"And then?"

She grinned at his impatient tone. "And then his fingers dipped to my sex. Is that what you want to hear about?"

"Aye, I'll hear of that."

"With his first touch, he gave a groan. In his husky voice, he told me he loved how slick I'd gotten for him."

Would I find her so right now? God help him, he knew he would.

"He began leisurely stroking me, making me rol my h*ps up to his teasing touches."

A sudden thought occurred. I could tease her. Since he suffered no strain with her, he wouldn't have to speed through the act, gritting his teeth as he tried to come. I could play with her. He swal owed. Play with her all night long.

Except he wore gloves. How would she react if she saw his scarred hands? His body?

"By the time he finally delved his fingers inside me, I was whimpering with need."

-She needs them deep.- Inward shake.

"But Chase was merciless, slowly thrusting them, readying me." She'd begun panting, the tops of herĀ  br**sts almost visible.

"Readying you," he repeated. Would I have thought to do that?

"He knew it'd been two hundred years since I'd had sex last."

"Two hundred." And Declan had thought he'd been celibate for an age.

"I stay faithful to him, always have. But Chase would prepare me anyway, since he was quite large."

Her gaze fel on his erection, bulging against his pants.

When her eyes went silvery, he found himself easing his knees open for her to better see it. Lips parted, she glided through the water closer to him; he yanked the bench closer to her.

"We're like magnets," she breathed.

"Kneel up." If he was going to hel ... "Let me see you."

With no hesitation, she did. Giving him a clear view of her br**sts.

He ran a shaking hand over his mouth, muttering, "Jaysus." They were flawless, ful er at the bottom, with tawny ni**les proudly upturned.

Deja vu rocked him. Losing his mind . . .

She placed her hands on the end of the tub, leaning toward him on straightened arms. Her body was trembling so much that her br**sts quivered, suds dripping from them. Her ni**les were so tight they had to ache.

Not as much as my c**k is achin' from this sight. The urge to run the heel of his palm down his shaft grew nearly irresistible. "Keep going."

"H-he covered my body with his own, removing his fingers to replace them with his shaft. Inch by inch, he sank into me while I writhed in delight-"

"Wait." Eyes narrowed, he leaned forward as well until he could feel the electricity sparking off her.

Addictive. When their faces were only a few inches apart, he rasped, "He didn't kiss your pretty little ears or tongue those stiff ni**les?" I would have. Wouldn't have been able to stop myself.

She sounded like she'd stifled a moan. "For that first time, he was trying to keep me from coming before he could claim me. He knows I love to cl**ax when I'm being fil ed, but sometimes I orgasm too quickly."

Almighty. He had to cough into his fist before he could grate, "Do you, then?"

She nodded. "And he knew he had plenty of time for that. He planned to have sex with me at least ..."

She trailed off once more.

Gaze locked on hers, Declan told her, "He'd f**k you til you lost count."


Thunder rumbled outside from Regin's lightning. She was on fire for ... Declan Chase?

The customary coldness in his eyes had been replaced with a wicked glint. His face was flushed with color, highlighting his handsome features-that chiseled jawline and those broad cheekbones. His firm kissable lips ...

Somehow he'd turned everything around, tantalizing her with glimpses of what Aidan used to be like when he was aroused-carnal, a touch playful, yet definitely in charge.

And still Chase was so different from Aidan. He was complicated; she never seemed to have any idea what he was thinking. His thick accent made shivers dance over her skin.

And the way he gazed at her ...

Those heated looks tinged with that unmistakable yearning were doing funny things to her. This wicked, sexy Irishman made her feel punch-drunk.

Gods, his mouth was so close. She wanted it on her own.

"Go on, Regin."

"Our tongues were twining, our lips locked so tight that we were breathing for each other. My claws sank deep into the rigid muscles of his ass to drag him closer, but by this time I was just hanging on for dear life-because he was pounding between my thighs with all his might."

Chase groaned, rubbing his palm along his length, making her gasp. But when he realized what he'd done, his cheeks flooded with color, and he fisted his gloved hands beside his hips. "And then ... ?"

Drawing from memory, she told him, "Just when I thought I'd pass out from pleasure, he clasped me against his big body with his arms like bands around me, while he shuddered and plunged. I tried to last, but I couldn't stop from coming. He groaned in my ear that he could feel me squeezing him, that he'd give me what I needed. That he was going to come so hard, it'd feel like a thrust inside me. He had to throw back his head and yel -"

"Could you feel his spend?" Chase demanded, his breaths quickening.

Now she moaned, as much from the memory as from his question. "It flooded me, so hot that I orgasmed again."

They must have reached Chase's limit; without a word, he lunged forward, lifting her from the bath.

Declan set her on the bathroom counter, wedging his h*ps between her thighs.

"Chase?" Whatever she saw in his expression made her fal silent, simply letting him feast his eyes on her.

He was spellbound as streams of water descended from her slender neck past the delicate line of her collarbone. From there, droplets slipped between the swel s of her br**sts to her flat bel y and lower, drawing his eyes to the smallpatch of blond curls between her legs. Just like in his dreams.

Now he nearly went to his knees at the sight. "You're so beautiful, Valkyrie." And I have no idea what I'm goin' to do with you. He'd meant only to kiss her, but now he wanted... more. "I need to touch you."

He quaked with the need. Explore every golden inch of you.

When was the last time he'd felt anticipation-or experienced anything that he couldn't get enough of?

"I'm yours, Chase. You can do whatever you like to me. Just take off your gloves."

Frustration whipped him. "You think I don't want to?" He knew the whispers in the ward, knew everyone believed he didn't like to touch or be touched.

Right now, he wanted to feel her more than anything. But to reveal the backs of his hands to her ... ?

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