Giguhl shot me a grateful look. “Thanks, Sabina. You’re a good friend.”

My cheeks heated at his praise. “Don’t get used to it,” I said. “I’ll be bossing you around again in no time.”

“If I can add a wrinkle to things,” Adam said. “We also need to figure out where we’re spending the day.” He nodded toward the horizon. The dark edges of night were already easing into the muted pinks of dawn.

“You two figure that out while I focus on this Dominae issue,” I said. Two sets of raised eyebrows greeted my command. “Please.”

I looked out over the city, which spread out below us like a blanket of lights. Somewhere to the west of us, the Dominae compound crouched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. I knew from memory that the security in the compound was impenetrable. Used to be, I could walk right in with the passwords. But now, the place might as well have been Fort Knox. Too bad Lavinia rarely left the compound, or we could have just planned an ambush.

I became still. Lavinia never left the compound, but the other Dominae did. Tanith and Persephone handled most of the night-to-night business.

“Hey,” I called. “What day is it?”

“Let’s see…” Adam looked up as he mentally counted days. “Monday? No, wait, it’s Tuesday by now.”

A smile spread across my lips. “Perfect.”

The males frowned at me for a moment before resuming their discussion about the best place to crash. I took a moment to weigh the insanity of my new plan with the possible outcomes. Once I was sure it was our best option, I held up a hand. “Hey guys,” I said, interrupting their debate over where we’d spend the day after the sun came up. “Anyone in the mood for a little kidnapping and extortion?”