I swallowed hard. For the first time in my life I wanted to punch my father really hard. Yes, she was a poisonous flower, but she was my poisonous flower and I couldn’t bear for anyone to say anything bad about her.

“She’s pregnant,” I said coldly.

He looked at me expressionlessly and I knew what he was thinking, but even he dared not say those words. I turned away from him and walked out of his presence.

I found my mother in the music room. She was on the telephone. She ended her call abruptly and called to me to sit next to her. I stood over her.

“I’m leaving tonight, Mama. Something has come up.”

“Oh,” she exclaimed surprised. “Will you be coming back?”

“No, I will see you in Boston when you return in spring.”

“But I have not even met Skye,” she protested.

“She is in the bedroom now. You can go up and meet her if you want.”

She seemed astonished. “Without you?”

“Yes, I have to go out now.”

“What is going on, Luca?”

“Nothing is going on. I’m just rushed for time.”

“I see. I arranged a dinner party in your honor and to welcome Skye into the family.”

“I’m sorry to spoil your plans.”

She stood. “What’s wrong, Luca?”

“Nothing is wrong. Anyway, you should know Skye is pregnant.”

She frowned. “That is great news, but why do you not seem happy about it?”

“I am happy,” I said, and to my shock I realized that was the truth. Despite everything I wanted that child. I wanted a child I could call mine again. It was too long since I saw a little face look up to me and a little voice call me Papa.Chapter 51Skyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y6smkh6c-0

-Don’t You Worry Child-The flight back was unbearable. I stayed alone in the bedroom for most of the flight and Luca remained in the main cabin and worked on his laptop. When I ventured out once I saw he had fallen asleep in his chair. My heart bled to see him sleep in that uncomfortable position because he did not want to come to the bedroom and share the bed with me.

The journey back to Torrington Hall was accomplished in total silence. I lay my head back and kept my eyes closed. I loved this place and yet I could feel no joy to see the big gates open to let us in. When we reached the house, Melania was standing at the doorway to welcome us back.

Luca nodded at her curtly and walked into the house.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me gently.

And that was my undoing. I threw my arms around her and sobbed like a child.

“There, there,” she consoled. “Nothing is as bad as it first seems. Come with me. What you need is a big mug of hot chocolate, but not just any hot chocolate, but my secret recipe.”

Feeling utterly miserable I followed her into the servants’ quarters until we came to a small door. She unlocked it and I followed her into a small living room. It was simply decorated in shades of cream and sage green and was surprisingly classy. She led the way through to a small kitchen.

“Have a seat,” she invited as she rummaged around her cupboards for the ingredients needed to make her special hot chocolate.

Sniffing I pulled myself onto a stool at the small square island. She didn’t speak while she boiled the milk and chocolate. Afterwards she dropped in a few marshmallows and came to sit with me.

“What about you? Aren’t you going to have some too?”

She smiled. “Nope. I only have this on my birthday and special occasions.”

I blew the surface and took a sip. She was right, it was easily the best hot chocolate I’d ever tasted. “This is delicious,” I said.

She smiled again. “I know. Now, tell me what happened.”

I took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.”


“I think Luca thinks I did it on purpose, but I swear I didn’t. When I tried to explain to him that I hadn’t planned it and he didn’t need to think I would ask him for support and financial help because I would take care of the situation myself, he got the entirely wrong impression and thought I wanted to get rid of the baby.”

“Oh dear,” she murmured sympathetically.

“He was absolutely furious, Melania. I’ve never seen him in such a rage. He even said, if I didn’t want the baby, I should hand it over to him when it is born. It is all such a mess. The thing I can’t understand is how I could possibly get pregnant when I am on the pill and I have never missed a day or changed the times I take it.”

She looked at me curiously. “Have you ever been sick or vomited? Because that can stop the pill from being effective too.”

I frowned as I tried to think. “No, I don’t think so,” I began, only to stop and stare at Melania in horror. “Oh my God,” I whispered.

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