"I want to suck your dick," I breathed, injecting desire and longing into my voice. This would cause a normal all-American man to immediately roll over and pull out his dick, but Brad shook his head at me and clicked his tongue.

"This is about you. I want to please you."

"What will please me is having your big dick in my mouth!" I shout back. Who the f**k turns down head from me? At 9am in the morning, no less.

"You said you can't come."

"Yeah, so?"

"I want to make you."

"You can't. It's been tried."

His expression turned scornful. "By who? Nineteen year old frat boys whose version of foreplay is having you give them a blow job?"

I silenced. He did have a point. Damn him.

"Seriously, let's just drop it. I've accepted it, you need to do the same."

"Do I look like a man who gives in easily?" He looked like a man who was too damn gorgeous for words. His bare torso was that of a Roman Gladiator. It was thick, knotted with muscles that flexed and popped when he moved. His waist was thick and muscular, and my hands couldn't seem to stay away from his massive arms. He pushed me back on the bed and moved, sliding down my body until his face was at my stomach.

My mind realized what he was about to do before my mouth did. "Waaa…. Stop!" My shrill voice caused him to raise his head and look at me.


"What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"I…err…don't do that." As a matter of fact, no one had ever done "that" to me. I had always been self conscious about the thought that a man would be placing his mouth on my most private part. What if it smelled, or tasted bad? What if I didn't like what he did? Would he be offended if I told him to stop? It just seemed easier to skip the act all together. And I had never gotten any pushback about it. Truth be told, I think college guys were as scared of the act as I was.

"Don't do that, or haven't done that?"


"Julia. Trust me." I looked down at his eyes and saw a hint of it. The pleading look. He really wanted to do this. Wanted it like how I needed the earlier release. It wasn't the power trip that I had been looking for, but it was as close as I could get right now. I nodded mutely, closed my eyes, and steeled myself for disaster.

Brad slowly rolled down my panties until they reached my knees, and then he pulled them off. He spread my legs and paused, breathing the scent of me and letting me feel his hot breath. I felt so incredibly exposed, my legs open and him staring at me, my lips, that close up… I looked at myself in a hand mirror once and had been scared to death at what I saw. All of the different colors and shapes… I tried to breathe normally but felt like I was about to hyperventilate. I glanced down. He was focused, not looking up at me. The sight of his muscular, manly body in between my legs was erotic, and I felt my moistness grow. He leaned down and I braced myself.

The first feel of his mouth on my sex startled me. I had been expecting it, steeled for the moment, but it still surprised me. I expected to feel a tongue - pushing and protruding. Instead he placed his whole mouth on me, a blanket of wet hotness. I tried to figure out how he was making the sensations I was feeling, but all thought left my head the moment he started moving his tongue. I lost all sense of feeling except between my legs. It was like every sensory receptacle on my body all immediately fled their post and converged "there". A sensation similar to an itch started to grow between my legs, with a building pressure behind it. I wrapped my legs tight around Brad's head and grabbed his hair with my hands. From some other plane I heard my voice saying "oh f**k" over and over but I had no consciousness of speech or of how to get myself to stop. My shyness had fled, and I knew nothing but undeniable pleasure. He continued whatever ridiculously delicious thing he was doing with his mouth and the itch grew strong, my body twitching to keep it under control. A wave of strong, intense sensation grew, swelling, me unable to control it. I tucked my pelvis up, grinding my sex into his face and hearing my voice grow louder. Holy Shit it is actually happening i am about to have an

My body exploded. I arched my back, spread my toes and felt the earth stars and moon collide. The core of my body shattered in a feeling I can only describe as the most incredible experience of my entire life. The itch was satisfied in the purest form of pleasure, so pure that I felt almost pain at the intensity of it. Waves of pleasure, sweet and incredible radiated out from my sex. I screamed, so loud that I know people four rooms over could hear, but I couldn't spare any possible brainpower to tell myself to quiet down; all of my senses were overwhelmed by the ecstasy of the orgasm. "OH FUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK!"

The orgasm faded, some delicious tendrils hanging around a little longer than others, and my body was shaking uncontrollably by the time the last one left my body. Sensual waves of pleasure were still gently washing over me, gradually disappearing, when Brad took his mouth off of my body. I laid on the bed, delirious and twitching with aftershocks. My eyes were closed, and I kind of heard him moving around. I didn't have the energy to open my eyes. I was spent, naked and laying there, legs spread, exposed, and I didn't give a damn. The man had drained all reasonable thought or feeling from my body. It took a good two minutes before I felt like I could move again.

I tested my legs, moving them one at a time, and then lazily rolled over, propping myself up on one arm.

Brad leaned back in a soft chair; legs sprawled out in front of him, one hand playing with his mouth. He watched me, a small smile on his lips. I looked at him through drugged eyes.

"Pretty proud of yourself, aren't you?"

He spread his hands, palms up, shrugged his shoulders, in a "hey, what can I say?" gesture.

"I faked that."

His outburst of laughter surprised both of us and I joined in, giggling and rolling over on the bed. He stood and ambled over, dropping down next to me. The whole bed shook with the extra weight.

I glanced at the clock. 9:18am. "How long'd it take me?"

"About 4 minutes."


He was amused. "You wanted it to take longer?"

"No! I didn't want anymore fodder for your big ego." I snorted. "Not that I accomplished that."

He reached over and brushed a lock of hair, tucking it behind my ear. "Do you regret it?" he said softly.

I flopped onto my back. "Are you kidding? That was the single best moment of my entire life! I've never been so happy to be wrong."

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