My lips lifted evilly on their own accord, and I instantly started scanning the masses. The deal was that he would have to dance for me to have to dance. Tapping my bottom lip, I hummed softly, standing on tiptoe and glancing from individual to individual, discarding most and keeping others in mind…but…oh.

I pointed covertly, saying quietly, “You’ll dance with Elder Zeller.” I grinned as Antonio went absolutely still next to me, a devious chuckle rumbling from my chest. “Good luck with that.” I patted his back pacifyingly. “And boy, listen to that beat. Sounds like sex to me. Imagine you two manly men out there, dancing to this.” More patting of his back. “Not that it’ll happen.”

Elder Merrick made a choking noise in his throat, then he laughed outright.

Antonio muttered a curse under his breath. Scowled. “You think I won’t?”

My smile was pure vindication. “No.” A pause. “And he won’t.”

Antonio growled quietly then peered back to Elder Zeller, who was busy talking to a pretty Vampire, the woman appearing absolutely enthralled by his attention. Antonio muttered another curse, but straightened his shoulders, running his hands down the white linen shirt he wore. “I can do this.”

I hummed. “No, you can’t.” I shrugged when he glared at me. “You made the deal.”

Antonio glared a moment longer, then he ran a hand through his golden hair. My jaw dropped when, with one last glare in my direction then in Elder Merrick’s, he firmly started marching toward Elder Zeller.

I sputtered, waggling my finger at his back, and finally blurted, “Elder Zeller will kick his ass for even asking.”

Elder Merrick tossed an arm over my shoulders. “Queen Ruckler, one of the things you obviously don’t know about your dad is that once he makes a decision, a deal, he doesn’t back down.” He gently closed my gaping jaw while I stared at Antonio. “You never know. Zeller may not kick his ass for only asking.”

I growled softly, gauging intently, my protective nature coming to the fore as I watched Antonio interrupt Elder Zeller’s conversation. Antonio said something to the Vampire woman, then maneuvered himself between her and Elder Zeller, completely ignoring her look of frustrated disappointment as she stormed away. I couldn’t hear what Antonio said, but the firelight played over them, the bonfire burning high into the air, giving me the perfect view when Elder Zeller completely froze, staring at Antonio. Instinctively, I went to the balls of my feet, ready to spring at him if he so much as lifted his hand, but Elder Merrick’s grip tightened over my shoulder, and he murmured, “Don’t you dare. Remember who you are and who he is.”

I growled, but waited…and damn near fainted when Antonio said something else and Elder Zeller’s head jerked in a nod. This time, Elder Merrick’s grip tightened on me to keep me standing as Antonio walked backward a few steps into the dancing horde, watching Elder Zeller as he followed. My finger pointed, no sound coming from my mouth when Elder Zeller’s hand went to the back of Antonio’s nape, and Antonio’s hands went to Elder Zeller’s hips, their bodies flush against each other’s.

Hard chests were rubbing, strong thighs were intermingled, and bits in between those two areas that I didn’t associate with the man I considered my dad were pressed to another man’s as they started gyrating to the drums, flute, and guitar. A gypsy’s beat.

“Breathe,” Elder Merrick whispered, softly grabbing my pointing finger and lowering it.

“But…but…I…” I shook my head, trying to understand, unable to take my eyes away from their very leisured, sensual movements, their h*ps softly rolling and chests gliding in the firelight. “I…that…” I peered up to their faces, and I went completely still. “Oh my God.”

My finger waggled again. “That…” That wasn’t faked. Their eyes were glued to each other’s, sensuality barely masked. Antonio’s hands were stroking up then down Cahal’s sides, returning to his h*ps as Cahal’s free hand slid up Antonio’s arm, over his shoulder, caressed down his back, and eventually gripped one of Antonio’s h*ps while they slid their bodies against each other. “My dad’s g*y?”

Ezra was suddenly standing on the other side of me, bringing a breeze with him, his eyes glued to where mine were. Sounding muddled, he rumbled, “What. The. Fuck?”

“How the hell did I get put in this position?” Elder Merrick muttered to himself, then, sighing heavily and sounding amused and exasperated while we stared in dumbstruck shock at our dads, he explained patiently, “Farrar is into men. I’ve never actually seen him with a female, but I’m still not sure if he’s into them. His mate’s name was Lindsey, a man. Zeller is bisexual. His mate’s name was Vivian, a woman, but his partners before her were both females and males.”

Both Ezra and I made gurgling sounds in our throats.

Elder Merrick stated, “You two know we live very long lives. Mysticals enjoying the same sex shouldn’t be a surprise to you.”

Again, we gurgled.

They were our dads. Antonio had sure as f**k never given any indication he was possibly only into men, and I was guessing by Ezra’s shock that Elder Zeller hadn’t mentioned his bisexuality. We were both being told by watching them grind against each other.

What a way to f**king tell us.

Finally, comprehension dawned, and I whispered, “He tricked me.”

Elder Merrick chuckled, patting my shoulder. “Yes, he did.” He left Ezra and me alone.

My nostrils flared, and I glanced at Ezra, whose jaw was still gaping. “Would you like to dance?” Antonio was sure as f**k not going to pick my partner after duping me. Though I was pretty sure he would have picked Ezra anyway.

Ezra’s jaw moved up and down, still staring at them.

Growling quietly, I moved in front of him, trying to grab his attention. “King Zeller, would you care to dance?” And yes, I would have much preferred to dance with him over anyone else.

His eyes darted down to me, started to lift back to our dads, but then slammed back to me. He went predatory still as his green eyes instantly hooded while they roved my body. Long moments passed in silence as he looked his fill, then in a voice deeper than normal he ordered, “Tell me you just asked me to dance, Queen Ruckler.” His eyes hadn’t even lifted to mine yet, still slowly painting my flesh with his heating gaze. “If you didn’t, you don’t have a choice. You are going to dance with me.”