His Vampire growled, merciless and extended, containing a jagged edge of leashed dominance.

Chest pumping raggedly, my heart beat a crazy rhythm, which only escalated further when his Vampire quieted and his thumbs began a slow glide back and forth over the undersides of my wrists. He was still holding me captive, but adding a light touch to the fact he could easily rip my throat out.

My wolf didn’t fight, not ignorant, but she still snarled and my claws didn’t retract.

Ezra’s predator responded with another rumble before he yanked me from the wall, jerking my hands behind my back. His teeth were still hard at my throat, gripping so tight I could only manage to breathe as he started navigating me backward toward the bed.

Even while I trembled in arousal from his control, my damn wolf still wasn’t letting go of the reins, apparently really liking Ezra and enjoying the challenge. I understood it. Finn had definitely been a challenge, as had Felix, a previous bed partner, but Ezra was a different predator altogether and he was alpha strong in his own right. My wolf growled low when the backs of my knees hit the bed. Our powers were still whipping the air around us, carnal and physical.

The room spun as he tossed me onto the mattress with his speed, flipping me onto my hands and knees. I instantly bucked, arching back and trying to twist away, but his forearm slammed against my back from behind, crushing my chest to the fur cover.

Bending over me, he brushed my hair away and whispered, “Hello, little wolf.”

Said little wolf snarled.

Ezra chuckled deeply while nibbling at my ear, giving it a hard, reprimanding tug when I tried grabbing the headboard to jerk free. All I accomplished was putting huge slashes in it. His teeth grazed the side of my neck, fire flaming through my bones at the sensual touch, and he moved his brazen mouth back to my ear, purring, “You’re good, but I’m better.” His free hand slid around my waist to my stomach, gliding upward to cup one of my br**sts.

I started panting while bucking viciously, almost managing to throw him off.

“Alright,” Ezra growled, shoving me brutally against the mattress. “Rough it is.” He bit into the strings on my bikini top with his fangs descended, slicing through the material. Yanking my ruined top out from under me, he didn’t loosen his restraining hold this time.

My wolf huffed as I kicked a leg out.

Ezra grunted a curse, and instantly, his legs were between mine, shoving my legs apart.

I managed a soft groan past my wolf.

Ezra stilled.

My wolf nearly caught him then, as I managed to hook my fingers beneath the underside of the mammoth headboard and tear it off the bed’s frame, heaving it over my back.

Ezra ducked, chuckling hard when my wolf howled in pissed-off fury. “Oh, little wolf, I think I like you.” He yanked on one side of my bikini bottom, ripping it. “Tiny you may be, but cunning you are.” My wolf puffed what almost sounded like a damn purr, enjoying the compliment…then I shoved hard, rocking us both up. Until Ezra grabbed my throat, squeezing. “Not happening.” My wolf froze as he pushed me back down. He held my throat for a full minute before releasing it, and then tore the other side of my bikini bottom and pulled the material out from between us.

I was now naked. Under him. While he wore only his bathing suit.

His forearm pressing rock-solid against my back, his other hand ran down my tender side. Licks of firestorms dragged along his touch, making me shiver under him. His hand wasted no time palming my most intimate flesh when my wolf snarled and tried to buck yet again.

Ezra’s breath caught, and he groaned, running two fingers along my slick folds. “God yes, sweetheart. You’re so wet.” Gently, he kissed my shoulder, and my wolf gripped into the mattress with my claws and jerked hard, bumping his face back.

The Vampire within him resounded quietly, a calculating rumble of seductive ferocity. Within a pounding heartbeat, his fingers were absent from my throbbing flesh, and I felt him slide his swim trunks down. Before I could blink against the fur cover, his teeth — no fangs — were at the soft spot between my shoulder and neck. He bit violently enough to draw blood, the scent faint on the air. Moving in a blur, one of his hands gripped both my wrists above my head, his other guiding the blunt head of his c**k to my core’s entrance.

My wolf snarled furiously as I tried jerking out from under him, but Ezra pressed unbreakably, his searing chest to my delicate back and his bite drawing more blood.

He thrust his hips forward.

Or he tried to anyway.

Both of us halted, my wolf taking pause at this new development.

Ezra kept the pressure on me, but his teeth instantly left my shoulder. He rested his forehead against the back of my head and groaned as he drove his hips forward with more pressure. But without the anticipated outcome. “Fuck.” He exhaled harshly, his knees knocking my own further apart, before he pressed, sliding inside…maybe an inch. “Christ, you’re tight.”

He continued his determined drive, but it f**king hurt. My wolf backed away long enough for me to mumble brokenly, “Too big, Ezra. You’re too f**king big.” My claws dug into the mattress as pain rocketed through my needing flesh.

“Hush,” he panted, pulling back the barest bit before pressing again, advancing farther this time and stretching my channel to its max. Sounding like his teeth were clenched, he asked, “Are you back with me?”

“My wolf’s still here,” I gasped through the pressure as he retreated, and then thrust harder. “Waiting.”

A guttural groan vibrated against my back, the sound making me even wetter, and he plunged savagely. My breath faltered. His free hand slipped under me, cupping one of my br**sts. He squeezed fiercely, and I felt my wolf recede a bit more. “Ezra…”

He licked across my shoulder, his breathing heavy against my ear before lifting so quickly a breeze blew against my back. Both of his hands were on my hips, and he withdrew so that just the head of his immense c**k was left inside me, only to thrust so viciously, his c**k slid all the way home. My scream was his name as I was filled completely with him, hearing my own name on his shout.

Breathing raggedly, I whimpered, my claws still digging into the cover and mattress.

Ezra groaned, “Little wolf?”

My wolf huffed, the sound short and ticked.

Ezra’s laughter was pure superiority. “Hang on while I take you for a ride.” His hips retreated, then drove flush against me, his victorious mirth altering to a covetous groan.

My moans joined his, the friction of his thrusts unbelievable. I tilted my hips so the head of his c**k slid past my cervix, pressing inside me even further. Pure, carnal decadence had my eyes closing on a gasping cry.

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