My sobs were starting to slow, and I tried to sniff them back, but just ended up with a throat full of phlegm. I swallowed hard. Brad kissed my forehead gently and laid on the bed next to me, propped up on one arm so that he was above me.

"What's wrong?" His deep voice, impossibly gentle, almost sent me into another crying spell. I fought it as hard as I could. He's going to think I'm mental. Maybe I am mental.

I had no good answer to give him, so I just shook my head mutely. His eyes were pools of concern and confusion. I felt so impossibly stupid and childish. I reached for him, and he shook his head, keeping me at bay. My arms fell. He grabbed my arms and stood, pulling me to my feet. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled up, dragging it over my flat stomach and the swell of my br**sts. I raised my arms to help and he pulled the shirt up and over my head. Tossing the shirt to the side, he ran his fingers down the side of my body until he hit the top of my skirt. He followed it around to the back, and he slipped his fingers underneath the material and unzipped it. He let go of the fabric and it fell to the floor. I slipped off my flats and stepped numbly out of the skirt. I stood in front of him in my plain cotton bra and panties, the tears still glistening on my checks. Is he going to try and have sex with me?

He bent over and picked me up, his huge muscles making my weight effortless. He carried me to the bed, drew back the blanket, and set me down softly on the silky sheets. He pulled the cool sheet and down comforter over my body, enveloping me in luxury. He kissed my lips gently and then moved up and kissed my forehead. Reaching over, he switched off the bedside light, putting the room in soft darkness. Standing up, he looked down at me, his expression unreadable. He pulled his shirt off, exposing a tan muscular chest and huge shoulders and arms. He went around to the other side of the bed and I heard a zipper. I stiffened, unsure of his intentions. Moments later, he was in the bed with me, his arms surrounding me. He turned me to my side, away from him, and spooned his hard body around me. I sniffled once, and then fell into an exhausted and deep sleep.


I woke up once during the night. I rolled over and reached out, feeling for Brad, but the bed was empty. I raised my head and softly called his name. Hearing no response, I pushed back the blankets and stood. I went into the bathroom and used the toilet, emptying my bladder. I washed my hands and padded back to bed. I didn't need to check the other rooms to know he wasn't there. The man had a presence that filled a space. If he was there, I would have sensed it. I glanced at the clock on my way to the bed. 2:45am. I laid back down and was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

I was awakened by Brad's mouth. It was on my neck and doing incredibly delicious things to my body. I was wet before I even opened my eyes. The sunlight was streaming in through a crack in the curtains, and the gorgeous room glowed a soft yellow. The blanket was tented over our bodies - Brad on top of me, his legs on either side of mine and his weight supported by his knees and one arm. The other arm was busy. It roamed, skimming the top of my bra, over my small cle**age, and traveling down my stomach. When it reached the top of my panties it tugged down, and he softly swiped his fingers over my pubic area, teasing the bit of hair there. I moaned with desire and responded immediately, pulling my long legs free and wrapping them around his waist. I leaned my head back, opening my neck even more and arched my back, pressing my br**sts into him. He took advantage of my arched back to move his free hand underneath and grabbed my ass firmly, squeezing it and playing with my ass with his fingers. It was something I had never experienced, and I gasped with surprise. He instantly moved his hand, taking it up and grabbing the back of my head, pulling it so that I was staring into his eyes. They were deviously playful and I swiftly leaned up and kissed him until he responded, pushing down with his head and pinning mine to the bed. We kissed long and hard, him moving his arm so that it matched the other, his body resting on both elbows on the sides of my shoulders and his body lying softly on mine. I could feel his weight and also his dick - ridiculously hard and ridiculously big - so much that I second-guessed that it was him. Maybe it was his cell phone, or some other object. Then it twitched, and I had no doubt in my mind. Good God.

I pushed on his shoulders, trying to roll him over so I could assume my normal dominant position of being on top, but he didn't budge. He continued teasing my mouth with his tongue, and grinding into me. I wrapped my legs tighter, digging my heels into his ass. I grabbed his muscular back with one hand and used the other to reach my hand down, trying to feel his hardness with my hand. He spread his knees, which pressed his c**k further north and dangerously close to my wetness. He sat back on his knees, taking his mouth off of mine, and grabbed both of my hands, pining them together and then held them down with one hand, above my head. He swiveled out of my legs and laid to the side of me, my body now stretched out beside him, with my hands captured in left hand's grasp, above my head. I bucked off the bed, glaring at him, hating the restriction of my hands. He leaned over and kissed me, gently with a bit of tongue, softening my anger slightly. Then he pulled back.

His eyes took a greedy and unapologetic tour of me, his free hand leading the way. He pulled down the lace tops of my bra, allowing my br**sts to be free and exposed, my ni**les erect in the morning air. He ran his hand down and went on top of my panties this time, feeling the wet silk at my opening. His grin grew and he teased my pu**y through my panties, running his hand from my clit to my ass, back and forth and then slipping a finger past my panties and inside of me. His eyes changed at the feeling of my tight wetness, growing darker and more out of control.

"Oh my god Julia," he breathed. "What am I going to do with you?" Wonder and desire filled his voice and eyes, and I stared at him, wanting his mouth on me again. I arched my back again, pressing my sex into his hand, wanting some release for my overwhelming desire. Is this what it's like? The men I torment with my teasing. Is this what they go through? This blatant need for release? I had never experienced it before, and suddenly understood the desperate look in their eyes. I was sure I had it in mine. This realization sent a blaze of anger through me and I ripped my hands free, catching Brad off guard. My eyes flashed with a combination of lust, anger, and a hunger for the power balance to be restored. I needed to see in his eyes what I had in mine. I tried to roll on top of his body but he held me at bay, his strong arms too powerful. I tried to reach for his c**k but he moved my hands away and resumed his original position, on top of my body.