“Uh-huh,” he murmured softly, taking a step, following me as his thumbs hooked into the top of his pants.

My gaze followed the motion, his happy trail showing a goodly amount and beginning to move into dangerous territory. Fumbling around for a straight thought about whatever else I wanted to say, I took another step back.

Again, he followed. Stalked. Closing a little more the distance between us.

I pointed a finger against his chest, keeping it there and taking another step back.

Didn’t help.

He gently brushed my finger away and removed the gap between us.

And then I remembered what else I wanted to say, and I practically shouted, “Sex!”

Grinning, he whispered, “Yes, please.”

My mouth opened to argue, but he wrapped his arm around my waist and kicked his leg out and around, knocking the backs of my knees and efficiently making me fall. He fell with me while I squealed — like a girl — as we toppled backward. The wind rushed behind me for all of a second before his grip tightened and he caught me, laying me gently on the lounge couch we had landed on.

I blubbered, “That’s not what I meant, dammit.” I smacked his shoulder for the sake of it.

“But that’s what I meant,” he rumbled, his face going to my neck and biting gently. I was still catching my stunned breath as he lifted on the arm that had taken all of our weight in the fall, his lips against mine as he stated bluntly, “We can figure all this other shit out later. Right now I want my c**k buried deep in that sweet, little cunt of yours.” His voice was a low rumble, vibrating against my mouth. “I want to hear you screaming my name in pleasure. I want to feel and see when you lose control.” Leisurely, he licked my bottom lip. “There’s nothing better than when you cum.”

His delicious scent and rough words enveloped me, and again, I almost forgot my point.

As he pressed more of his weight on me, I jerked my head to the side, away from his tempting lips that were moving in for the kill, and I stated, “No, not later, Ezra. We need to talk about sex. I’ve got a few kinks of my own.”

Finished resting his c**k against my very aroused flesh, only our thin clothes separating us, the heat amazing, he hummed in question as he began nibbling on my ear.

I blinked repeatedly, trying to stay focused. “Outside. I want you to chase me,” I paused, and amended, “I’ll probably need a head start because you’re so fast, but I want that. Want the thrill of the hunt, the foreplay. And I want to chase and hunt you, too.” I swallowed the groan that wanted to emerge as he ran his fingers down my exposed side, sliding his hand behind me to grab my ass and press me harder against his erection. “And I want to have sex in the woods. Against a tree. On the leaves. The grass. Under the moon.”

Ezra paused, head lifting, his eyebrows together. “You want us to f**k outside like wild animals…” He trailed off, his mouth swiftly clamping shut as my eyes narrowed.

“Shifter, remember?” I spoke as nicely as I possibly could, since his eyes were growing as big as saucers at the reality looming. “Candles, satin sheets, and four walls with a roof are perfectly wonderful most of the time,” I shrugged lightly underneath him, “just not all the time.”

He cleared his throat hard, probably appearing as nervous as I had when he mentioned his bondage issue. Vampires didn’t like being out in the open; it left them defenseless during a vulnerable moment like sex. They liked it dark and closed off and protected. “The woods?”

I smiled at him gently, running my fingers over his crinkled forehead. “Maybe at first we could find a little nook and use a sleeping bag.”

He swallowed, the tension faintly easing from his features. “Right. That wouldn’t be so bad.” He paused. “A tent would be better.”

“Ezra…,” I grumbled.

A moment’s pause, then he nodded jerkily. “Right. I understand.” Features still tight, he asked, “Anything else?”

Yeah, there was. And I hesitated voicing it because it was part of who he was. Nibbling on my lip, my eyes darted back and forth between his now guarded ones, and finally, I blurted, “When you’re drinking, I would appreciate you not giving your donors any carnal vibes.” I wasn’t stupid or selfish enough to ask that he only drink off men. If he started doing that it would definitely be suspicious, not to mention, it would limit his choices.

“I get that.” A long pause as he languidly blinked. “That it?”

I stifled my sigh of relief when he didn’t argue that one, especially since he felt like pure stone on top of me as he tried to play it cool. “Yes.” I nodded. “That’s it.”

The air rushed past his lips and over my face, his mouth landing on mine with bruising force. The caress definitely wasn’t tender or kind. It was more of a taking. An invading and plundering of my very will.

As one hand pressed my core against his erection, his other hand wound its way into my hair, gripping it tight and tilting my head. I gasped at the demand of his possession, and he took the opportunity given. His tongue seized my open mouth, gliding against mine. And conquered as he left not one crevice untouched with the demanding strokes of his inventive tongue. Lost to his clever touch, I whimpered, my knees running along his sides as I opened for him, and my hands sliding over his sexy-as-fuck ass, then grabbing tight and pulling him snug.

“Sweetheart,” he growled, grinding against me, creating a thrumming rapid fire to my belly.

“Hmm?” I breathed absently, running my fingers around his pants’ waistline.

He lifted his hips for my drifting hands, giving me access to slide them between us, even as he bit and licked down my jaw.

My hands swiftly finding their destination, I unzipped his pants.

Stopped. Remembered that his button had already been undone by the slut. I sucked in a breath, sane thoughts returning like a sledge hammer. We hadn’t resolved a damn thing.

“Let me bite you.” His fangs were descended as he grazed them over my throat lightly. He growled softly. “Fuck, sweetheart. Please.”

I breathed shallowly and tried to squirm out from underneath him, moving a few inches up on the couch and placing my index finger against his lips. “Ezra, it’s not that, I—”

He cut me off. “Good.” He bit down on my finger. With his fang.

I gasped, my eyes flying wide at the action. He pulled hard, sucking my finger further into his warm, moist mouth. I sank onto the sofa, my eyes hooding as my body came alive with pleasure. A guttural groan that was half woman, half wolf slipped passed my lips as I, none too gently, raked my free hand’s nails down his back, hearing him moan at the tiny hurt, until I got to his ass. Sliding my hand under his jeans and boxer briefs to his heated skin, I took a firm hold of a perfect globe and didn’t let go.

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