make me insane.

I can’t get enough of her mouth. The sweet kiss we shared at Cadillac’s isn’t what I want. No, no—I want her dirty and ugly and hard. We collide, eating at each other, breaths mingling as I slant over her lips, trying to get deeper, wanting all her secrets. Sounds of pleasure and desire erupt from her throat. I drop her dress to her feet and she shoves at my shirt. I help her tug it off over my head and toss it on the floor.

We stare at each other, chests panting. She’s perfect and beautiful and proud in her red lacey thong, and the sight of her hits like a fist to my gut. So long I’ve waited. Days. Nights. Years.

My fingers hook in her panties and I pull her back to me, our flesh sizzling.

“Serena…” I sweep her up and she’s light as a feather as I drape her on the end of the bed. I scoot her down and kneel between her thighs. “I want to taste you.”

Her body clenches, her legs quivering as I kiss her. Her hand touches my face, her thumb sliding between my lips, and I suck it, my tongue wrapping around her finger.

She pulls it away, her voice needy. “Don’t make me wait.” She arches her hips as I slide down her thong, revealing her mound, her slickness gleaming between her legs. A long gust of air comes from me. She’s perfect… “Drenched,” I say hoarsely.

Dipping my head, I lick her from the bottom of her sex to her clit. She shouts my name as I bury my face in her scent, the folds of her skin, her tight channel. Hauling her closer, my hands lift her ass and I delve inside her, fucking her with my tongue. I devour her. She’s all I want. Nothing else matters, not parents who don’t need me or a brother who died.

One finger glides inside her, then another as I work it in and out. The shadow on my jaw abrades her thighs as I pant against her skin, breathing, just breathing. I haven’t been with anyone in months and now it’s her. I want to consume her, want her to come so hard she’ll never forget me.

My tongue toys with her clit. I suck soft then hard as I fuck her with my fingers. A keening noise comes from her lips.

“Come, Serena,” I say, my voice rough, soaked in need, dying to be inside her.

She writhes under me and tugs my hair. “Kiss me.”

“Come first.” I kiss her thigh then her clit, flicking.

She lifts her leg, her heels digging into my back as her body arches up, her pussy spasming against me, grasping and fluttering as she goes over the edge. Tremors vibrate through her, her hips twitching.

I climb up to her and we kiss, the taste of her still on my lips. Reaching over her head, I find the condom on the nightstand but can’t rip it open. My hands shake. She takes it from me and uses her teeth, dazed eyes holding mine.

“Hurry,” I growl.

She scoots up on the bed and beckons me with a curl of her fingers. “Come here.”

Like a man dying of thirst, I crawl over her, my thighs straddling her as I rise up on my knees. Her breasts brush against me as she takes me in her mouth.

“Fuck!” I throw my head back, tearing my eyes off the image of her full lips wrapped around me. Hands on my ass, she tugs me closer, her hot mouth taking me in, her throat closing around me. I can’t breathe.

Must look at her.

Her eyes gaze up at me, heavy with desire.

“Enough,” I mutter through clenched teeth.

She gives me a slow smile as she gives my crown a final lick and slides the condom on.

She pushes me down to the bed and climbs on top of me. My hands caress her from her hips to her breasts, tweaking her rock-hard nipples between my fingers. “Ride me.” It’s a demand.

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