“I’m not like those puny—those humans.” He reached up and smoothed the hair from her face. “I can come in your mouth, please let me come in your mouth, and then immediately come inside you.”

The disappointment had given way to desperation. “Immediately, hmm? So you don’t think you can last once you get inside me?”

“That’s not—I won’t—I can last!”

She tried not to grin. So easy to tease, this one. “Well, lucky for you I’m going to make you prove both claims.”

“Just prepare to be awed.”

The grin grew, unstoppable. Ava inched down his body and when that beautiful c**k was poised at the entrance of her mouth, she sucked him inside without hesitation. His width stretched her jaw, made it burn, but wow, a burn she welcomed, taking him all the way to the back of her throat and humming.

His hands fisted in her hair. Over and over he chanted her name, but soon he was incoherent. She cupped his balls, squeezed, tugged. Everything she did seemed to fuel his need, and that made her proud, made her want to work him harder. So she did. As she pushed down, she rubbed her tongue over the shaft. As she lifted, she lightly scraped with her teeth.

“Ava,” he groaned, and that was the only warning she had before he jetted white-hot inside her mouth.

She swallowed every drop, loving that she had brought him to this point, astonished that her own need was stronger than ever. That her skin was heated, molten, her muscles aching, and her bones shaking. She couldn’t bring herself to release him, especially when, true to his word, he immediately grew hard. Harder, actually.

As she began eating him up yet again, he latched onto her arms and jerked her upright, at the same time rolling her over. Still no penetration. Not yet. She pleaded with her gaze. Please. Need. Now.

Understanding or not, he cupped her jaw and peered deep into her eyes, perhaps seeing into her soul. His violet eyes were bright, his lips swollen, red, his fangs elongated, sharp.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and locked her ankles against his lower back. Hint, hint, but still he didn’t sink inside. Maybe his come was an aphrodisiac, because she burned. She craved. She had to have him, would die soon, surely. Was lost, falling, spinning, riding a wave of pure sensation, more and more of those stars winking.

“You’re mine,” he growled. “You know this, yes?”

Yes. Oh, yes. Forever. But with the strange thought—forever?—common sense intruded for a brief moment. “C-condom,” she said.

He frowned. “What’s that?”

“A … wrapper for your c**k … to prevent pregnancy … and disease … and if you don’t f**k me soon, I’m going to kill you.”

His hips pressed, teasing. “I don’t get diseases.”

“Well, do you want to make a baby with me?” She’d never wanted a child. Thought she never would. But this conversation reminded her of the little McKell she’d imagined running around her apartment, and how she hadn’t been completely repulsed, and had maybe even been a little intrigued, and …

Stop, she screamed at her mind. Enough thoughts of forever and kids.

“No,” he replied, “no children.” Like her, he didn’t sound convinced. “But I think I told you that vampires don’t produce children very often, and never with humans.”

“You’re sure?”


So they couldn’t have kids. That was a good thing. Really. She could have McKell all to herself … “Then why aren’t you inside me? Make me yours, McKell.”

The last word left her, and he reacted instantly. He shoved inside her at last, roaring, hitting her deep, all the way to her core. Sweet merciful heaven. She arched up, sending him even deeper, and shouted his name.

Her nails drove into his ass, urging him to slam in and out of her. Which he did. With so much force her brain rattled against her skull. But God, she couldn’t stop him. Didn’t want to stop him. Just wanted more, more, more.

True to his word—again—he lasted. Every thrust increased her need, her pleasure. She bit at him, wanting so badly to break his skin, to taste his blood. A want she couldn’t tamp down. She wanted to stay joined with him forever.

Forever. There was that word again. Just thinking it was almost enough to send her flying over the edge. Almost. There was something else she needed … something just out of reach …

“McKell,” she gasped, not knowing what it was, what she had to have.

But he knew, he understood. He sank his fangs straight into her neck, so deep he hit a tendon. God, even that was ecstasy. She climaxed immediately, tightening around his shaft, screaming, begging, lost again, so lost.

He drank and drank and drank, his gulps in rhythm with his thrusts, and then he, too, was coming, shooting inside her, shouting her name. And maybe his seed really was a drug, an aphrodisiac like she’d assumed, because knowing they were skin to skin, that there was nothing between them, that he was filling her up, the first man to truly touch her this way, had her coming again. Coming so hard she couldn’t breathe, could no longer speak.

A long while later, she collapsed against the mattress, McKell still on top of her, still inside her. He collapsed, too, his weight smashing her. She didn’t care. She loved that weight.

He’d said she belonged to him, had called her his, and just then, she believed him. And she liked it. Maybe that was the afterglow talking, but she’d figure everything out later. Right now, there were better things to do.

For once she didn’t hop from the bed and leave her lover behind. She closed her eyes and slept. Content. She was content.


His woman had let him love her and drink from her, McKell thought, satisfaction slamming through him. He tightened his hold on the still sleeping Ava, and a breathy sigh escaped her. That sound … like a match being lit …

Only an hour had passed since she’d slipped into this unconscious state, yet he suddenly wanted her again. Wanted her with a desperation that frightened him. Craving a human this much, a nonmated human, was unwise.

When the bond was complete, if she would ever allow him to complete it, he would want her even more. Which meant he would be even more obsessed, more under her spell, more hers than his own. Not that he cared. He just wanted to turn her. So badly.

That wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, though. He’d bruised her pride, made her feel like humans were inferior—and they weren’t. How could they be when Ava was one? But Ava was better than humans and vampires. Now she wouldn’t even consider the possibility of turning.

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