His voice gruff, he rumbled, “Fucking shit, you feel so damn perfect.”

“Harder,” I demanded, bracing my hands against the wall. “Fuck me, Ezra.”

“With pleasure, sweetheart,” he purred on a groan. His Vampire growled as his steady, driving thrusts became more a pounding rhythm, and the sounds of our skin slapping against each other joined our cries of pleasure. “Harder?”

“As hard as you can do it,” I snarled, my wolf taking voice.

“I love your wolf,” he muttered breathlessly, gripping my hips with bruising force. He slammed his c**k into me, and the impact made me light-headed as frenzied desire whipped out from my gut to my limbs, only my Shifter strength keeping me from shoving forward. Softly, he groaned, “Tell me if this is too much, sweetheart.”

That was his only warning before he was hammering into me, driving me between the point of pleasure and pain as he thrust his f**king enormous c**k into me. His name on my lips, I cried out my fulfilled craving. “Ezra…Ezra…Ezra…Ezra,” I shouted, throwing my head back when he reached under me, two of his fingers sliding on either side of my clit, pinching and rubbing back and forth. My channel clenched even further, my breath choking in my tightening throat with the exquisite ache that was building like a volcanic explosion.

His c**k pistoning inside me, Ezra ordered roughly, “Have it, sweetheart.”

Whimpering, I began undulating my hips against his fingers.

He shouted deeply, pleasure searing his tone. His fingers pressed firmly, working faster.

Jolting, I screamed his name. White-hot flames leapt from my core, spreading like wildfire to my limbs and mind. A sensual haze enveloped me as I shuddered under him, my channel’s pulsing muscles grabbing his c**k tight. Drowning in a sensual haze, I could only convulse under him as he drove in and out of me relentlessly.

“Sweetheart,” Ezra growled an extended groan that echoed inside the mist shrouding my bliss, and my wolf left me completely. My body relaxed under him, my muscles turning limp from my mind-blowing orgasm, but my vision spun as he pulled out and suddenly flipped me onto my back. He spread my legs and thrust his c**k deeply into me, making me gasp at the overfull filling. “Is your wolf gone?”

I nodded lazily, my glowing eyes sluggishly blinking open.

“Mmm,” he purred, leisurely withdrawing. Only to plunge brutally. My eyes flew open at the rough intimacy while our power twirled around us, brushing against our flesh in intimate caresses. His wide lips lifted at the corners, his own flared eyes directly on mine and holding my gaze quietly. He gradually lowered over me, the muscles in his broad shoulders and pecs rippling at the sensual action, and pressed a bit of his weight, his body heat, onto me. Leaning on his elbows on either side of my head, his lips hovered over mine. “Kiss me.”

I hummed in sated contentment and gently grabbed his angular jaw, pulling his face to mine. Touching my lips to his, I kissed him softly as his plunges altered to a measured glide. Running my knees up his sides, I hooked my legs over his waist and lifted to meet his thrusts, the head of his c**k rubbing deliciously deep within. His groan tantalized my lips as he tilted his head, and he fisted handfuls of my hair as his tongue invaded my mouth, sliding against mine. We both sighed at the dual contact, our tongues tangling with one another’s while his c**k slid in and out of my sensitive channel.

“You taste so good,” he whispered, driving his tongue inside my mouth once more.

Our kiss slowly increased in urgency, my hips thrusting faster in time with his.

“Ezra, baby,” I panted, shaking my head back in forth in delirious pleasure. I groaned, feeling his lips lift into a grin against my cheek and his thrusts alter to press his pelvis against my clit. “Right there.” I gasped sharply when he did it again. “Right there, baby. Right there.”

His hands skated to my hips, and his thrusts quickened, continuing to hit all the right spots as his breathing hitched and turned to fierce pants against my ear. He groaned as I rocked against him harder, my nails digging into his scalp as I felt another luscious orgasm mounting. With both of us moaning, his plunges quickly turned into breath-shattering drives, pounding into me harder and more urgently.

“Baby, I’m gonna come,” I whispered, arching against him, my head flying back.

Sweat misting our bodies, he slammed into me brutishly, his c**k rubbing deep.

I shuddered uncontrollably, a keen cry falling past my lips. The world shattered around me. My body quaked under him and my channel squeezed the shit out of his cock, not wanting to release him. Wild animal seductive power burst forth, churning in frenzy against us, following in my body’s wake.

“Jesus Christ,” Ezra moaned breathlessly, his hands sliding under my ass, squeezing and holding me tight as he lost all restraint. His c**k hammered into me severely, making my pleasure-filled haze flare. I choked on air as he shouted my name, his muscles tensing and his grip brutal on my ass as he shoved once. Twice. His third thrust, he shoved so far inside me I knew I was going to be aching in wonderful places later. His body shivering in severe racks against my quaking frame, his breath rushed against my ear and his cum seared me deep within. His power was a dark and seductive blast of sensual explosion rocking the bed under us, the floor and the walls, and taking what little breath I had left.

For minutes to come, both of us lay as we were, our bodies trembling in aftershocks.

The gentlest of sated sighs slid past my parted lips, and I was content as I relaxed my fingers in his hair, letting them slide down to his shoulders. I began a lazy exploration of his muscled back, having never touched him like this before. He hummed quietly, more of a purr, running his hands from my ass up to the small of my back and around, grazing the sides of my br**sts to cup my jaw with a soft touch. He tilted my face in his direction, kissing me unhurriedly, just as lazily as I was touching him. My lids started to lower, my lips slowing their pace, the same as him. Sometime during our soft petting of one another we fell asleep, his weight delectably heavy on top of me and keeping me warm.

We had rolled at some point in our slumber. Now lying on our sides and facing each other, his scent and mine entwined, just as our limbs did. He was still sleeping, his face peaceful with no signs of stress and no carefully blank expressions trying to hide want he wanted, only simple quiet. Of its own accord, my finger began tracing one of his eyebrows, gently gliding its tip over the black arch. Really, his eyebrows had always fascinated me: they were the type every woman would want but would have to wax to achieve what he had naturally.

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