"What's next on the agenda? Flowers and dancing?"

"Come on, smartass." He stood, stuck his cigar in his mouth, and pulled out his wallet. Peeling off two hundred dollar bills, he dropped them to the table. He held out a hand, helping me to my feet. Keeping my hand in his, he headed for the door. I looked over my shoulder at the cigar box, left on the table. "Brad - the cigars-".

"It's okay. They'll bring them to the room." We left Baccarat and didn't go far, winding among the tables and stopping at one for blackjack. While many of the other tables were crowded, this one had just two people at it. On one end, an obese man with thinning red hair and ruddy cheeks, the other held a lanky man in a suit. Both men had impressive chip stacks; the fat man was smoking. I glanced at the display card and saw that the minimum hand was $200. Brad pulled a chair out for me and I sat, giving the men tentative smiles. They nodded back, no smiles or words of welcome.


Tonight she decided to wear a hot-pink thong and matching push-up bra, a rip-away tuxedo minidress over it. Alexis carefully dressed, making sure that she and her outfit looked perfect, flawless. She used to work at a place called the Golden Horse, where the tips were slow, floor was sticky, and the girls looked worn out. She was in the big leagues now, and wasn't about to piss off Sandra, the House Mom, with anything less than perfect attire. She straightened up, did a slow turn in the mirror, and then flashed a smile at her reflection. "Time to make some money," she whispered to her reflection.


The dealer's nametag read Xiu - an Asian woman who had a quick smile at Brad and a long look at me. "Need to see I.D." she announced, staring at me. I glanced at Brad, and reached for my purse, pulling out my driver's license and handing it to her. She examined it for four long seconds before nodding and handing it back to me. Brad handed her a card that looked like our room key; she passed it to the pit boss, who had materialized at her side.

"Good evening Mr. De Luca," the pit boss said, taking the card and walking over to a monitor set up behind the dealer. "Would you like a marker?"

"Yes. Four please." The pit boss nodded at the dealer and she begin pulling chips and stacking them in front of her. She slid four stacks of black chips towards Brad, each 10 chips tall. He placed two of the stacks in front of me and leaned over to speak into my ear. "Are you familiar with the game?"

"Yes. I have an app on my phone."

"That isn't really what I was thinking of, but it'll do. Whatever you win is yours. Whatever you loseā€¦ I will find a way for you to pay me back." I pulled back and looked at him sharply, and saw the humor on his face. The dealer cleared her throat and I looked back into her impatient face.

"You in?"

"Yes please."

"I need your bet!"

Damn, this bitch is feisty. Brad reached over and took two black chips from my stack, and placed them on the betting line. He shot the dealer a sharp look. "It's her first time here - go easy on her."

"Yes sir, Mr. De Luca." She dealt the cards.

Thirty minutes and two rounds of shots later, our somber tablemates were smiling, our chip stacks had doubled, and even bitchy Xiu had managed to crack a smile. We had slowly raised our bets and I was now betting $600 a hand, and starting to sweat. I was dealt two nines against a dealer six. With my heart pounding, I split the nines. I got an Ace and a two, and doubled down on both. The nine/ace additional card was an eight, the nine/two got a four. Shit. 18 and 15. Not great hands and I had $3000 at stake. Brad nodded at me and followed suit, doubling down on a twelve and getting lucky, pulling a nine. We high-fived and then watched the dealer expectantly. She flipped over her hidden card, another six. I held my breath and the next card flipped over - a Queen of Diamonds. 22. Dealer Bust.

The crowd that had gathered around us burst into cheers and I stood up with both hands raised, whooping. Brad picked me up with a bear hug and swung me around, setting me gently back down. Xiu counted out a rainbow of chips and slid them to me with a small smile. I tipped her $100, my biggest tip EVER and then gathered my chips. "I'm done, " I said to Xiu. Brad looked over, eyebrows raised. "Done?"

"I'm due for a bad turn. Might as well end on a high note."

He shrugged good-naturedly and nodded at Xiu. "Alright, count me out also."

I counted out the $2000 Brad had started me off with and passed them to him. Then I counted my remaining chips. $4800. Holy shit! It more than quadrupled what I had in my bank account. I couldn't keep the grin off of my face and grabbed Brad for another hug. "Ready to cash out?" he asked.


I kept an iron grip on my chips as we walked through the casino to the cashiers's long bank of windows. A bored cashier counted out my cash and passed it through the window. I looked up to Brad.

"Can we take it up to the room?"

"If you want. Or we can leave it at VIP reception."

I frowned. "Will it be safe there?"

"Yes, I assure you that your funds will not be disturbed. They are used to high rollers, and won't bother your pittance." He grinned down at me.

"Hhmph. Then VIP reception it is." I left my cash with one of the intimidatingly beautiful girls at the VIP desk, snagged a glass of champagne and two chocolate covered strawberries, and walked out to the limo, my arm looped through Brad's. At some point he had abandoned his cigar, but still smelled faintly of the scent. I felt giddy, my winnings still fresh in my mind, and slightly buzzed from the champagne and rich food.

Leonard was laughing with one of the bellmen when we approached. He slapped the man on the back, and hurried over to us. Seeing my big grin he asked, "Baccarat good to you?"

"The tables were good to us," Brad said, steering me towards the car door Leonard was holding open.

"Where to?"

"Safirre," Brad tossed out, climbing into the car after me.


The man's hands were way too friendly. Alexis straddled the sweaty, overweight, tuxedoed man. His eyes glazed over in lust, fixed on her br**sts, which she kept shaking in front of his face. Every time he started to lean forward, she flipped her hair over, leaning back, out of his reach. But his hands she was having more trouble controlling. They kept wandering from his sides and grabbing her hips and ass. She could feel the outline of his small dick, pressing insistently up. His hands moved again, touching her flat stomach. She signed and spun around, her eyes searching until they met Ricky, the big black bouncer assigned to her section. She nodded, and he started her way. So much for this tip. She'd been working this guy for twenty minutes now. Ricky hustled in and grabbed the fat guy's arm.

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